Big ideas but tiny little head.

Dave writes in theorizing that perhaps Charlie is a bit big for his britches. I find the April thing surprising, I think we got ours up and running the first few weeks of that month? When did it start for everyone else? We didn’t have any issues (at that point…) either. It is nice that they charge you for services they’ve never actually provided.

I’ve been waiting since April for my free broadband and have still not received it. Total joke. At least they are charing me for it. I’ve still got their old service and it regularly has downtime – I suspect they are working on changes to get more people the broadband they have been promised. Big ideas but not a big enough compant to handle the response. 0 out of 10 so far for big charles D and his mega millions. Thanks for the delay.

I think Dave also considers 3 years a bit late for new call centres.


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