Tim is probably still on hold

I’m not sure how anyone at Carphone Warehouse or their Talk Talk division could be upbeat about the problems with their service. Tim’s tale is one that should strike a chord with us all, long hold times, being disconnected, no one available to help… That stupid message from Dunstone at the beginnig of the call. Just let us go without the disconnection fee you idiots! Stop making us wait around for you to get your myopic asses in gear!

I am still on the phone waiting to speak to customer services. I have been waiting 55mins. Funnily enough, when I called the new customer sales line it was answered after 1 ring. However they say they can’t help! 2 emails have been left unanswered after a week. I keep getting failed connections. I think they have less IP addresses than customers connecting. I can’t get through to them on any number. I go through the automated line to get a “I sorry we are busy, please call back later….Click” I changed my 2mb line with them to 8 mb, that was 2 months ago, but according to the sales they have no record of me asking them, albeit they have been charging me for it and I have a letter with the line info. I have been with talktalk since the early days, but this service has been going down the toilet over the last year and I have had enough of them.

Tim has a very good point about the IP addresses.

From his, I can find that he’s using the old Opal range of: –

Up to, it would be a standard class A network and offer up as many hosts as Dunstone has stocks. But with an end broadcast IP if, the amount of hosts in Tim’s Opal Telecom range only comes up to 32,768. A portion of those IPs will be used for Carphone Warehouse’s various services, routers, etc.

A shortage of IPs would explain random disconnects. Quick lesson for the non-techies, no two computers can have the same IP address. (There are lots of unlesses here but I’ll keep it basic.) It’s like your house address. Say you live at 1234 Peach Lane at WN2 666. No one else can live at 1234 Peach Lane in the post code of WN2 666. IP addresses are exactly the same. They must be unique. If another computer comes up and says ‘HI, I HAVE YOUR IP’ it is possible that both will drop connection and force you to reconnect. On Talk Talk’s standard service, we’re all on DHCP. That’s where we receive a new address every time we connect. If there are problems with their DHCP servers or IP address range is limited, it is possible that two customers could have the same IP as issued by them.

Mind, since I can’t get through to anyone to ask them, just speculation. Bears more investigation I think.


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