Sarina is still having problems.

She has until next Tuesday before Talk Talk decide to shuffle her off back to collections. This is despite frantically calling them over the last few days to try and get things resolved. Charlie! You can’t deliver! LOOK.

Can anyone help Sarina? 😦

i have the deadline of the 8th August before my account goes back to collections, i have been ringing for a few days now to see if the credit has been sorted, but every time i get through i get, PLEASE CALL BACK LATER………..also i call the 01925 554 673 no. and its the answering machine want be back till the 8th August………i so fed up with this now…………DONT KNOW WHAT TO DO !!!!!!!!!!!!


One response to “Sarina is still having problems.

  1. hi carina,
    send an e-mail to and send a letter recorded delivery. keep the correspondence. calling is never good – you need some proof. if you write you have proof. good luck.

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