Bad service endemic to Carphone Warehouse?

André mentions that perhaps this isn’t just an issue with their ‘free’ broadband package. I can’t access that link (sadly) but I’m guessing it’s yet another unhappy customer with phone/mobile/broadband problems?

just a quick note: It is not ONLY the free broadband that is causing these troubles. Carphone had problems before this: see a story similar to mine: (Jan 2005) i still don´t think they are doing it purposly but am I wrong?

A few of you have mentioned similar problems. My guess is that it’s a company wide issue. Small company, big ideas, small infrastructure.

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6 responses to “Bad service endemic to Carphone Warehouse?

  1. i have been waiting 3 weeks for my contract-insured mobile to be repaired. i took out insurance so i wouldnt be without a phone! what a joke. moreover u cant ring the store and if i go in i usually end up waiting an hour and r then told hard cheese we r out of stock give it another week.
    worse still i took out contracts with broadband and landlines through talktalk and despite paying them for 3 months i still dont have broadband. the carphonewarehouse r a serious nightmare and i pity anyone unfortunate enough to have taken out contracts with them

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  3. my new handst didnt work so it now has to be sent bac and im expected to wait another 2-3 weeks without a phone. since im paying £40per month thats £80 wasted (2 months without handset if im lucky). i took out the contract because of the handset and the internet. carphone generously offered me a £20 voucher. this is ludicrous as ive paid £60 in insurance which is a complete joke as its made no difference!
    worse still my landline with talktalk still doesnt hav broadband because im now being told my mac code has changed. it took them 2 months to tell being robbed on all fronts

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  5. For broadband problems phone this number – 01925556499. You will get somebody who has access to systems that actually tell them what is going on. Unlike the numbers that bring you to India and people reading a card that says, “your broadband will be active in 5 – 10 working days”.
    What they don’t tell you is that they are measured in Galapagos giant tortoise time.

  6. BEWARE of choosing Carphone Warehouse’s talktalk with so-called free broadband. Our recent experience has shown that the only area they seem to work at is marketing and extracting money for shoddy service,rather than providing a real improvement in their (very poor) service to customers. We were signed-up over the phone by a talktalk cowboy salesman who,without our agreement, took over our phone line. When we tried to protest and get talktalk managers to sort it out they were entirely unhelpful and we spent hours of wasted phone calls often to call centres in India to try to get things put right. But it got even worse. Talktalk got lawyers to persue the money that we didnt even owe them, for a service we hadn’t asked for!
    All I can say is we thought we had as bad a service as possible with NTL/Virgin, yet talktalk reached new and unpleasant depths. Our advice is STEER CLEAR OF CARPHONE WAREHOUSE and its talktalk service -they cannot be trusted.

    David Paul. 9/5/07

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