Phone number for high level complaints department

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Just a quick update on the TalkTalk situation. I had a call from their grandly titled Hi-Level complaints department earlier today who told me my broadband has now been upgraded. The department’s number is 01925 554 673 by the way for those people that have wasted hours of their life holding on the company’s 0845 number.

Go forth and call!
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Edit: Apparently this number is no longer active. Donna must have been sad to find that everyone is upset when she came back from holiday! Anyone have the new one?

Edit2: Adrienne says ‘I just tried the 01925 554 673, plus 01925 554932 – both disconnected!’

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  1. James Buchanan

    Just phoned ‘high level complaints dept.’. Dawn won’t be back in her office until Monday 8th. August, but you can leave a message!.Suspicious or what?.Number gets posted, Dawn goes on leave. TalkTalk is/are CRAP!!!. (Monter)

  2. Simona Thompson

    Can’t get through to the number for complaints ! Phoned Talk Talk customer services to ask why they have been virtually stealing obscene amounts of money out of my account they hang up ! Talk Talk saves you money, yeah right !

  3. James Flanagan

    They have gone and changed the number! I can’t believe how insanely stupid this company is.

  4. Your telling me! Been billing me since April and still no broadband = billing my them and Tiscali. They simply have an answer message to say they are too busy and do not respond to emails! A joke.

  5. if you are being billed by more than 1 bb provider, then ring the number i have supplied on an earlier comment and ask them to remove the markers, then cancel any direct debits at the bank. that way you are not being supplied a service by any, or select, isp

    dj x

  6. Hi Simona,

    I’ve heard that as well. Apparently she was on holiday. No doubt since the dude put it up, she’s been bombarded. If you click on the tips tag over there on the side, there are lots of numbers available for credit control. Might be worth checking out. Also, their call centre is in Warrington. May be worth trying to find out what that number is? Good luck!

  7. I am trying to obtain the special deal of free broadband for life but with great difficulty having provided them with my mac no and promised connection they are now saying its the wrong number. a operator called Charlotte promised to e mail back to enable me to give another correct number surprise no e mail received. another operator named Mathew gave me his e mail address and what do you know the e mail keeps coming back. This is after trying various help? lines including complaints dept twice cut off all times when they couldnt answer problems they are taking monies out of my bank for a service I am not receiving even the telephone package is not what they promised. so beware anyone thinking of this deal any ideas how to get out of the deal or make them give me what they promised U.K. person.

  8. maureen.. cut your losses.. your outlay in the biggining will be considerably less than your outlay mid contract, atleast we are only ONLY !!! LOL talking of £70 + £25 (i think, transfer sp fee) of cancelling now, rather than the big money once you go live. then refer the case to trading standards whom should be able to supply you with a letter stating you have the right to cancel if they have failed to supply service for 28days or more.

  9. I tried to upgrade from the talktalk calls only package to broadband, line rental etc. Result: they disconnected me from their computer, can only make calls via code 1280 to route thro BT. BT (impressive) are going to change the routing but will take two weeks. I work from home and use another dial-in code that won’t work by this method so talktalk have left me unable to work for two weeks. No-one said sorry, no-one cared – and they think I am still going to take their package??

  10. I just tried the 01925 554 673, plus 01925 554932 – both disconnected! Surely Ofcom must act about this soon?

  11. Adrienne.. Ask your neighbour if they have a broadband connection, and consider the possibilty of wireless connection / remote connection if its convient with themselves.. may just work

  12. Adrienne. ASK TALK TALK to “STOP THE LINE IMMIDIATELY”, that will enable BT to take the line back straight away without waiting the 2 weeks. Its the only way possible to have your service restored quicker.

    dj x

  13. haha. you guys have no idea what your on about. get a life.

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  16. Get a f*ckin life all of you.You left a perfectly good company to sell out just to get a cheaper service and moan because it doesnt go your way for the first few months. There are going to be teething problems with all new companies launching new products. Patience is a virtue and you have no idea how hard these people at such departments as customer service and complaints based in call centres work to get your problems solved. Even if you are all being unreasonable pr!cks with the people (who are just doing their jobs) on the other end of the phone.

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  22. Evangoria Squidworth

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  24. Don`t take that advise, if talktalk stops the line immedaitely BT will charge you extra for re connection, do you peoeple have a clue what you are talking about

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  30. bt do not charge a reconnection fee at all. if a supplier stops the line then it gives another company the opportunity to take the line and number immidately without waiting 2 weeks !!! AND THERE IS NO CHARGE !

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  32. get over it darren bt are robbing gets!!!! you will still receive a month and half bill from them like every other supplyer !!!!!!


  34. let me guess darren… u work 4 bt?


  36. Just a few pointers
    the 01925 44932 has been disabled, because the number was being given out for complaints etc when it is the retensions department

    Retensions do not have the authority to credit disc fees or connection fees,your best writing to the london address on the bill

    Please remember that all the staff are aware how horrendus it is at the moment but their hands are tied

  37. I actually work for NTL
    and bt do not charge a reconnect fee returning from talk talk

  38. ooh its busy in here. I just wanted to ask. My grandson has been mithering me to get the new talktalk broadband. as you guys seem to know what you’re talking about, do you recommend it?

  39. Darren… Do you Know nothing, for the new company to take the line without a charge they have to request the service from TalkTalk or whoever the customer is currently with.
    If the customer requests a cancellation then go back to BT, BT will charge you a nice fee of £100

    Your a D!ck

  40. y did u go with talktalk in the first place then?

  41. i want line rental and a new pair of shiny boots

  42. I find the service just spiffing

  43. Laura TalkTak are having teething problems but it all goes ahead in the end!!! BT are the people slowing the service down?

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  45. Bt are being a bit……moody about new providers…

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  47. Patches Ohoolahan

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  50. Legolas Greenleaf 4 Gimli 4 Eva

    Hi dudes, just wanted to say, why dont we all get on the phone and batter the f*ck out of the advisors at the other end cos its blatantly their fault that you cant read your modem installation instuctions.

  51. yeah lets do it !!!

  52. …mmm battered customers…with chips!

  53. Patches Ohoolahan

    I love the C@CK

  54. Aloneanddisorientated

    If you press the RIGHT number on the automated mesage, you will get through to the RIGHT department…


  55. May I ask you a question: Mr U Boreme?
    You say: There are going to be teething problems with all new companies launching new products.
    I ask: “Since when has TalkTalk had broadband?”

    You say: “Patience is a virtue and you have no idea how hard these people at such departments as customer service and complaints based in call centres work to get your problems solved.”

    I agree that some of the people are working hard and there are loads of poor folks that have just been asked to answer the phone but have no knowledge and more important NO EMPOWERMENT they can´t even stop TALKTALK and the CARPHONE WAREHOUSE to involving debt collection agencies with no fault. How would you feel if you had to pay 22 pounds to a company each month but you tried to quit a service (the correct way) for months and months and months. You then stop paying and they send you threatening letters. All your mails get answered wrongly and you cannot speak to anybody. How would you feel if this happened to you or to your grandmother? Maybe you help us a little to clarify the situation Mr U Boreme

  56. I dont get the credit I deserve for bringin down the Berlin Wall !!! I brought unity to the Germans, I can bring unity among TalkTalk users too !!!!

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  65. u still havent said why u would go with talktalk in the first place if u work 4 ntl?

  66. Andre did you disconnect with BT?

  67. and a kinda crappy giant too….

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  71. Andre, like duh, im sure they only just launched there totally cool free broadband forever in like, april or something. like a revolutionary product, that like totally no other fecker had thought of. come on dude, get with the program mate. in fact sod off and make yourself a brew and check your blood pressure


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  79. Well i think Talk Talk should close all there lines and see how the customers will cope then ha ha ha

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  88. butterfly, i hope you never sign up for something (for me it was a telephone line before FREE broadband was launched) which you cannot ever get rid of anymore.
    due to the fact i moved home i needed to disconnect from talktalk as they were not able to set me up in my new home (thank god) they said i should go to bt and after 3 months change back again. well i gave notice in writing and then they didn´t stop billing. of course i could have continued paying until i retire…. i will NEVER again connect with them


  90. hay ill credit your account with 30p and you can call someone who gives a shit

  91. well go to ofcom!

  92. Did you know talktalk call center is based in Scotland but they only hire people from India and South Africa and Newcastle



  95. its in warrington, preston and northampton you knobrot !!!!

  96. im from lithuania they hired me to i love it like i love the cock

  97. Christiano Ronaldo

    Warrington, Preston, Northampton are in Scotland now are they ??

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  99. BT have call centres on the moon but they only hire Monkeys with three arms and 2 arses…one for speakin from an the other for sitting on


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  112. Your lot are all Idiots….You are sitting there slggin people off who you dont know, who are working sooo hard to try and resolve everyones problems.

    HLC work soo hard and you just sit there on your fat arses moaning about a brand new product that is free.

    You lot make me sick..get a life and do one.

  113. what i dont understand is why youd sit in a que to get through to someone then speak over them so they dont have the chance to help.

    No one at TalkTalk is doubting that the ques are big and that there are problems,but no one can help if you phone up just to abuse the advisor when theyre doing everything they can to help.

    Take a step back and think how youd feel if you got the brunt of that abuse,do you honestly think it will help anything?

    HLC get the brunt of these issues but ARE not a general customer services department,call through to customer services and speak to someone there,yes theres a que but you wont be taking time away from real HLC problems.

    Advisors are customers aswell and know its hard and that its frustrating but please remember that they will not be able to help anymore if you shout or mention court action. Advisors cannot raise disc fee or connection fee credits please be aware of this.

    New call centres are being open over the UK and this will help the que times.

    Word of wisdom if your moving home go through to customer services as retentions do not take the call as you cannot save a customer who is moving house.

    Instead of posting on here,try sorting it out with TalkTalk(yes i know there are ques) but if you invested half as much time trying to sort it out with them as you did on here im sure youd get it fixed.

    Dont go nuts with what ive said,just there are two sides to every story.

    Hope it gets fixed for you all.

  114. TALK TALK FAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Read about the problems with TALK TALK. Tried to cancel before our account began due tp receiving no conformation.

