Giovanni going to get the hit out.

More good news for BT and bad news for FYI. Giovanni didn’t even qualify for DSL and they’re still billing him. Honestly, this is like Dark Ages of Internet stuff. If the customer doesn’t pass the line test, you can’t provide customer with service and you certainly don’t bill them.

TalkTalk or Sh*tSh*t (mind my French.) I registered with TalkTalk over the net and everything went pleasantly smooth. Only to find out a few weeks later that I wasn’t eligible for the Broadband service (I sit here wondering why accept the form then???) And to my dismay I get my bank statement this morning which shows a £20.99 DD to TalkTalk aswell as a £30.00 fee for a Modem that I don’t have or use to connect to their internet! What to do, what to do? Come Monday morning someone is going to get an ear bashing from me, TalkTalk do honestly SUCK!

Let us know how it goes Giovanni


2 responses to “Giovanni going to get the hit out.

  1. PROGRESS at last! (Good or bad, you decide) I phoned customer service’s God knows how many times ’til I got through to Vash. Vash was a new employee (so he says) and said he couldn’t help, until I gave him a moral high ground speech (cutting a long story short.) I explained the problem and soon enough found myself talking to the senior manager. Once I told him my story and he actually could understand English he promised me to refund me fully. So as i sat awaiting my direct debit refund, I receive a letter from BT stating my final bill! WHAT THE HELL!!!!

    I now have NO BT line, NO TalkTalk (which isn’t that bad) and a final bill to pay! I then call BT explaining my story and they say they were contacted from TalkTalk and now I MUST pay £99 to reconnect to BT. I’ve now lost money due to TalkTalk stupendous service…..!

  2. Giovanni, ring 0800 800 880, ask for access cot. its free to return from CPW to BT.

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