Talk Talk told James the disconnects were his own fault.

I’d have to agree with James’ tone below. What planet are their support people on? Occasionally my Talk Talk connection drops while I’m off making a cup of coffee or getting a glass of water. Is magical me drifting through the ether, right clicking on my connection icon and then coming back all without me knowing? Or possibly the broadband gnomes are slipping into my computer room while my back is turned or even while I’m updating this blog? Come on guys. Your service can’t stay up. It’s not our fault. Time to admit it and get some ADSL Viagra.

Hi everyone, my BB connection drops approximately five times a day, give or take, even when I’m in the middle of an important download.Yet TalkTalk technical dept.,when I can get through,tell me it’s my fault as I am deliberately disconnecting.NOW WHY WOULD I BE PAYING FOR A DOWNLOAD, AND DELIBERATELY TERMINATING MY CONNECTION BEFORE I’TS FINISHED?. This NEVER happened with Virgin!. Ten days in, already I want out. Prospectives, cancel now!.

It never happened with Freeserve’s dial up service either. What does that tell you?

PS. Just tested my BB speed with ‘’, 372kbps. Pretty abysmal, for any time of day, Virgin never dropped below 1300kbps.No, I am not on commission, I am simply using my previous ISP (Virgin) as comparison. And would you believe it, as I was writing this, my BB connection dropped yet again!. My fault,no doubt.

Out of curiosity, what’s the contention ratio for free broadband customers? Ours is 50/1 and thankfully there aren’t many in our neighborhood using the exchange at the moment. We get consistently quite good speeds (900 kbps) on ADSL guide. 372 is horrible. Talk to James

8 responses to “Talk Talk told James the disconnects were his own fault.

  1. DO NOT USE THIS CRAP COMPANY. We have waited four weeks without a phone line for them to take our line over from BT – and this has not happened, so no phones, no internet for nearly a month. BT cannot take our line back as Talktalk have still got their equipment on it, so we have to pay for a new phone line from BT – told Talktalk to cancel our contract with them. They are the most useless incompetent company I have ever dealt with. All you get are text messages from them telling you work will be dealt with within 24 hours – but it never happens. Have also complained to Watchdog about them.

  2. talktalk are just that. Don’t want to horrify you with the troubles I’ve had with the crap sevice over the months but before and after reinstalling windows my connection to the internet still gets cut off even though the dial up still is connected. The support people are polite but useless.
    Roll on the end of eighteen months then I’m gonna pay some provider more to give me a better service.
    AVOID AVOID AVOID talk talk unless you want endless problems.

  3. Changed my number without telling me (not as they knew themselves until i told them) which knocked out my broadband, been without service five days so far and they keep telling me it’s sorted. 23 hours in the last week on phone trying to get them to sort it and they wonder why I am angry and not too pleased when they don’t keep their promises. and I have to call them again and go through the whole thing from the start… just fix it and you’ll never hear from me again.

  4. Solution.

    Sorry if this post appeared twice, didn’t seem to work 1st time…

    Anyway you can download applications for free at, it tells you which are free(select that in search criteria along with your operating system), they’re all tested for spyware (but not adware, so read the reviews where you can).

    Do a search for “internet connection” or similar and you should find one which automatically redials the internet connection. “ReConnect 1.5” recognises the talktalk connection, but i have not been booted off since installing it so can’t confirm it will do the job, but there must be some that do work.
    Bear in mind that it is talktalk who are booting you off, so those applications which work by randomly accessing websites so that your connection doesn’t go idle wont be of any use. You need one which does the whole redial sequence, and there are some with no adware so don’t put up with any of that either.
    Best o luck.

  5. the program you recommended I have found incredible. Probably it is working in the background on your computer, in much the same way as it works in the backgroung on mine.

    I have been a TalkTalk customer since this company’s conception. They have disconnected me from the Internet, constantly.

    There are a few tweeks that this program has been unable to resolve but I prefer to use it to connect to the Internet, over and above my TalkTalk Icon because it keeps me connected to the Internet.

    I can’t turn off my computer. This isn’t a huge problem because, most of the time, when I attempt to turn off my computer MS-XP doesn’t allow me to, anyway.