    On trying to cancel I kept being CUT OFF not really a good sign of a Phone provider when you have incapable staff who can’t transfer a call.

    I would never advise anyone one to go with TALK TALK or should i say DONT WANT TO TALK.

  115. Just tried to complain to Talk Talk, had a terrible service but cancelled three days after being sent a modem that would not connect to Broadband (despite them telling me it was already connected up in my area). The problem is their call centres seem to be basede abroad, in India, where many cheap and nasty companies export their labour (to sweatshop like conditions which governments in the UK and other Western nations do nothing to stop). Tonight I got through to a “Mr Ahmed” who hung up on me after asking for my number. I was half way through telling him it when the phone went dead. This has been the umpteenth time one of their advisors has done this.

    Talk Talk are satanic. If you sign up with them you’re in for trouble. I cancelled all direct debits immediately after the bum modem and half hour call waiting times (any company that keeps you online for that long is not worth it)

  116. in response to the “Talk Talk Fan”
    Why dont you just press the right option when prompted to, that way you would go throught to the right department you cheese ball

  117. in response to 123,
    moving home = customer service. but unfortenately 75% of all staff are unable to process the cancellation correctly and I haven´t come across any of the 25% as I got cut off 95% of the time. Lets crunch some numbers here. If I spent as much time here then I did wth Carphone Warehouse than there would be 947 pages of complaints only from me….

  118. NotHome4Christmas

    I was on hold for 45 Minutes the other day, but then I cut my nads with a butter knife whilst making a sandwich so had to hang up. The point is whilst making a butty with one hand whilst the other holds the phone I cut my balls!!!! Then I have no hands to hold my balls! And guess what… I was on the phone to report a fault coz I couldn’t make any outoing calls for anywhere else! How the hell am I supposed to call people to tell them my balls are bleeding without a working phone!!!! Bloody TalkTalk ey.

  119. i have a complaint about the quality of customer service at talk talk. i find thier lack of care offensive and dam rite rude. I can understand that a few employees may work hard, but that is no excuse for some random employee to turn up to my house demanding bacon sandwiches for his dinner. I am shocked and appauled, i wud not mind but i dont even know the chap. If this problem does not get solved, i will have to be forced to use drastic action, and turn into a vegitarian,this is not good! i will name and shame to prevent this from happening. i like my bacon!!!!!!!

  120. OI! Screw U hippi!!! I get my bacon butty when I want it!!! fool

  121. Hi there Polo, you CPW employee you. I see you’ve pulled the big book of Internet insults out.

    If you had actually read anything on the site you’d know a lot of us pay for the product separately and the bundle is anything from free.

    That’s not a good sign, is it?

  122. Hi Tink,

    Thank you :). I think part of the problem is we’ve all spent a lot of time trying to get things sorted out. We’ve been fobbed off, given nonsensical answers, people have been sent to collections… We’re frustrated. I don’t condone abusing advisors or technical staff, (though I’m not known for my patience) but sometimes it gets a bit frustrating.

  123. hhhhhaaaaaannnnnnnnaaaaaahhhhhhhh

    i hate u all,i don’t even have talk talk but its givin me a headache, i hope u all get a life and move to bt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  127. I have been waiting and waiting for my broadband, have phoned and phoned as had not received my contract. They say they have no trace of my broadband yet I have been billed for phone, I was not given a security number, one was never mentioned so therefore never knew I should have had one. I am disgusted as I have phoned and phoned and it keeps going dead, I get passed from number to number and eventually got another number which was not correct. I phoned back and got the correct number, at last someone was helpful and I was told I would be contacted in 8 hours, but I am still waiting.

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    tink—-you rock dude, can i have your autograph please

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  132. signed up for talk talk free broadband
    worked fine for a day or so..
    Then went off, spoke to about 4 or 5 different so called technical support, who were to say the least “useless”!

    After telling them there was no active adsl on the line they said it was active and it was the router we had to use there modem so we did and it still didnt work,
    to cut a very long story short we spent about £25 on calls and recieved no usefull tech support! Thus they were in breach of contract and we cancelled!!!!
    never again will i have anything to do with TALK TALK!!

  133. Mr White, if you want nothing to do with TalkTalk then why the hell are you on a (unofficial) TalkTalk website bitching about TalkTalk even though you are no longer with TalkTalk?!! fool

  134. Dear mr patroniser i just wanted you all to know about the probs i have been having!

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    mr mole knows many people :X

  142. Mr. White, you sir, are a barbarian.

    I was also only trying to state my feelings of how you are a freakin tree huggin hippi!


    You can’t go giving a number for a team that contains about 10x less people than customer services, that’s why we have the customer services number (08704441820) manned by about 1,000 people and High Level Complaints have about 90 at best, check if you really must, that’ll give you an alternative number.

  144. mr manfred, you are a decent chap!, that’s more like it…..more action and less profanity.
    mole is less hurt than the other day, can’t bring me down mr white, do you know that your name rhymes with sh**e?

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  151. okay – enough now, mole i apologise but stop being a pr***, manfred is correct, this site is for the pathetic level of customer service talktalk provide..

    and yes it is pathetic… infact it worse than any csd experienced before.

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  156. Been trying to get my mac code for over a month now. They are a bunch of useless cunts, and the worst company in history.

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  158. Quick PS – when talktalk cocked up my outgoing calls I spent over two hours on the phone. They said they were setting up all the transfers of broadband and phone (cos they had lost them). I fully intended to cancel but not necessary as they must have lost them all again. I checked with BT and with UK Online and they heard nothing from talktalk. Breaks my heart to say it but BT were very good, they said the line would be restored in 14 days but it only took 10 days. If I lost my broadband I’d be stuffed as I am setting up new websites and blogs all the time.

  159. You all having great fun abusing each other //// RE DIRECT IT TO THE THOSE INDIAN CALL CENTRES that
    the TALK shite companay use and LET IT RRRIP.!not!!!!!!

  160. Cant believe I’m actually connected long enough for me to write this post in full!! As you can probably imagine, I am sick and tired of TalkTalk, broadband cuts off frequently then wont reconnect, sometimes wont connect at all for days. Tried all customer service avenues and no joy, only thing left to do is to report this to OFCOM.

    Listening to the imbeciles who have obviously just logged onto this site to get their kicks by slagging off genuine complainants makes me laugh-either they all work for talktalk or are just saddo’s. Probably both! How would you feel if you went, lets say for a meal which was rubbish, tastless and served with no manners whatsoever? And when you asked to speak to the manager to complain, you are told that there is either no-one available or that the manager is too busy to see you?? Would you feel like paying, or ripping his head off!?

    One final note is how can an international company, constantly advertising for more customers which they obviously can’t handle, get away with daylight robbery? Surely this is a breach of trading standards?

    P.S. To any potential slag-offers : Grow up, get a life, a job, a bath, a penis extension and F**K OFF!!!

  161. High Level Complaints (HLC) don’t have too many on their teams, and to be honest your very unlikely to actually get given the number as only Managers and Directors can hand it out.

    If you need something doing, write in, then call up. When your letter does get read and sent to the correct department, HLC do actually look into it! (I got a call 15days after writing in). I only had to deal with one person who I could understand clearly, and if you make sure you don’t sound happy they work hard to get it fixed for you.

    If you do get the number, good luck to you, but without the proper authorization from a Manager or Director they’ll tell you where to go – and hopefully somewhere more help than Customer Services! Plus they do keep changing the direct HLC number to stop people finding them online and calling them up. Got to give them some credit – it is a setup system for complaints that have had to escalate because no one could deal with it.

    If you haven’t had any service from customer services, don’t swear or they hang up, just don’t get off the phone until a manager answers. When that happens things usually get fixed. Don’t accept what they say first of all (especially things like modem orders) – make sure they look into it. They don’t lie – they just get it wrong!

    HLC are good, but it’s not worth trying to phone them. Write in, recorded delivery, and wait max 3weeks. And don’t lie to them – they can listen to calls if they have to.

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  163. Talktalk
    -If you like the internet, DO NOT USE TALK TALK.

    I switched over to talktalk from Tiscali, (while tiscali is crap for its p2p,ftp,http2,mms,rtp port Blocking, its actually gaming/browsing websites and http downloading is good) Talktalk was the biggest mistake i’ve ever made.

    Two weeks ago, for absolutely NO reason, it just died. I was using a self configured router, no settings were changed, and at the time i was playing a game, (not high bandwidth drain). After spending a day trying to get it working i tryed resorting to the normal Talktalk modem.
    Supprise supprise, it didnt work.
    There was nothing wrong with the modem, in the validation check, the modem was fine, the network was fine, hell it could even connect to the talktalk server! But my username and password….was wrong!? So i thought…this must be a mistake, and logged into the modem. I checked the username, and re entered the password, again, Wrong. I called Talktalk customer service, after waiting for 15mins on answerphones, and being redirected to different answerphones that then tell me to hangup and dile the one i DILED IN THE FIRST PLACE, And being HUNG UP on by the Tech service (litterally HI, click). I finally get through to a tech guy that doesnt just hang up. He tells me theres nothing wrong with the line, he even ‘confirms’ that my username and password are correct! I’m told that a tech will call me in upto two days. Four days later no phonecall. I call back, apparantly no tech was told to call, nothing was done, i’m still at square one. After spending hours going through everything on the phone with the tech i’m finally told: “Theres nothing wrong with your connection”. I COULD HAVE TOLD YOU THAT! According to his log theres ‘nothing wrong with theres either’. Click, the guy hangs up. “I’ve Never dealt with a customer service this bad, ever, EVER!”. Sure some of them actually do try and help, MOST will just hang up. For the next 7 days i call, go through multiple things, am told to wait 1-2 days (they do NOT call back EVER). Finally, one guy goes and gets his manager (i’ve spoken to about 15 different managers), this one decides to update my account settings. Hey presto! I get internet back -HAHA AS IF- I am finally able to connect back to the net as its accepting my password, but my connection speed 0.1kbps, Yes 0.1kbps!!! 1/50th the speed of DIAL UP. I actually sat there and WATCHED the 8kb google logo slowly load on the screen. Over the last two days the speed has not increase, it has Stayed at 0.1kbps (i’m supposed to be on 8M+). Customer Services have still not called back about it AND i’m unable to do Anything. (I mean that litterally, using command prompt i pinged 1000 times, 67% Packet LOSS) that means that 2/3rds of ANYTHING I DO at 0.1kbps (redefines slow, the first dialup internet was faster than this) Doesnt work, AND to add insult to injury, it repeatidly disconnects me.

