Colin happy with the Hoff

Pipex were high on the list of recommended ISPs when I was looking around initially. I just wasn’t impressed with their pricing for a 1 MB connection. I keep mentally kicking myself (because if I actually kicked myself I would be a 5’8″ bruise instead of a person) for not putting decent customer service + product = more money. It seemed like a good idea at the time but nightmares of my future endeavors with Talk Talk keep me awake at night.

Sadly for me (but good for you if shopping around) is Pipex have cut the prices of several packages. Go forth and be with the Hoff I say!

If Talk Talk will let you go….

I was a Talktalk customer for 12 months. worst time i had, bad service and bad braodband. Finally left and went to Pipex what a breath of fresh air. After giving Talk talk the required notice, they couldn’t supply a MAC to transfer the broadband, and now unable to close the account (customer services words). They are still asking for money although over the phone they confirm i owe nothing, this is due to delay in closing the account. They have a lot to learn that cheap offerings are no substitute for good service.

Colin’s story kind of reminds me of that spate of mid 90s stalker films. Dunstone in a blonde wig coming to get you….


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