    Microsoft promised me that XP would be the most efficient computer environment that I could possess. XP takes a very, very long time to load and doesn’t always shut down when it is supposed to. MS-ME, on the otherhand turns on within seconds and shuts down immediately.

    The original disc that I bought from Microsoft for Millennium is corrupt. I have contacted Microsoft but they tell me that they are unable to provide me with another copy of the computer environment. So, when my computer (that has absolutely nothing to do with the Internet) goes wrong, I will have no choice but to install MS-XP on it.

    This computer, that has always been linked to the Internet has never used any computer environment other than MS-XP.

  6. its really crap. my connection is dropping every single minute. how can i chat?
    when every time i call them they asking same thing and im fed up with telling them same story again and again. at least per one time when i call for complain about this i have to tell same story for 4 people minimum and my name address???
    how crap. they are trying to make this problem as my fault. i know the fault between the computer and this crap service

  7. My problems started on the 8th of December 2008 when I phoned TalkTalk to report crackling on my landline, after 15 minutes waiting for the call to be answered I was informed that the problem would be corrected within 5 working days. On the 16th December 2008 I phoned again (20 minutes waiting) to report that I was still waiting for the fault to be repaired, once again I was promised that the fault would be corrected. I assume that TalkTalk’s call centre is overseas, (India I think) they are very pleasant but very hard to understand at the best of times. When it comes to reporting a fault, possibly because of their location they are pretty hopeless.
    On the 22nd December I sent an E-mail to report I was still waiting for something to be done. I phoned TalkTalk (waiting again for 18 minutes) stating that if nothing was done I would cancel their service. Since then I have had no telephone service only being able to receive calls and a very slow broadband. Once again on the 23rd December 2008 I phoned to find out what the problem was, only to be informed that my landline had been “Slammed”. After an explanation what slamming was, I was told to contact BT. An e-mail was sent to BT which I am still waiting for a reply.
    I sent an e-mail to Ofcom on the 30th December 2008 explaining my dilemma, they replied a few days later advising me to contact TalkTalk with the Ofcom findings as possibly my service was disconnected in error. A copy of their findings was sent to TalkTalk by email, I am still waiting for a reply.
    After several e-mails to TalkTalk with no response or replies I decided contact TalkTalk Head Office in London. I sent a letter dated 6th January 2009 by registered mail. I am STILL waiting for a reply to that letter, I would have thought as a matter of courtesy their head office would have replied in receipt of my letter. On the same day the letter was sent, a copy of that letter was sent via the TalkTalk e-mail address. Having had no replies from several previously sent e-mails I was amazing that within 30 minutes a lady from TalkTalk phoned me regarding my problems, stating that my line had possibly been transfered to a different supplier. I asked why TalkTalk would do this without my permission, the lady said that notification should have been sent to me, but of course I received nothing. She said she would arrange a refund of 28 days on my broadband. I felt that under the circumstances it would be advisable to cancel my direct debits, as the last payment was taken on the 22nd December 2008.
    On the 13th January I contacted TalkTalk again speaking to someone called “Tumi”, he was very helpful and after he contacted two other people he said that my line would be reinstated within 3 to 5 working days, but as of today the 20th January I still have no line connection.
    In October 2007 I requested the “call divert” feature to be added to my line, after many e-mail’s and telephone calls and excuses I decided not to bother with this feature.
    I have just received a bill for the broadband disconnection fee of £70.00 and my (MAC) Migration Authorisation Code even though my broadband is still active. I feel that some form of compensation Is due for all the stress and treatment also for the numerous e-mails and use of my friend’s telephone for long periods at a time. My wife and I are elderly and require a telephone service for any emergency which may arise.

    Mr. Walter Shird.
    5,St Annes Road,
    DN41 8HQ

    Tel. 01469 569699 (Receiving calls only)

  8. I inadvertently became a TalkTalk user when they bought out Tiscali. Since then I’ve upgraded my package to 8Mbps. My highset available speed is 4.2Mbps, and yet TalkTalk can only manage 2.9Mbps at best. around 5pm every day the line is dropped and auto-reconnects at 2.2Mbps.

    This is not the service I was promised and am moving to a better ISP ASAP!

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