    Talktalk are single handedly the WORST service provider i have ever EVER been with.

    Customer Service 0/10
    Reliability 0/10
    Value for money 1/10

    Value for money gets 1 because Yes it is very cheap but it NEVER Works!

  164. Correct Procedure

    Talk Talk customers seem very anxious to get in contact with the High Level Complaints (HLC) department. Posting peoples direct numbers and their email addresses will get you nowhere. The person you speak to will do a simple check to see if you have been clasified as a HLC case. If you have been you should be dialing the number your advisor gave you, if you are not you will be turned away without exeption. Writing a letter to head office will make your cmplaint known. For the love of god as well, stop asking such ruddy stupid questions to the adisors, such as ” can i have Mr Dunstone’s email address and phone number please”. Because of course the first line advisors have access to their bosses details. When it goes to the HLC department they will resolve your issue as quickly as possible, disrespecting these people is like shooting yourself in the foot.

  165. Wish I didn’t have similar experience to so many others – in short the worst ever service I have ever received from any business..
    Service missold..
    Calls/letters/emails not answered/returned/acknowledged..

  166. my parents went away on holiday in septenber to ther dispalefe when they came home ther was a diffrent telephone number. we got in touch with talk talk they said they was going to sort the problem as you can guess the problem has still not been sorted and once again they have gone to use there phone and it has completely been disconected this is not good enough my father is a very sick man he is under kings colleg hospital with the liver department he needs the telephone to liason with the hospital i am very very angry

  167. Joey Jo Jo Shabadoo


  168. Joey Jo Jo Shabadoo

    My name is Joey Jo Jo Shabadoo, and I love talk talk, you can all fook off and go and get a life, there is bigger things to worry about in life and im sure the dedicated staff at talk talk are working hard to see that you all have a great christmas. Besides, why did you leave BT in the first place? They must haev been doing something wrong, takl talk kicks ass and charles dunstone is the king!!!

  169. Hi Joey: Lift the block did they?

    inetnum: –
    country: GB
    admin-c: GM3560-RIPE
    tech-c: GM3560-RIPE
    status: ASSIGNED PA “status:” definitions
    source: RIPE # Filtered

  170. Joey Jo Jo Shabadoo

    Did anyone ever watch a programme called the Glam Metal Detectives? It was on about 10 years ago and was well weird. It was basically a gham rock band who went round solving grime and stuff, and they also threw in a few funny sketched for good measure. Nobody I have spoke to can recall seeing this programme but it did exist. If anyome can remember it please let me know, many thanks
    ps, talktalk rule!

  171. Talk Talk High level complaint number is 08000495749

  172. Oddly Joey, my friend knows what you’re talking about.

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  174. I am in the middle of a NIGHTMARE with TalkTalk. SInce they took over my BT line in August (it was all OK whilst I was paying for phone and BroadBand prior to that) I have had neither working properly.

    There is a series of disasters with either BB or the phone or both. As you all know too well, worse is the hours and hours holding on to call centre lines only to be cut off or get an idiot who knows nothing or who transfers you to elsweher only to be cut-off or to hold for anotherr 45 mins to be cut off. I’ve spent hours and hours and weks and weeks on the phone……holding.

    I’ve had BT and Opel checking faults and then saying it’s OK now. When I check nothing has changed or something else wrong.

    I’ve had people promise me I am now in good hands, the will take the case on and keep in touch …. and I never hear again.

    At the moment I have been abandoned by High level Complaints and got a second person there (before Xmas) to take note and now she has not returned as promised.

    I have to have some action and don”t know where to turn. I am concerned that if I get BT to take their line back it will take forever, still be faulty and BT will blame TT and I’ll have no line.

    To date I estimate it’s cost me £20,000 in lost business. There was one period where they took all my answerphone calls and then deleted them before allowing me to hear them!

    I DO HAVE current telephone numbers to HLComplaints. Some are direct to desks there and another is a mobile answerphone they listen to.

    Does anyone have a number at Charles Dunstone’s house in Norfolk? I believe I have an address somewhere and am planning on a surprise visit with the Media. I think I am about to talk to some TV programmes too and may alert TalkTalk Press Office.


  175. I echo everything John Gordon says. It is exactly four weeks since my broadband connection ceased – it had been working OK for the previous month.
    I have been on the phone at least twice a day, I have talked to India (about 25 times), South Africa, London, Warrington, Preston, Hartlepool, Northampton (and probably all places in between). I have sent (and received) dozens of emails – each email goes to six different TT/CPW addresses including Mr Dunstone’s. I was promised a connection ‘within 48 hours’ exactly three weeks ago tomorrow. I was told a new (unwanted) modem was ‘already in the post’ last ten days ago – it hasn’t arrived (and no, it wasn’t buried in the Christmas rush). I have spoken to Second Line Technical Support, engineers and half the Indian subcontinent. I have been lied to, cut-off, had my emails to Dunstone forwarded to TTEscalations, had apologies for the inconvenience til it hurts, wasted heaven knows how much time.

    And the result of all that activity? Absolutely nothing, nada, zilch. They cannot tell me what the problem is, let alone try to fix it.

    And now I’m worried about cancelling and returning to BT because of the problems I read about people having calls barred and being threatened with court action.

    In case anyone is wondering why I’m writing this..if it stops one person having to go through this nightmare, good. It isn’t to shame TT/CPW as they are utterly shameless. They’ve set up a ‘customer service’ system designed to annoy customers rather than achieve anything.

    Right off to make my daily obeisance to India/South Africa


  176. Applied for their Broadband in September, still waiting… Customer service amounts to some bloke apologising until you get off the phone then waiting 2 weeks and finding out ‘it wasn’t correctly entered in the system’ and it will be another 2 weeks.

    I decided the only way to provide them with any incentive was to stop paying for my phone line. Surely you can’t advertise a bundled service and not provide the free component. Atleast now they are providing me with free phone if not free internet.

    I am intrigued to see how long it will last.

  177. Richard Chambers

    Why not send Dunstone a letter directly? As a company director, his address is a matter of public record and is as follows:

    71 Addison Road
    W14 8EB

    Have fun!!

  178. Well said Richard – a deluge of letters to Mr D might just get his attention. Dunstone’s company is playing a high risk game – scale up the business without infrastructure in place, see if people take the bait, if they do, then set up the infrastructure as fast as you can and hope to hell that you can keep customers on the line until everything is in place. Thatcher would call it entrepeneurial spirit. If he pulls it off, it will go down in history as the most audacious business tactic ever. It may be that in three years time, he’ll be everyone’s lovely uncle Charlie. If he doesn’t, he’ll suffer a corporate version of what happened to Stalin. Meanwhile, that Warrington number is the way round the chargable helpline – ring it using your TalkTalk phone line, they will answer it as Opel, then ask for TalkTalk, and after they put you through, use the menu options as before – torment I know, but at least you won’t be charged for the pleasure. Me? Have reached second level – a nice chap in Preston – and waiting for him to send someone into the BT exchange to push my DSL connection back in.
    Good luck.

  179. Thanks for the address Richard. I’ll apy a visit and hand deliver something nice next time I’m passing there, I know it well as I used to live in Addison Gdns around the corner.

    My fiasco continues. Here’s a couple of examples:

    It’s apparently with HLC at present. When I call them thye are never there, so I leave a message. When they occasionally call me, they have never received any message. Why? There phone system is faulty! Ahhhhhhh! Shame!

    Ironic or sad?

    I have occasionally received a text message saying that engineers are investigating and that I’ll hear again in 48 hours. Never is though. ANyway, just received one that said it was all fixed and working perfectly. So I travelled to the house where the line is (I had to move away as couldn’t be there without the service) and guess what …… no change. Not fixed. Still faulty.

    So …. I am about to write and ask:

    1) What fault were you investigating?
    2) What did you find?
    3) What did you fix?
    4) What about the actual reported faults?

    I don’t expect any answer though.

    I’ve had enough. I’m writing up the entire history and going to the Press with it.

    John Gordon

  180. My mother had a stroke in March 2006. I asked Talk Talk to stop her phone service and they refused unless My mother contacted them or I had power of attorney. My mother could not speak. So I was forced to continue with them as I did not seek power of attorney.
    In September my mother passed away and I asked Talk Talk to disconnect. They agreed but it took a month. After a month a bill came through with no mention of the account being terminated even though the phone had been disconnected, so I rang them asking for a bill that clearly said final bill. A month later I was charged £10-50 for not paying this bill. I rang them and got them to drop the charge. Talk Talk made a good deal of money from my mother during her terminal illness and were petty to the end. What can you say about their level of service? heartless comes to mind.

  181. Talk Talk Cancellation Number: 01925553000
    It’s a new one, pressumably the old line melted from overuse!
    \NEW talktalk Cancellation Number: 01925553000

  182. I am without a phone now for 14 days and have been extremely upset. I have called fault department every day(south Africa with no response); they cannot even tell how long this nightmare is going to last.
    I must say I am not impressed. I am sure that this is a new record in the UK.

    I have to use the mobile which is expensive and all the calls are diverted to my mobile which is again an expense.

    I rather move back to BT.

  183. Just wondering if you’d do anything on the regular ‘outages’ that people are experiencing?

    I’m in South London and have had outages over the past week – with absolutely no apology, explanation etc on the website… And, as usual, it takes a 2 hour conversation to India – where they patronise me for ages asking questions implying it must be my fault – before admitting that whole swathes of London are ‘out’ for one reason or another.

    Would appreciate a post to see if others are suffering the same problem… It’s out again this morning… Doing this from work.

    Thanks for the time you put on the site… God bless ya!

  184. See earlier posts about my ongoing fiasco.

    So ….. continued receiving text messages from faults dept. that said looking into it, expect another 48 hours etc. THEN … started getting “problem fixed. Please test and let us know and text ‘NOT FIXED’ if still faulty. This happened 5 times with days of gaps between.

