Tips for dealing with Talk Talk

André has a tip for Sarina (good one too, one that you guys keep reinforcing.)

Documentation, documentation, documentation. And e-mail Dunstone.

send an e-mail to and send a letter recorded delivery. keep the correspondence. calling is never good – you need some proof. if you write you have proof. good luck.

Talk to André


4 responses to “Tips for dealing with Talk Talk

  1. thank you for that info, i have of today mailed himself……….lets see
    if any response. I have also reported this issued to a company called ATEL tel. 01925 430049, who can help in theses issues,
    we will see the out come…………if any!!

  2. can i get 50 more megabites on my dial up free

  3. SORRY!!, correction to name should be OTELO not ATEL !
    update:- i spoke to a lady of yesteday (after holding for 45mins) of whom comfirmed that a credit had been raised, my account is now zero, also she had promissed that a reverse of my credit rated would be done and that i shoud receive a letter by post this week,……………i will wait to see the out come,
    if any !!………..wont hold my breathe

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