Chris finds out why they say ‘up to’ 8 MB

Trouble installing the modem? Check. Trouble getting through? Check. Trouble cancelling account? Check. Better service with someone else? Check. Chris has all the same boxes ticked off. Sadly for Carphone Warehouse and Charlie, his satisfaction came in the form of good old BT.

As a side note, they must have really cleaned up their act. My experiences with BT haven’t been great (though not as bad as Talk Talk it has to be said.) The Trafford Exchange seems to suffer from some form of BTitis, they’ve chopped through cables in Didsbury and subsequently took out phone and DSL for everyone in the village and giv out public IPs a week too early. Are things improving for the traditional provider?

Talk Talk? What a bloody joke. I don’t know a single person who has anything good to say about them. My disaster started when I switched to TT and after a few days, I was ringing home only to find someone else answering (and it’s not what your thinking guys!). It appears the lines got crossed. That was just the beginning…. I checked my line prior to subscribing with Talk Talk and it appeared my line was capable of receiving 8meg Broadband. When the modem turned up I had terrible problems installing it even though I have a good knowledge of compters etc When it did connect, I found to my horror it would only connect at 1meg.

I’m telling you BT. New promotion, buy Talk Talk customers for 70 pounds and hook them up. We’d be all yours. Hell, my price would probably be even cheaper…

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