PlusNet wants you!

PlusNet seems to believe that the technically savvy should shirk the free broadband offers and go to a quality ISP. Whether that’s them remains to be seen. They call the various cheap packages ‘unsustainable’ (but not wicked, misleading, crap, or the modern equivalent of communicating with tin cans and pieces of string.)

Carphone Warehouse and BSkyB are clearly the targets for PlusNet’s ire, with the group insisting the rise of ‘free’ bundled broadband packages is unsustainable in the long term. PlusNet argues that price is not the only determinant of value and not every user wants the legacy services being bundled with broadband by the likes Carphone and BSkyB. Its customers, by contrast, place much more emphasis on quality of service and product configurability, as well as value for money. The group points out that its users are typically drawn from a growing audience of IT professionals and technology enthusiasts. Management estimates that around 2m out of a total of 8m currently using ADSL broadband services are focused on quality access and are predominantly serviced by niche service providers, like PlusNet.

PlusNet’s shares down, but they insist we’ll come back.


One response to “PlusNet wants you!

  1. Well I signed up for plusnet just over a week ago because of the above and their 30 day free trial.

    I submitted a ticket, and guess what 5 days later NO REPLY. So I decided that plusnet was probably not the best bet for my business. I informed them I wished to cancel my contract under the 30 day free trial. Guess what happened the next day…

    They tried to charge me money. From reading their forums I did have a feeling that was going to happen and so I put a stop to it.

    I could not in any recommend plusnet as a business ISP or even as a “quality ISP”

    I have now submitted several tickets to plusnet asking either for a migration code or the broadband marker on my line to be removed.

    Now they just ignore all tickets. So I have complained to ofcom and Trading Standards to see if that works.

    I would advise anyone who wants to sign up with plusnet to have a read through their customer forums first. Or even their usergroup forums.

    I am sure you will change your mind then!
    you can login with ‘guest’ and ‘guest’
    no login needed

    Think carefully before choosing PLUSNET

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