Fido the faithful

Mornin’ guys. I didn’t forget about you, just alas, my own technical responsibilities took over and I’ve been digging around in Compaq ProSignias for the last few days. Yay for me eh?
Regular readers (or even those just catching up) will know I’ve been fishing for  someone that can help us out or at least give us some advice and sympathy. We have found one and he’s as loyal as his username.

The cancellation line takes even longer to get through on than the BB line – so I have heard-

Best tip I can give anyone planning to leave is to brew up a cuppa and pull up a chair and be ready for a long long call to the “Options team” – Thats the name of our boys and girls who close off the accounts.

One final bit the bars on mobiles and prem rate numbers that we put on in customer services are not worth jack as you can call them even with a bar on if you route the call through the BT network by using prefix 1280

I don’t like that Carphone Warehouse have named their cancellation department the ‘Options Team.’ It sort of implies that there is a possibility you may subject yourself to more anxiety, stress and rage at the hands of Charlie Dunstone.

Talk (?) to Fido or check out his (her?) blog. Which has a nice compalint against one of the evil banks (Barclay’s.)

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