Talk Talk down from 9:30pm last night in KT14

Hey cats. Since Talk Talk haven’t stooped to inform us plebs what’s going on with our service, Darren took it upon himself to drop us a line. Apparently from 9:30pm on August 3 to sometime today their service was suffering a ‘major technical fault.’ As per usual there was no real explanation provided or estimated fix time.

I can’t get through on the phones, option 3 for broadband results in “everyone’s busy, please call back later”. Just got through to a Sales Advisor that says they are having a major problem, but there is no recorded message to this affect when calling customer services. I suggested to the CSA they do that.

Talk to Darren over at his blog! Edit: The Register picked up on it. Thanks Darren :).

Edit2: Robin says someone from Talk Talk blamed a large server in Amsterdam. What kind of server I wonder?

Thanks Robin!


3 responses to “Talk Talk down from 9:30pm last night in KT14

  1. I finally got an e-mail from a friendly TalkTalk tech support person today, saying that last night’s broadband outage was caused by a large server in Amsterdam which was down for 12 hours.

  2. Lots of outages hitting Talk Talk of late, seems that the weather, global warming, sun spots or your pc being pointing in the wrong direction is enough to drop your BB connection.

    Maybe Talk Talk should offer a Feng Shui version of Broad Band after all its bound to be better than theirs. (Trust me i hear the complaints every day! Wish I could help but my hands are tied on that one)

    Ah yes you need to point the pc to the east to get a positive energy flow….

  3. funny…..i like you fido, will you be my pet dawg?

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