    Eventually, 3 days ago had a phone call from faults who asked about problem they didn’t fix. I didcovered they had been attempting to repair a problem that was fixed way back in (I think) November / early December … and weren’t referring to the current remaining problem at all!!!!!!

    Meanwhile, had pathetic apologies from High Level Complaints (HLC) who know nothing and are just people in the middle who mis-translate messages back and forth between me and putting in a request to other departments.

    Thay are grasping at straws and dropping most of them and not looking at the others they are holdiong.

    They have no answers to my question:
    “What do you expect me to do?”

    When I explained (again) that this has cost me about £25K in lost work and I am going broke over it …. they remind me that it’s not their business service. So I ask:
    “I change to the business service today. Will my line suddenly become good? How will that magically cure the faults? Why different rules between private and business. Is your rule Private waits 5 months for action and business is immediate? Change me now.”

    She said …we have taken over your line …. you can’t have business without having a BT line!

    A visit to Charles Dunston’s London home with the media behind me is imminent.

    And thye think that association with Big Brother is BAD for their image!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    John Gordon

  185. I was so relieved to see this web site. I am so exasperated with Talk Talk. Thank goodness other people feel equally agrieved to actually put things on a web site. This is the first message I’ve ever even put on a web site so you can imagine how much i can’t stand these people. Too much has gone over the past few months that I can’t even bothered to explain it for the 100th time. Suffice it to say that that 9 months later they still have money belonging to me !
    Yours very genuinely and sincerely miffed.

  186. Richard Chambers

    An up date on Charlie’s address. I actually got an email reply from the great man himself!! Here it is:

    My overall service has become so unreliable that I have had to reinstall NTL as a backup (I’m fortunate to have 2 telephone lines into my house). Unfortunately it makes no financial sense to give up Talk Talk – the unlimited calls alone would cost me £14 on NTL, so I guess I’ll just enjoy myself and write to Charlie whenever I have a problem 🙂

  187. Registerd with talk talk for combined broadband/telephone service 05/07/06 – telephone connected 19/07/06 – received modem september 2006 – still not activated 26/01/07 despite umpteen complaints and excuses – contacted watchdog today and completed complaint form – hope everyone follows my example and does the same (bbc/watchdog) and perhaps we may get something done.

  188. I have had the package for the past 12months without a problem I spoke to the customer service team when I signed up and found them great, I believe all the posters on this site should learn some competancy and stop blaming talktalk for there own silly mistakes, Keep up the good work Charles

  189. And I think Talk Talk employees should stop posting here using NTL IP addresses whilst attempting to masquerade as customers.

    It’s quite transparent James.

  190. Oh no – what have I done? Just switched from 10 great years with BT and cannot get webmail or anything to my Blackberry.

    Any (printable) suggestions?

  191. I take it all back – I just needed to check leave messages on server in Outlook Express and everything works fine – feel a bit of a prat now…………!

  192. Broadband worked intermittently for a couple of days after the “go live” date and then stopped completely. No broadband now for 2 months despite many hours wasted on the phone to the so-called “customer service” number – a mis-nomer if ever there was one. It took weeks before I was given a ‘phone number to by-pass the Indian call centre (who are worse than useless), but still get passed randomly betwenn South African and other call centres. Poor quality ‘phone line from time to time; unable to hear the caller and the caller unable to hear me. Absolutely terrible service – “help” team rarely ‘phone back after they say they will. Talktalk’s service is abysmal. I’d advise anyone else not to touch them – even with a dis-infected barge-pole.

  193. My broadband was disconected 4 weeks ago. Spoke to India and they said it was fine. Eventually, got through to an engineer who seemed to know what he was talking about. He said he could detect my pc and modem, but the power supply at the exchange was switched off! I was assured that it would be sorted ou within 5-7 days. 2 weeks later and nothing.

    No reposne to complaints letter. No response to emails. I have written to Otelo. They’ve got ’till the end of the week and I’ll cancel my DD and switch suppier. They’ll have to take me to court for the disconection fee.

  194. I have been with Talktalk for years.. I have never had a connection problem and the only times I do have issues is if I need to ring them about stupid issue.. like getting calling features added. I have noticed a slight improvement since they started their rebranding online (ie using AOL style site etc)

    I have found there are a few excellent South African and UK based staff but if you are unlucky to get to India.. my suggestion is to hang up and retry till you get who you want..

    Be careful though.. you WILL get several lies told to you about issue.. like my latest one with the calling features.. tried to add 4 for £3.50 as advertised.. was told no problems will take 3 days.. after 10 days still none active so rang again.. no record of the request.. south african competant lady said can only do them one at a time so she will diarise my account to be checked and the other 3 added.. 10 days only ONE added.. rang again twice today (till got someone who understood my aussie accent) they said all 3 can be done at same time.. will hold breath for 3 – 5 working days and see..

  195. Talk Talk has definitely made me “Talk Talk ” because of theri useless service!!!They are unreliable and what kind of jobs are their technical / phone staff doing? They are absolutely ridiculous. All I got is grief and wasted too much time and money on the so-called”free broadband forever” which is still someone in the air for the last 6mnts!!! BIGGEST MISTAKE OF MY LIFE

  196. I have been pateintly accepting the appaling service from TT since december thinking it will be worth seeing it through for the good deal.

    Yesterday I was told there was a minor fault on the line explaining why the international access numb er doesn’t work but that it will be fixed within24hrs, also my broadband will be on within a week.

    Result, and less than two months to do it all.

    The bloke sounded like he was lying though so today I called back. And discovered that although my line has been switched over they have not mad it ‘active’, which means I will have been billed by my old supplier for all the ‘free’ calls I have been making. Including hours on the o870 number to customer service.

    They still know nothing about my broadband order.

    They have promised a member of the ‘escalation’ team will call me back within 48hrs. Like I’m stupid enough to beleive that.

    Thanks for this site – it puts it all in perspective. If they don’t call in 24hrs I will be cancelling everything including Direct Debits and as a previous poster says they can take me to court.

    To anyone else who’s tempted – beleive what you are reading Talk Talk are useless, they lie to get you off the phone, they don’t provide the service they offer and your life is too short to bother with this.

  197. Hi Lawrence,

    Easily done. I’m configuring Thunderbird right now for my talk talk hell account and have made several similar mistakes.

    I work in IT…… 😀

  198. Oops! Sorry, Laurie!

    See what I mean?

  199. Hi Rosemary,

    Thanks for stopping by. Hope we can help!

  200. I have read all the post’s and would firstly like to say that after reading them I feel totally in agreement.

    My service with TT has been at best intermittent, this week unable to send e-mails, log onto sites or receive e-mails, has been going on for months, I AM AT MY WIT’S END!!!.

    Calling them is a waste of money and time, they make you feel like an idiot, patronise you and give useless solutions when the problems are all their doing, nothing is “free” they are promoting a package but are not able to deliver the service.

  201. I’ve been a talktalk broadband customer for over 18 months now. Tried to get on the FREE BROADBAND since its lauch. Ok I’m in Scarborough, got my mother and sister onto it but not me?? Not available in my area?? Strange my neighbour is on it, same post code, same exchange!! So in DEC 06 I called them to say I was leaving…..when suddenly the free broadband was available in my area. I’ve signed up as I would told my 1Mb service would swap over with no problems, over to 2Mb as the advertised 8Mb is not availbale. Ok, so the next day I checked my account online, my broadband go live date MAY 2008. ..LOL. ..So I cancelled my 1Mb direct debit of £14.99 and will see what happens. I explained to the Indian customer services why, but don’t think she understood. Will find out next week when the payment should go out. Will keep you posted.

    PS, when I signed up told sales “I DO NOT NEED THE MODEM KIT FOR £29.99” cos I’m on a wireless network. “No problems sir”. 2 weekes later a bill for £29.99, but no modem kit has ever turned up. Phoned them, again will wait and see…….

  202. 27 phone calls,18 emails, 3 letters – so many promises of call back have still not fixed the fault on my phone line. Went wrong after TT “upgraded” my line in January. At last told it will not be working properly until April!!! Don’t know how to speed them up – they just keep saying April it is. What a dreadful service.
    I wish I had stayed with BT at least you get sense out of them but not TT. They don’t want to know – everything is standard answers with them and they can’t deviate from their script.

  203. This site saved my sanity

    I found Mr Dunstons email on here & then only did I get someone to get up off their backside & do something.

    NEVER back down and always follow things through.

    Talk Talk however want you to back down so they have your £ which was never meant to be paid by to them

    TT are the worse company I have ever dealt with & I would never recomend them to anyone.

    Charles Dunstons Email is

    & some woman I spoke to last night after 3 months of HELL

    Clair Porter
    Next Steps Customer Liaison Manager
    Customer Liaison Executive
    Kelvin Close
    Tel: 01925 551348
    Fax: 07092883459

  204. There’s posts from me above.

    I have been through hell and it’s frozen over ….. but some light at the end of the tunnel.

    I managed to get a person at High Level Complaints to deal with me. That took 5 months of daily gring and screaming to achieve. Even then the first person assigned did a vanishing act.

    Then I got a girl who seemed to care a bit but knew nothing but it’s her job to get technical people to get in touch with me and to put in new tickets to Opel (Opal?) etc to do the necessary technical stuff.

    They correct6ed my phone line quality and fact that using it dropped the BB connection but left me with a signal that won’t trigger my answerphone. I bought a new one at their suggestion and no difference. Weeks and tests later another answerphone purchase (they sent me £££ for!) resulted in some success. The model sucks but it works on their signal.

    Now I’m left with poor BB connection speed which they are working on but I do get a phone call from her at HLC every other day.

    HOW did I get her assigned? I wrote a threatening email to Charles and copied it to their Press Office and kept resending and re-threatening.

    If you are interested I’ll tell you what I wrote.

    I was forced to use their online answer phone service for a long period (at their expense) and the outgoing message on it really made them sound awful! I took some delight in being able to slag them off on their own service!

    John G

  205. Well done on getting someone assigned for your HLC,but is this what we have to go down to to get it?! Never known a company like it in my life! The silliest thing an operator has ever said to me is: Have you checked to see if your telephone line is plugged in? HELLO I am talking to you on the phone,this is the level of intelligence unfortunatly,
    Well done on getting somewhere I am over 5 months and still nothing! love to send the same mail as you did,only my email doesnt work,would like to try and send it anyway when it does start working.

