Charlie speaks! But only to snipe at BT

It is a bit like comparing a Lada to a Ford Escort. (I refuse to suggest that BT is any better than that….) Charles Dunstone has had a nice little ramble on about how much more betterer their packages are in comparison to BT.

You may have seen that BT has recently announced some price changes. It’s good to see that they’re finally recognising how expensive they are but TalkTalk is and will always be better value than BT. Reducing BT Together Option 2 to £3.95? Our equivalent deal is free for 3 months and only £3.99 thereafter. Reducing BT Together Option 3 to £9.95 as month? Ours is £8.99 AND you get free broadband included. They’ve also added in some sneaky new charges to make up for any price cuts, which seems very unfair, such as charging per minute billing and a new 3p “set up” charge for all calls to mobiles and day time calls for Option 1 and 2 customers. Sorry BT, but you’ll have to do better than this for your customers if you want to keep them. Onto other things, this week has seen the release of Hayley Sanderson’s enchanting cover of ‘Something in the Air’. Since it featured on our broadband adverts, we’ve been inundated with enquiries and requests for the track. It’s now available for download on iTunes and it will be on sale in shops on the 7th of August. All our proceeds from the song will be donated to our partner charity TreeHouse, the national charity for autism education. Charles

See, Charlie (can I call you Charlie? You know, seeing as your blog is so friendly and transparent…) the trouble is, you may be cheaper, but your service is a pile of fertilizer that’s been sitting under several pigeon nests in the hot sun for the last 3 months. It smells, reeks of an archaic and failing infrastructure bursting under the weight of its founder’s ego. You may be cheaper but Christ almighty, I wish I would have gone to BT. At least the service may actually work.

I feel bad for Hayley Sanderson, her music will always remind people of the time when the red film had dropped over their eyes and for the first time, they’d considered driving to Preston.


One response to “Charlie speaks! But only to snipe at BT

  1. BT has dismissed claims by The Carphone Warehouse that its TalkTalk landline call rates are “always cheaper than BT”.

    In his online blog, The Carphone Warehouse chief executive Charles Dunstone refers to the price cuts BT made earlier this week and says his equivalent deals are cheaper.

    Claims by The Carphone Warehouse to offer broadband “free forever” with TalkTalk were banned by the Advertising Standards Authority last month – and BT said this latest claim was also “too good to be true”.

    Charles was only talking about prices for his 785,000 wholesale line rental customers, BT said, and it pointed out that TalkTalk has 2.32 million customers who are carrier pre-selection customers who pay £4.99 for Option 2 and £9.99 for Option 3 – both with no introductory offer.

    It said after BT’s 30 per cent package cuts this week, BT’s price for its Option 2 is £3.95 and Option 3 is £9.95 – both beating TalkTalk.

    BT said Charles had omitted to mention that BT, from 15 August, rewards customer loyalty with free evening and weekend calls for a year if anyone in the UK agrees to stay with the company for 18 months.

    BT Retail chief operating officer John Petter said: “BT is offering £200 million worth of price cuts. Why pay anyone for calls as well as line rental when you can pay us only for line rental and get free evening and weekend calls for a year?

    “While BT’s prices are coming down, TalkTalk has introduced two line rental increases, a minimum call fee increase and a daytime call rate increase – no less than four price increases in the last six months.”

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