Money program on BBC 2 last night

Jesus, Dunstone really is completely out of touch regarding is ‘revolutionary’ service.

Here were some of the main points he made:

– That being dropped whilst in the call queue was a good thing because it wasn’t worth it for us to wait. He also seems to believe those stats of 300 odd seconds for hold times. The only way that would be possible, judging from my experience and yours, is if they take into account all the times we get hung up on.

– That you can’t add up the various benefits of services offered by the likes of BT and do a cost for cost comparison with Talk Talk. I’ll be you can. Especially when BT is offering free support.

– He’s all excited that he has almost a half a million frothing, enraged and angry customers. I must say, that’s quite the thing to put down on a life accomplishment list. I can’t remember the last time I or anyone I know angered almost 500,000 people.

– The Harris family, even though they were ‘bumped up the queue’ by Dunstone (it is because they were on television) still didn’t have their package a month later. Pretty representative of what you lot have been saying.

– That Iraq war analogy is pretty classy. Even though Talk Talk feels like death, it’s not really the same as a war made up of various complicated historical and political events.

– The BBC presenter cornered him and got him to say that he can’t deliver. At last, some realism.

– But then he goes on to say that in spite of issues* they believe they can deliver.

– And, knowing that customer service is awful (he never admitted to the shoddiness of the overall product) he cuts the package by a pound to get even more suckers in.

Dunstone land must be a nice place where unicorns serve up dinner and fairies brew sparkling fairy tea served with mystical brownies for dessert. I want to go.
See it for yourself

*See: Billing problems, connection problems, non existent service, unreliable service, e-mail issues, authentication issues, poor customer service, non existent customer service….


2 responses to “Money program on BBC 2 last night

  1. Dennis Bavister

    I am glad to have some insight into the problems encountered by customers of this brand. I am certainly hesitating before signing up.
    I do have to say though, that I find it sad that you have to start your report by unnecessary blasphemy that will offend a significant part of the population.

  2. YOU try phoning CS and let us know if YOU come out of it unscathed. Blasphemy will be the last thing on your mind, believe me.

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