Sarina has been taken to collections, thanks to Talk Talk

Good Christ. I don’t think Sarina is exaggerating when she talks about calling them 51 times. Being taken to collections though? Credit rating screwed because of incompetent account mangers. Way to go Carphone Warehouse. Screw consumer’s credit because you couldn’t be asked to actually fulfill your promise. The more of these comments I receive, the more disgusted I am.

I was previouly with talktalk broadband last year, within this time i only received 3mths full service, things seemed fine uptil i had to telephone due to the broadband service was down, this continued month on end……..i was so fed up with them and was glad to cancel the contract, made a complaint about the service and was told that they would credit my last bill, things after this just got worse, they then billed me for broadband service after my contract terminated, then after numerous telephone calls they then sent my account to they legal department for collection, i then managed to get through after numerous telphones call being cut off for no reason, and being told that a credit would be sorted, this is now the 51st time this has been told to me and to my despair this is still going on, i am tearing my hair out here so stressed here……..they are the worst every company i have ever dealt with in my entire life and would not ever deal with them again not matter what great deal they might have !!!!!!!!

Take heed of Sarina’s tale of woe and stay the hell away from Talk Talk.


One response to “Sarina has been taken to collections, thanks to Talk Talk

  1. i think i have just realised the future, i just signed up, and so far so bad. It seems to get worse by the day,

    read my blog:

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