  206. Has ANYBODY ever managed to get through to the TalkTalk modem returns department? Even the bloke in local Carphone Warehouse gave it up as a bad job. No returns number, no credit for lousy modem. Reckon I’ll let ’em take me to court for their lousy £29.99

  207. Absolutely useless…! Pathetic and rude customer service / modem broke – promised new one (after hours on the phone) never arrived – had to buy one from PC World. TT wont reimburse me. TT threatend to sue me if I cancel contract or charge me £80. Cant wait for contract to end (6 months) and I’ll be off..! If youre considering using TT….DONT..! – not even for their 30 day free gimmick – pay the money and go to a proper broadband provider…

  208. Been with TT since April 2006. No problem until I moved house in January 2007. I had to get BT to install a line (new house) then go back to TT. I wish I hadn’t!!!! Took 4 weeks to transfer; promised BB on 24th Feb; Didn’t happen; then 2nd March as exchange was going LLU; didn’t happen and my line went dead; Took a week to get it back; BB on for 90 minutes last Friday 9th; Now nothing, tried 3 modems, 5 filters, 2 cables. I told them a week ago the exchange line card was stuffed (I’m in the business) now they believe me!
    Emailed C Dunstone and made demands; if line not fixed by tomorrow night going to go legal and sue him.

  209. Is my sceptic mind or do B T engineers leave other T Company’s work until last so we come back to BT?

  210. As a customer of Talk Talk with landline and broadband, i would never recommend Talk Talk to anyone. Its just not worth the aggravation of getting connected with them. Simply the worst company in the UK.

  211. As a customer of Talk Talk with landline and broadband, I would never recommend Talk Talk to anyone. Its just not worth the aggravation of getting connected with them. Simply the worst company in the UK. Truly the worst company. Don’t do it with Talk Talk. You have been warned. Two months of talk talk to idiots!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  212. Quit fighting them! We spent 3 months speaking to reps on 3 different continents, heard various explanations, excuses, promises, apologies etc.

    To cut to the end of a long story; their ‘Escalation’ Dept FINALLY rang us back offering £72 for the time our BB hadn’t been set up which the rep explained is a £ for each day we didn’t have connection. Proves how little they value their victims’ (customer isn’t accurate) time!!! It was forwarded to Hi-level, I got 1 phone call with no message & unsurprisingly when I call that number an automated message refers me to billing literature.

    We sent a letter 15.3.07 giving til the end of March for a reply & compensation (minimum £1000 as they advertised & used to lure us in) As of this comment there hasn’t been any type of correspondence & not expecting any. Will be writing to Otelo soon & would be happy to join a class action suit against TalkTalk.

    They have cost us & many others on this site too much time, agro & excess money that they certainly proven they aren’t cheaper than BT by any stretch of the imagination.

    You might be interested to know that Otelo Ombudsman has a separate menu choice for TalkTalk. Says alot about the state of their incompetency.

    Thanks to Virgin Media we were set up within a week of contacting them & currently enjoying what TalkTalk will never provide… Thank god for Richard Branson’s organisational skills, George Dunstone could use a few lessons.

  213. In a nut-shell, I was mis-sold my bradband by a cold-caller who professed that I could definitely receive free broadband on my line, only to discover that TT had taken out 24.99 for my ‘free’ modem and a £10 monthly fee on a Direct Debit that I had clearly not authorised. After six months of hair-pulling and trying not to take my desparation out on my children, I finally managed to fight my way past dozens of dis-jointed, contradictory and non-sensical replies from TT, and get them to admit that I had been mis-sold the broadband, whereupon they agreed to refund me a total of £75. Note refund, not crediti my account…refund (I emphasised this part of the agreement with them). 3 weeks later I had about another 4 or five telephone conversations with them to chase the refund to be given 4 or 5 contradictory explanations as to what was happening. I could easily deduce from these calls that the majority of the time I was being blatantly lied to. The final straw was to be told that my account had been credited with the amount and that if I cancelled my account (as I told them I wished to do) I would not be able to get a refund of this amount!!!!!!! My response was to phone the Direct Debit people at Barclays and after a TEN MINUTE CONVERSTATION, I recieved a full refund from Barclays (the money was visible in my bank account within 60 mins) and was informed that they would cancel the Direct Debit and make a claim for the amount from TalkTalk . I am a happy man again. My broadband account is cancelled and letters are now coming thick and fast from TT saying ‘you seem to have cancelled you direct debit’…No s**t Sherlock!!!!!!!! Woooo Hooooo!

  214. So. Let’s start this way.

    I am an advisor within TalkTalk, and I would say I am one of the best technical advisors in the company. I will leave it at that.

    I understand that there are plenty of idiots as well, that will give you the wrong information, or just ignore what customers say because they are only in it for the wage.

    I, however am not. I know I am only one person, and will probably not be able to help every single person, but I set up this email :

    I won’t answer every query, as I said before, I would be the only one trying. I will however, give advise on advanced problems, or if you feel the regular customer services are being morons (which I do know happens quite a lot) and can’t give you a satisfactory answer.

    So lets see, if maybe I can help atleast some of you with issues out there.

    Regards, Nik.

    PS, The webmaster is welcome to email me with queries or rumours that go around, so I can clarify them. DS.

  215. high level complaints number – try 0800955551111
    Chances are though you’ll only get an officious little *** called Sat who will talk over you and generally get stroppy if you don’t do what you’re told.

  216. sorry that’s 08009555511

  217. OK this is silly:
    0800 955 5111

  218. Wow I just looked this thread up cos I noticed that TalkTalk is having an advertising campaign. Obviously the service is still rubbish, makes BT or NTL looks good, and that’s a strange idea! My Mum is moving home and I’m having to shop around for a new provider. I’m scared already!

  219. Always nice to find a site like this 🙂 I’ve been having problems moving house with Talk Talk – moving locally – long story, but ended up canceling the service through frustration. However, they just didn’t both to cancel the account. Nice. I contacted ofcom, who gave me the Talk Talk high level customer complaints number. No more queues, no more numbers to press, no more lines going dead after 20mins wait. Just call 0800 049 1018. Of course, they might not do anything… still waiting for a call back! But at least I didn’t have to listen to there damn music for 20mins while waiting!
    Good luck – I’m back with BT, paying more, for less, but happy 🙂

  220. It’s funny, but I like Mr U Boreme’s post. I think this site attracts people who love to complain and lack patience. Mr U Boreme is right.
    Let me change the tone.
    I really like the customer service staff at talk talk, India and in South Africa and in England. I can always have a good exchange with them.

    I now know that in South Africa , people in England have the reputation of being rude and horrible often.

    On the other hand, I dislike is the stuck-up automated voice of BT, which every stuck up live operator tries to copy. They frighten me – ususally women who sound like they are ‘proud to be single mums and have a job with quality time to spare for their children at 9pm, -got the father by the balls, talking in snobbish Tesco accents. They represnt to me what I dislike in almost everything in our commercialised ‘culture’ these days and find in the wage-slaves in councils, schools, and other quangos that are really the nanny government – rude and pathetic (you know the kind who felt proud to be British when we ‘kicked ass’ in Iraq in just four days we took Bhagdad, and now just stay silent on the matter).

    Don’t forget, BT are they monopoly which used to screw everyone, and right now they are responsible to a large extent for talk talk’s difficulties with unbundling.

    Flora says obviously the service is still rubbish. Why is it obvious? Because after this blog , four other moaning bloggers will start their own anti- talk talk blog with a bland wordpress template? Obviously Flora didn’t ask me. And the people who are satisfied are writing blogs about interesting things.

    I telephoned my dad in Canada the day before yesterday on the landline for 1 hour. It cost me nothing above my service charge.

    You know, I found some useful information here in earlier posts, about the 89 address. But really this whole blog is one-sided – maybe that’s ok – and narrow, and that’s not ok. IN fact it’s very modern Britain.

    About these recent disconnections. Isn’t possible, haven’t you considered, that Talk talk didn’t plan these or allow it to happen. BUt that are under subterfuge because the monoply want them to fail? And, that the subterfuge goes all the way to the local exchange.

    Yes, and I know that the twin towers were explode with bombs inside.

    I hope this is published here. If not, I’l publish it myeself and provide your site with a link anyway!

  221. Just to add a small comment, regarding TalkTalk laxck of communcation .
    When they did the LLU to my phone in Dec 06 I was constantly loosing connection and after several annoying weeks with a serious lack of help I spoke to complaints who said they would waiver term fees ect. I then went back to BT advised them of this and was back with a perfect working bb in Feb this year, then a bill arrived for March I mailed mr Dunston and a few days passed and a very nice man called who advised that all charges have been quashed and I should not reciev any more bills, I then recieved April with the credits for March but a charge for April to May. I decided it must be an oversight but guese what!! I have recieved a bill today saying sorry you are leaving and charging me my line rental for April and May GRRRRRR!!

    Do I ignore this one or chase them up?

  222. On the other hand, I dislike is the stuck-up automated voice of BT, which every stuck up live operator tries to copy. They frighten me – ususally women who sound like they are ‘proud to be single mums and have a job with quality time to spare for their children at 9pm, -got the father by the balls, talking in snobbish Tesco accents. They represnt to me what I dislike in almost everything in our commercialised ‘culture’ these days and find in the wage-slaves in councils, schools, and other quangos that are really the nanny government – rude and pathetic (you know the kind who felt proud to be British when we ‘kicked ass’ in Iraq in just four days we took Bhagdad, and now just stay silent on the matter).

    Johnny, mate! – Oh dear, Oh dear.

    Absolutely priceless!

