Martina does a quick comparison between BT and Talk Talk

Martina appears to be a bit of a BT enthusiast. She has some tips about side by side price comparison if you’re surfing in looking for info and haven’t been caught in Talk Talk’s evil trap of death.

It said after BT’s 30 per cent package cuts this week, BT’s price for its Option 2 is £3.95 and Option 3 is £9.95 – both beating TalkTalk.

BT said Charles had omitted to mention that BT, from 15 August, rewards customer loyalty with free evening and weekend calls for a year if anyone in the UK agrees to stay with the company for 18 months.

BT Retail chief operating officer John Petter said: “BT is offering £200 million worth of price cuts. Why pay anyone for calls as well as line rental when you can pay us only for line rental and get free evening and weekend calls for a year?

“While BT’s prices are coming down, TalkTalk has introduced two line rental increases, a minimum call fee increase and a daytime call rate increase – no less than four price increases in the last six months.”

Thanks for the tips Martina (there’s more there as well.)


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