Talk Talk really doesn’t want you to leave.

André has been trying desperately to cancel his service and like a good sheepdog Talk Talk won’t let him leave the flock. On the 28th of April he tried to cancel his phone service, then the 4th of May they told him to contact BT, (WTF?) on May 7th they called him by the wrong name and told him his account was in the process of being cancelled….

What should I do. First I wanted to pay it – but why? It is 22 pounds for 2 months line rental (as you know I paid by direct debit so they already have the line rental from other months I haven´t used the service) I sent one letter to Mr. Charles Dunston (signed for) One letter to Mr. Simon Rawlings, 1 e-mail to and one e-mail to customer service. My fear and my believe is that nothing will happen and it will go to a debt collection agency….. Maybe my only chance is to take the CPW to court….? Any suggestions?

Sounds an awful lot like Sarina’s issues. I want to say to take it to independent arbitration but I’m not sure how it works. Can anyone lend a hand? You might want to check out the regulations on distance selling from the Office of Fair Trade. Once you cancel, you’re done in their eyes. Also may want to check contractual obligations. Really though, it sounds like both of you have gone beyond the call of duty.

Recommendations for André? (The whole tale is there, he really made the effort. I would have been swearing by e-mail #3.)


7 responses to “Talk Talk really doesn’t want you to leave.

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  2. Not a lot to go on here, but if TT is not providing the service for a period of 28 days, I am told you can cancel the contract.

    Office of Fair Trading are probably as bored of TT as everyone else. The official complaint proceedure is to write to TT (keep copies), and if you don’t get a satisfactory response, you can (after 12 weeks from the date of your first complaint) complain to Otelo ( What they decide is binding on TT but not you.

    Unfortunately, courts prefer you to go through the complaints proceedure first and are expensive if you lose. My advice would be to use Otelo first (I know the wait hurts), but if you’re serious with your complaint, I don’t think you have much choice 😦

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  4. thanks jon, i´ll try the way via court – that is the only way they listen. they have now at least stopped threatening me which is a huge success and with every other company I would stop write here now. But I am so angry at them that I want to take them to court. Imagine if I was a person who cares less about the credit rating or i wouldn´t receive my mail because of moving. they would totally destroy my credit rating. it would take ages to sort it out…..

  5. ups – huge typo – sorry i meant right here now.

  6. GUYS GUYS GUYS…. DO THE COURT THING dont worry about costs, if you have house insurance.. seriously, look into it…

    i pay house and contents insurance, approx £16 per month, but im covered legal fees of £50,000 as well as part of my insurance. look into your policy guys.. im with nationwide building society.

  7. hi, PLEASE becareful if you think you have legal insurance – it usually only covers claims AGAINST you!

    sorry to be a spoiler!

    also, I’ve been to a small claims court, cost me £80. (unrelated matter), then the big boys started legal trick, submissions that could move the matter to a County court and with all the costs involved – I was faced with a £4000 bill or to drop my claim of £800!

    btw if anyone needs help with TT connections, contact me and i will try to help.

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