  223. I like to think I am computer literate, but am at a loss to understand about ‘going live’. Please could someone tell me what this means exactly. I have been with TT since May 2006 and was supposed to go live at the end of February 2007. I thought that this would speed up the downloading – going at a snail’s pace at the moment. Haven’t bothered to ring TT, too much of a hassle, and I’m sure that there is an expert within this website who can explain it all to me. Thanks

  224. SUCCESS!!! (Of a sort) – it can be done!
    Had an awful time setting up TT broadband over last summer, finally got sorted when copied Charles Dunstone into complaint email. Still had usual problems since then with flashing green light/ no connection etc.
    Then have had to move home and couldn’t face trying to transfer TT, so contacted them to pay the £70 cancellation fee. But again, copied in Charles Dunstone to say that I shouldn’t have to pay for cancellation of a service when the ‘service’ was so appalling. And have had ‘High Level Complaints’ staff falling all over themselves to apologise to me, and to waive the £70 fee. So yes, I’ve wasted hours dealing the Call Centre drones, but at least they didn’t wring another batch of money out of me. Moral of the Story – go to the CEO, and make sure you state your case without hyperbole. Good Luck

  225. 17 February 2007 – Places offer for Talk Talk Broadband and Phone Line,
    Confirmation Letter States “15 MARCH 2007 BB will be active” Which obviously never happened.

    Called up customer service, which goes to some people that dont even know the meaning of broadband. Not to mention they are very polite,
    Told it is now 25 MARCH 2007,
    Then on another phone call 15th Aril 2007 then 29 APRIL then 10th May then 26th May, this was due to “some fault on the line”, on all phone called they promised me.
    i asked the customer service guy on the phone if he was trained properly, he said “YES”, so i asked him
    “whats wrong with the line then”
    he told me” I Don’t know but the techinal support team are working on it right now”
    and then he said its 12th JUNE, which is tomorrow, So fingers crossed.

    Charles should of sat down with his group unlitterate managing monkeys and thought this BB thing through,

    Good luck people

  226. Older And Wiser

    Talktalk cut me off and left me without a service for 25 days after I had paid an outstanding bill of 2 months, this was due to a mix up with the D/D set up, they then told me to go back to BT. I must have been one of their only satisfied customers, I’d not had any trouble with their service yet even though I paid up and reset up a D/D I was cut off and had debt collectors set on me. They don’t seem to want customers. If this is the way they treat them I’d rather use smoke signals than ever return to them or recommend them to anyone else. Their service dept. is crap and of course I’ve not had any response to letters sent to Dunstone (jumped up Essex boy spiv)or the so called Customer Liaison Manager.

  227. Talk Talk Credit Control department is completely inept. In spite of being provided with evidence of payment clearly showing the bill had been paid, bombardment of unpaid claims from them continue. Like many there is no point trying to address the CEO or MD.
    Talk Talk thrive on media exposure and maybe there is a sympathetic journalist who can expose the shambles of their internal departments. Better still ‘Watchdog’ could get Dunstone (CEO) or Thatcher (MD) to appear!

  228. also naffed off

    thought it was sorted. phone went live in may no probs. waited for modem to arrive since april.. still no sign after many call to customer services. Bought a generic modem on sunday and a very helpful lady from talktalk helped me set it up wowww. But no sadly my account is still not active! i can surf the net, i can send & recive e-mails and i can ring people in america if i want aren’t i lucky! i cant access my talk talk account cos its not active its pending???????? what is the number for the complaints dept anybody?

  229. as for BT re-connection fee.
    if you come through saying you want the line disconnected, fine, we are more than happy to this for you BUT if we at talk talk do this then A) your phone goes dead in 48 hours time B)you will loose the telephone number C) you WILL have to pay a re-connection fee to BT because they will be setting up a brand new line and telephone number for you, twats…! if BT just simply take the line back over from us, non of this will happen. but when a customer comes through not listening to that and not wanting the help of disconnection, then fuck them, i put it all through and sit back laugh when you ring back 14 days later with no phone, phone number and not wanting to pay BT.
    and i HATE it when customer come through thinking they know everything about phonlies, how it all works, the set up/provisiong, MAC etc, because you fucking dont!
    with that said, if your not shouting abuse at me down the phone, i will help you no problem, i for one know what the fuck i am doing more than customer service and broadband departments, which i know, are fucking crap, one thing i agree with you on there.
    if you think you yelling at me down the phone is going to put me in a mood and worry about it all day/night, really it does not.
    iv probably spoken to half of on here.

  230. that'swhatyougetforgivingsomeonethebenefitofthedoubt

    Well well, it is apparent that TalkTalk are a shoddy set up. If you’ve got problems handling business, then you better get a good business plan. There’s no excuse for poor communication and individual customer services reps who don’t want to log your info or follow through a problem to a satisfying conclusion. I’ve been with TalkTalk for 5 weeks and have been having problems for 4.5 of those. No,it’s not my broadband,that’s fine actually. It’s just a simple thing of having a fault on my line sorted which has turned into a nightmare – nothing to do with BT, but my sky connection actually, which I could have sorted if they’d just asked me if I had sky connected. The BT engineer they sent out sorted one problem and left me with another – a dead phone socket which after 2 weeks I still can’t get resolved, I just go round and round in circles. I’ve asked to speak to a manager today and am promised a call back. Mmmm. Yes, I am feeling cynical, as I’ve been promised some action loads of times but this hasn’t been delivered. I am posting this because I now feel helpless to do anything else, I went with TalkTalk in good faith so it’s a shame that such a small thing they are making into a catastrophe. I’ve spent hours on the phone, i’m sick of that damn tune, and I’m sick of repeating myself. There’s no excuse for poor customer service – volume of work doesn’t excuse this. I’ve been very polite to everyone I’ve spoken to about this, but I might as well just piss into the wind. Why oh why can’t they just listen and respond so I can have done with it???! As for the customer service reps, yes life is hard for them but they can make life easier by being conscientious and resolving things for customers instead of leaving them hanging and on hold for eternity.
    We all have a job to do, and i’d be sacked by now if I did mine as badly.
    By the way, some of the disrespect for others’ views on this site just confirms what a sad old world we are living in. Manners, anyone?

  231. Please can someone tell me what is the e-mail address for complaints to Talk Talk (or for Mr Dunstone). I have been suffring for nearly 2 months, sine they took over the line. I only get broadband connection late at night (it now 2.15 am) and hours spent on the phone aroud the world have brought no resolution. I must try and e-mail to have something in writing. Please respond, someone out there. ?? Thanks

  232. I thought that I would have a look on this web-site to see if I could find a bit of help with those robbing b*stards at talk talk, you know, the ones that take over £50 out your bank account by mistake (theirs) leaving you overdrawn and with bank charges and then offer you a £5 voucher as a courtesey payment. NOT EVEN YOUR MONEY BACK. TALK TALK IS JUST ANOTHER NAME FOR RIP-OFF MERCHANTS.

  233. to luciana –
    seeing that you can get a connection narrows it down to two things – your pc or modem setup may be bad, spyware or lots of apps may be slowing down pc. also remember ext cables to your modem are a no no. other optn if you’ve done all checks on your pc is to go to, see how far you are away from the exchange. if its more than 3 miles you wont get a good connection. if its closer, ask to speak to 2nd line, they can lower the profile (they’ll understand) to try and get a better connection.

  234. if every one just cancels there direct debit with talktalk there f*cked, there call centre staff will be back on the dole where they belong, waiting for thr next easy number to come along. ps if you dont have a problem with talktalk, you soon will have when you start downloading & then you will experience what these people are going through. if the government had a spine it would make that little shit live up to what he has promised his customers, even if it costs him every penny he has ever made?

  235. To whom it may concern:

    I have been receiving Helkern Attacks from someone using one of your servers to hide his routing.

    eg. on 8/27/07 at 1:06:35 PM. The attack was successfully repulsed.

    These attacks are starting to become more frequent and luckily my Kaspersky Anti-Hacker
    software has been successful so far at repulsing these attacks!

    I am no a member of AOL and I’m sure that these attacks are merely using one of your servers as a way of hiding the routing of where the intial attack is coming form.

    I am hoping that you will look into this matter as these attacks coming through your system is becoming more frequent. Luckily my Kaspersky Anit-Hacker software has been successful in repulsing these attacks and I am assuming it will continue to do so. One of my concerns is how many other ppl’s systems are being attacked successfully without their knowledge with the attacker using one of your servers/address to hide the routing he uses to try to accomplish these attacks.

    Sincerely !!
    Tym Rowley

  236. That was very interesting experience to go through all of those comments, I really uderstand you guys but sometimes it is quite difficult to help all of the customers. I am part of the bt hlc, and if you have any questions pls contact via e-mail.

  237. I have read all the above comments and now its my shout !!! I have been a talk talk customer for 3 1/2 years now and in that time i have been cut of several times ! every time i call it takes 1 hour of my day up and leaves me completely P****D off. In March 2006 i decided to upgrade to the Talk 3 international plan, You know the one with free call to uk mainland numbers,Free call to certain international numbers and FREE 8MEG BROADBAND. WOW i thought, lets give them one more chance !! oh how i regreat that one. Once i had applied the customer services person said ” all done mr wright. you will recieve your go live date for broadband soon and your call plan is due to change over in 14 days” well it did change in 14 days, They cut me off !! letters from talk talk and bt saying ” we are sorry you are leaving” ? what a balls up ! bt and talk talk got there wires mixed up and left us without a phone service for nearly two weeks. My pay as you go mobile got hammered on that useless 0870 444 1820 number, see i even know it off by heart !! i had to pay bt to reconnect my line and then more call to the useless number and more mobile costs. Once my line was back on i wanted out but then i was told i had signed up for a 18month agreement ! what i didnt even sign anything !! Verbal ! so i wanted my broadband and no more shit !! Well after more calls over the next 9/10 months and several conversations of you order for broadband has been lost ! (sack the pc for loosing the file) dick heads i finnaly got broadband on the 12th march 2007 ( 12 months after we innitially ordered it ! but it wasnt over there, my modem would not do the trick so after several more calls and more call centres that you can shake a stick at i recieved my broadband pack and away we went, Then just when i was getting lonely, thinking how the poor devils at the calcuta, bombay, duban, capetown and surry offices were coping without my shouting down the phone a bill landed on my door step, £30 per month for my broadband service which will be collected by direct debit 14 days after my phone account direct debit ? so once again 0870 you know the rest and me bursting some Indian,south afican, oh and the odd english person i found out to resolve my broadband problem they opened up a broadbamd account just for little old me ! and for the privelidge they would take £30 a month out without me signing any contract !! So they supposably resolved this and credited my account, i cancelled the other direct debit just in case and since then it has been bliss UNTIL FRIDAY 31st AUGUST. my phone was cut off !!!! so once again after what seemed another 25 or so calls to ignorant call centre staff in india ( by the way the south african call centres are good!!) and calls to Durban and capetown they found the problem, My line was cut off bcause i had not paid my broadband account that was now £161.85p outstanding !!!! BUT IT’S FREE BROADBAND !!!! . well after banging my head against a brick wall all this time i can now say its time to go else where, Talk Talk can shove this lot up there arses and wont get another penny out on me, instead i will be submitting a claim at oldham county court for compensation, Leaving me without a service which i have paid for, failing to provide a service as advertised and false advertising and promises. I have to pay bt to get my number back and put back on !! so why pay them anymore. The only way to fight these cowboys and really hurt them is in the pocket and i fully intend to do that. and my soliciter says i have an excellent case so all of you out there Go for it and good luck !! from someone who shares and sympathises with your problem.

