Carphone Warehouse to build 3 new call centres

It seems like good news when you read the headline. But then you see it’s going to take 3 more years to actually get them up and running. It’s a bit too little too late for me.

The Carphone Warehouse has signed a three-year £3m contract with telecoms services provider Affiniti to build three IP call centres. Around 1,800 customer service advisers will work in the centres, two of which are in the North West of England and one in South Africa. Affiniti, which is part of Kingston Communications and will work with Cisco to build the call centres, is installing an “intelligent call routing system”, which means enquiries can be distributed to different agents on different sites, depending on how busy the phones are.



4 responses to “Carphone Warehouse to build 3 new call centres

  1. I was a Talktalk customer for 12 months. worst time i had, bad service and bad braodband. Finally left and went to Pipex what a breath of fresh air. After giving Talk talk the required notice, they couldn’t supply a MAC to transfer the broadband, and now unable to close the account (customer services words). They are still asking for money although over the phone they confirm i owe nothing, this is due to delay in closing the account. They have a lot to learn that cheap offerings are no substitute for good service.

  2. I’ve been waiting since April for my free broadband and have still not received it. Total joke. At least they are charing me for it. I’ve still got their old service and it regularly has downtime – I suspect they are working on changes to get more people the broadband they have been promised. Big ideas but not a big enough compant to handle the response. 0 out of 10 so far for big charles D and his mega millions. Thanks for the delay.

  3. I regret the day we signed up to talk talk the internet drops out most days and we still only have 2 meg they promised 8 meg as for there customer service it is a joke sorry we are to bisy to take your call so we are cutting you off thanks for the help guys

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