Max’s patience is maxed.

Max, unlike many Britons, has no debt. Yet he’s receiving collections notices from Talk Talk for a service he’s never had.

We are experiencing a living nightmare with Talk Talk! We signed up for Broadband in December 05 – had problems, not able to get connected, therefore never had Broadband service from TT. Trying to get through to TT by phone for support – shortest answer time 22 mins longest 57 mins, average wait around 40 mins, often cut off. Receiving bills for BB service – have emailed, phoned, sent letters – never been responded to only automated emails and emails asking for our tel number and address, postcode which they have!! After months of receiving bills and threatening FINAL DEMAND letters saying we will be referred to a Debt Collection Agency – we have never owed a penny to anyone in our lives, we don’t have debt or credit cards so this is scary to us and extremely upsetting. We have contacted Consumer Direct and hope they can help. We have never had BB from TT and as yet no one from TT has responded to any of our communications. Is no one at TT answering letters? Our last one was sent by Recorded Delivery. This Company has treated us disgustingly and many others like us by the sounds of it. Charles Dunstone should be made accountable and no doubt after the publicity that is taking place, he will be made to be. Let us hope so!

I hope so too Max. Note to any AOL UK users, they’re the finalists for taking over your service! Change now while there’s still hope!


2 responses to “Max’s patience is maxed.

  1. i have the deadline of the 8th August before my account goes back to collections, i have been ringing for a few days now to see if the credit has been sorted, but every time i get through i get, PLEASE CALL BACK LATER………..also i call the 01925 554 673 no. and its
    the answering machine want be back till the 8th August………i so fed up with this now…………DONT KNOW WHAT TO DO !!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Try this number for credit control.

    I have had a few spats with them these last few weeks myself but think 🙂 I have finally sorted it all out……………now?!

    0845 456 5598

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