  238. Hey guys, i will tell you one things,, dont blame ur rubbish on talk talk, i work for the company, and i actually feel sorry for them. because Agencies that is maximaising the profit are keep on increasing their street leads and they get pay 240 pounds per customer. So you might be one of them because most of you who joined the company has been misleaded by sales bullocks who lied to you to join them…..

    I myself was a sales man for the agency but not for talk talk, the agency paid me,, NO AM SACKED, and i am willing to give you every details you need…. SO SHOUTTT BACK

  239. Hey all,

    sems like I am another user to add to the lists of coomplaints against TT and thier CS / Tech support – sorry. Been trying to get my line “fixed” since about July but i generally lose connection about 20 times a day so far – and as soooo many of you had had as much as i can take calling and trying to chase my “ticket” up.Even today i got told my ticket was closed – they were referring to a totally different ticket number !!

    I’m going to go down he rooute of an email to the chairman dude, copy in some papers that are here and start the ball moving to cancel – as far as i see it TT hae breeched our SLA and thus the contract is no longer binding – i have no idea how many times i’ve been told i’ll get a call back and such…..

    if i can i’ll keep you posted – add my vote to any register for recommending AGAINST getting this service !

  240. oops, typo on my name….just in case someone from TT happens to read and want to try and get some action to resolve it ……

  241. We have just received an enormous phone bill of over £1000-00 … Yep, just for switching over from talktalk 2 to talktalk 3 international. We are not paying this horrendous bill and like all comments placed above, we are going through writing to HLC. What has appeared on our bill were adult 090 numbers which we clearly did not phone and who or how someone tapped into our phone, I do not know. Whoever the lunatic is, I must first admire their strength as the phone calls billed to our phone started off at 2300 hrs continuously till 1000 hrs the next morning the day before we were informed that the switch to TT3 was going to be activated. I clearly recall our line going down on the 8th of July 07 and we could not make any calls. The phone did not activate till the 10th and immediately afterwards our phone service has been barred due to this un -explainable bill. As I have noticed and clearly read the frustration of all you TT customers I would like to ask if anyone could assist us in approaching the right channel to address this issue, I read above a comment from Tym ROWLEY and wondered if we have also been subjected to one of these server attacks. Can our ppl’s systems be attacked successfully without our knowledge with the attacker using one of TT’s servers/address to hide the routing he/she uses to try to accomplish these attacks and make these phone calls????.

    Can someone please advice, the debt collectors are already on our case. We are definitely not paying something we did not use.

    Tim V

  242. think about all the problems you guys are having and now think about all the travellers who were sucked into some of these deals that carphonewhorehouse run, we dont often know who to goto for help from government agencies and we always seemed to just be made to feel like an idiot by operators who advise we are in the wrong and have to pay and the pain of having to give them notice in writting by registered mail 2 months in advance before the plan runs out and to be sucked into a free plan that charges you line rental…

    what can i say credit department come and find me….

  243. Talk Talk? More like NO Talk Talk!

    I have been trying to get my line disconnected since 10.09.07. I just keep coming up against a brick wall.

    What a pathetic company!

  244. So what is the current number for the high level team? Given one by technical support, and it doesn’t work. I have spent 45 minutes trying to re-connect to technical support to get another number.

  245. All you pathetic tossers that are criticising us customers need to get a life not the other way round.
    Just because you work for TalkTalk this does not give you the right to criticise us, at the end of the day WE the customer pay your wage NOT Talktalk.
    Given the reverse role I am sure you would not be happy in our situation.
    I have had no broadband for 3/4 days at a time and this happening at least once a week, when the broadband is working it is not to is full potential and is really really slow.
    We have had numerous lenghty calls a week 2/3 times a week to S/Africa and Indian call centres upto 60mins at a time to not actually get any where.
    It is so frustrating, I have tried cancelling my broadband and telephone line but there is nobody/department relevant to speak with, the call centres have no idea!
    IThe best thing about it if you ask them a question which is not on what seems to be there script they either get rude or hang up, and when I have been waiting 20-mins to get through then get hung up on I GET VERY IRATE.
    I have resulted now in involving the Telecoms Ombudsman whome are only too happy to assist , assuring me I am not the only customer with the same exact problem.
    There telephone number is 0845 050 1614
    ( THEY ARE ENGLISH & POLITE ) and very focused.
    They will advise you of the address to write a short basic complaint to the Car Phone Warehouse customer lisaon manager ( british address ) to which they have a 2 week window to respond to you, if you are not happy with the response or receive no correspondence the ombudsman will file papers to them which COST Talktalk lots of MONEY!
    Also Talk Talk High level customer complaints department apparantly have no incoming telephone line number but do have an email which the Obudsman gave to me, to remind them of a response which I have dones so today,

    Yes he may think his company is making lots of money and has minumum number of complaints, but why is that I ask….. May be becuase no-one can cancel their accounts because there is no number to do so and the main 0870 number fob you off and may be minimum complaints because no-one can bloody complain.
    How can such a company get away with so much, I have never known a company like it, not to advise their customers of various departments for different issues,assitance etc.
    Very Bizarre!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Fingers crossed I will be free from Talk Talk very soon.

  246. Please please please, is there any number for complaints that actually gets picked up within two hours!!! And what for heavens sake is the High level complaints number? I have tried every number here only to keep getting dead lines. Help!
    P.S. I will promnise to start killing head honchos at Talk Talk if anyone can supply addresses for these sickos. 🙂

  247. Talktalk is simply the worst, lowest quality company I have ever encountered… their ability to poison the internet with criminal misrepresentation of their awful, awful service must be stopped.

  248. not gettin enough.....

    talk talk promises 8mb/ps what you actually get on a good day is 4mb/ps and on a bad day 1mb/ps on a really bad day naff all. (indian accent) mr jones we are currently having you turned all the way on 8.107 mb/ps…… well why doesn’t this result in the sound of happiness from me being turned all the way on?. bluddy crap………

  249. I generally say no to cold callers but this time on the persuasion of my partner to “hear the guy out”, I ended up taking him at his word, and was sold a plan.

    In short, the plan i was sold had free calls all day, every day. If my bill were to go over £16.39, I was told (THREE TIMES on questioning, due to pleasant surprise & somewhat disbeleif), that if my bill was over that amount I was guarranteed a payment of £1000.

    My second bill, (after the initial changeover bill) was over £16.39. It was £39.05. No problem, thats £1000 to me right? Wrong.

    On looking on the website, my plan is not covered by this challenge reward, yet I was sold a plan with this offer and in my eyes, this is what I should be intitled to. A verbal contract is a binding contract and so I am going to persue this. I also have a witness. Heck, I only went with the plan because I knew my bills would be affordable, now I’m just very disapointed and very angry.

    I phoned Talk Talk and they immediately suggested they would knock £10 off my next bill. How eagerly this was offered, it made me suspicious. How many others have complained?
    I asked about the £1000 and was told that my complaint had been registered and I was then issued with a code.
    I asked if the complaints team would be in touch, I was told yes.
    I asked what if nobody gets in touch? I was told to phone again and quote the code.
    I asked if I accept the £10 credit to my next bill, does that mean I am forfeiting the right to claim my £1000? I was told no. I changed my plan to a free calls one, and decided to get xmas over with and to wait and see what happens in January.

    Part 2
    I was also by the cold caller that I didnt even have to contact B.T or my previous broadband supplier, (Orange), as Talk Talk would even take the stress out of the whole thing and do that for me. How kind. Now I find that Orange have continued debiting my account to the tune of £17.99 for Nov and Dec 2007. Another peice of crap to deal with courtesy of Tralk Talk. I have cancelled the D.D today, but will also be expecting Talk Talk to pay me this money back, if I find out from Orange that they had not been contacted by Talk Talk regarding this cancellation.

    This has really wound me up.I am not going to give up. I am now seriously considering taking Talk Talk to the small claims court, as I am sick of big business screwing the little guy. I am not rich, I am not a scrounger or a cheat, I am a recent graduate who is trying her best to live and find decently paid work within my field. I cant afford this bull$#!^, and I will not allow myself the indignity of being taken for an idiot. This is modern day robbery under the guise of legitimate business and someone has to pay up.

    Cally Anne

  250. Please do not subject yourself to months of irritation and frustration by joining TalkTalk. The experience with them over the past 3 years has been the worst of any provider we’ve ever experienced. The only time they ever answer the phone is for a sales call – so if you do need to speak to them press 1 for sales rather than other numbers for customer service. We moved from the UK four months ago and we have spent the entire time (8 calls + two letters) trying to close the account. Every time they say it’s sorted we get another letter demanding payment, including now a letter from a debt agency. We have already paid about £150 for stuff we didn’t owe just to get them off our backs but this hasn’t worked. If anyone has come across anyone at TalkTalk who actually does anything please let me know.

  251. I havenot read everyones comments regarding the complete waste of time Talk Talk is, but we have the same problem. 3 letters to Charles Dunstone, no reply, rude staff, getteing cut off in the middle of a call because the staff are too idle or too stupid to understand good customer service. We were told we had free broadband, what a joke, it took 5 months and over 30 hours on the phone to get the wirless router deliverd and since then we have been fighting with regard to the bills that are charging for the FREE broadband. Charles Dunstone needs to get some staff who CAN talk to customers and solve the problems, because at the moment it is impossible to get to any staff that have even any basic concept of good customer service. A complete joke and a total waste of time trying to get any action from them. I ahave a list of around 25 people I have spoken to and am still no further forward. A shambles, at the customers expense.

  252. Reading some of the complaints, i am hardly alone… Signed up last October, still waiting for the appropriate router. have spent about 6 hours listening to recorded messages and waiting for ‘operators’, sent letter to Dunstone [no reply, not even acknowledgement], all this, when i have been out of the country and not following up on this between November and 20 April. When i get a connection, it gets disconnected frequently and at length [today spent about 2 hours trying to reconnect]. total frustration and seeking ways and means of obtaining some service, any suggestions?

  253. Ha ha, I didn’t think I was alone in my ongoing nightmare with this scamming company. Signed up late last year and have really lived to regret it. THIS NOT BROADBAND! Sick to death of the people in support who ask ridiculous questions and suggest I rewire the house in order to make it work better.

    Absolute con!

  254. I’ve been with TT for 18 months and apart from a few teething troubles with their silly router I’ve had no problems so what am I doing wrong?

  255. Thank God I found this website! According to Talk Talk “it must be your fault” seems to be their catch phrase! Not only was the service absolute crap from the beginning, I went “live” (more like “burned alive”!!) on 3 April, 2008, with first the phone line being utterly filled with static and noise so you couldnt hear what the other person was saying, then endless hours /days talking to rude, chavenistic Indian men telling me that my Broadband is slow because BT did something wrong to the line…Bt was sent out to check the line, gee…go figure, nothing wrong with it! AND I am near the exchange, too! Now after a million phone calls to fix the crackle, and that’s still not right, and umpteen hours logged on listening to THAT song, the broadband is still slow, and doesnt download pictures, I get cut off, 45 minutes just to get a the first webpage up…etc. In the end, I have a choice…go back to RIP OFF KINGS BT, who at least gave a descent service for the phone, always at gangster prices, Virgin told me that I would be without a phone and broadband for 10 days for them to come in, and guess what? Sky says I have to have a BT line again to have their service (even though I have their tv service)…in essence, if you value your sanity, and have better things to do then hang on the phone waiting for someone who hasnt got a f***en clue what they are doing…..! DONT switch to Talk Talk…!

  256. My mother used to have her normal phone service from Talk-Talk (TT) and was quite happy with it. Last year a salesman phoned her up and tried to get her to sign up for a new tariff, including broadband access and cheap international calls, costing twice as much a month. My mother declined as she does not have a computer and doesn’t know anyone abroad. The salesman was very persistent and, in the end, my mother just said “I am sorry I don’t understand what you are talking about” and put the phone down.

    Imagine our surprise when, a few weeks later she received a broadband modem through the post. On checking it turned out that she had been signed up for the new tariff anyway! I phoned TT’s customer service to be told that she could not be returned to her original tariff as ( and I quote) “…the system doesn’t allow it”. Obviously the system does allow pushy salesmen to call elderly and vulnerable people and try to bamboozle them into spending money on something they cannot use.

    After writing several letters of complaint plus making more (very frustrating) calls to their, so-called, ‘customer service’ department my mother became so disgusted with them that she changed her phone company back to BT. She wrote to TT explaining the situation and stated that, as far as she was concerned, TT had broken the contract between them by signing her up for a tariff she did not ask for.

    Well, guess what happened next? My mother started receiving letters from a debt collection agency for money TT said she owed them. Unbelievable! Well, my mother has called TT on many occasions, spoken to numerous customer service agents, and written letters to them explaining the situation. Several times she has been told that it was all sorted and the debt ( not that there ever was one) has been cancelled. Various reasons have been given including the classics: “the letters were lost in the post” and “no one put it on the computer”. As you might expect, she has continued to receive letters asking for payment, including one today.

    So, there you have it. TT are a company that employ salesmen who pressurise elderly, vulnerable people into signing up for services they neither understand nor are able to use. Their customer service team consists of people who appear not to care a jot about anyone, and their policy to is intimidate people with debt collectors for debts that do not exist.

    Don’t touch them with a barge pole!!

    P.S. I wish all of you the very best of luck in dealing with these people.

  257. TAlk Talk is shit nobody sign up for them go to BT or a proper company they disconnect every 2 seconds this is my 6th attempt to try to write this with the disconnections xx

  258. Is anyone else getting hassle from Roxburghe debt collectors after cancelling the appalling ‘free broadband’ service? Has anyone written to the directors personally and received any response whatsoever? Does anyone know Charles Dunstone’s home number? I am thinking of paying him a visit, if he is still at 71 Addison Road. Anyone want to tag along?

  259. carole chapman

    talk talk are ignorent and under the miss apprention that they hold some power over individals who where stupid enough to belive a singal word they said swearve this company

  260. never in my 25 yrs of life thought that you could go into business and survive with the sort of feedback that talk talk has got. But its survivin simply due to our lack motivation to ask and get better suppliers. Stop moanin, do more. Peace

  261. They survive because when people sign up they trust that they will get what they want. Trust is, it doesn’t matter what happens when you’ve signed, they’ve got you on a contract that promises fuck all. Cancel the direct debit and they send in the debt collector. You’re scared of debt collectors and having your credit rating ruined, so you pay, and you pay and you pay.

    Fight the power – fuck Charles Dunstone and fuck Talktalk. If I see him down my local, I’ve got a few words to say to him. Keep away from these bastards, or they will make you regret it.

  262. I agree Ive fallen into the talktalk palm and theyve caused me hell for 2 days. Nearly closed my business cause some tosser has pulled the wrong plug out and cut us off even though weve just paid our 364quid bill to them. Most companies say thank you…..TalkTalk cut you off!!!!

  263. “modern day robbery under the guise of legitimate business”

    TALK TALK’s new banner.

    Ok, so peeps say that they’re trying to improve their service to accommodate the vast large amount of paying users they have acuired recently.

    They’re not trying hard enough.. And who the f#ck is the governing body who oversee’s a business like this and lets them aquire new contracts?

    It’s unf#kinbelievable that they are getting away with providing an extremely below par service, and getting away with it.

    Governing body –> Get it sorted u muppets !!

  264. richard branson // September 14, 2008 at 3:45 pm

    Go to agree with this poster – TALKTALK have to established a fantastic theft operation. I just found out this week that although my areas maximum for download is 3 meg (YIPPEEE!) I can only really get….. wait for it…. kepping waiting 5 1 2 K yes a cool substandard 512k just faster than dial-up and they have successfully beaten their sister company AOl in being the very worst ISP I have had the non-pleasure of using. Thier excuse, Im to far from the exchange 3000 metres or in real terms about 2.5 miles on the road 1.3 as the crow flies – soooo we al have to move closed to the exchanges? or do we put pressure on to get the lines sorted by BT ? indeed is it our job – whose earning off us?? I have had 2 calls now from TALKTALK Complaints department – yes they have one when you tell them your leaving! Both calls are in office hours bouth times told NO! hes home after 6pm of in Asian money after 1800. so, they ring again – IN OFFICE TIME – yes the levels of stupidity are only exceeded by their useless second level support who require you to ring them 10 minutes after first level have logged your umteenth call, then say ” ok mr XYZ we will ring you back again tomorrow for further analysis – emmmm 6 times Ive heard that joke and 6 times Im stil waitingand yes I can get on line to access the ” on line help” but I can’t open the damned page because its down loading so slowly that it times out. I wonder – is TALKTALK run by a terrorist group who are no longer blow people up but cause more destruction by driving the user to suicide themselves?

    I cannot wait to getthe switch over date to another company –

  265. Can’t wait to see the day Talk Talk get taken over by receivers because all the customers have gone elsewhere. All you incompetent csa’s who post here will be right at the bottom of the sh£t pile when it comes to employment.
    Id like to see your smug little grins when you cant make your Mortgage payments.Think about that next time you cut me off.

    Ps Fcuk You!!!

  266. Does anyone have an up to date dd number to get through to these disgusting rip off merchants?

  267. TalkTalk are absolute wankers. They phone me saying they can save me money. I tell them that A: I’m NOT Interested, B: I’m on the Telephone Preference Service and C: that I want them to remove my phone number from their records.

    They haven’t done the latter because since then they have phoned me again. I will be suing over that, seeing as they apparently don’t have any easily contactable complaints department.

    I have had phone calls since the remove request, and when they tell me they are ‘just trying to save them money’ I am now telling them to fuck off and that I am only trying to stop their company getting sued yet again and that they HAVE to remove my number from their records if I request it under the DATA PROTECTION ACT, never mind that I am on the TPS too. Talktalk can expect a legal shitstorm from me.

    Fucking ridiculous, I might have been interested in the service, but I have since read so many complaints about them and my

  268. My dad was told by salesmen at sainsburys about (TalkTalk) we have had about 1 year and its ******* ****


  269. Guys if any of you or anyone you know are thinking of signing up with any Talk Talk services please think long & hard beforehand & know that you will recieve a crap, rip-off service. I signed up with Tiscali to be my ISP. They where ok and the service was quite cheap. Not brilliant speeds but that was never a problem to me Talk Talk bought them out. Since then I have had nothing but problems. They signed me into a contract extension of 18 months and hiked my bills by over 30%. This they done by sending a letter to a previous address which I never recieved and as they didn’t hear from me they took silence to be aggreence. Any technical problems they are meant to solve within 24hrs but it is more like 48, or even more likely 72hrs, most likely hoping you will be so pi**ed off you will sort the problem yourself if you have a working knowledge of computers & internet connections. The connection is at best fragile and often just shuts down on you and then takes what seems aons to reconnect and is even slower than the Tiscali speeds.The customer service works on a 50/50 basis. Half the time you get someone pleasent the other half someone rude and useless, and if your very lucky you get an individual who will shout & swear at you then hang up. The average waitig time to speak to someone seems to be about 15 minutes and by the time you have been put on countless holds because they need to check something the average call lasts around 30/35 minutes. All this on a premium 0871 number and no chance of them calling back. When it comes to quitting and getting a MAC code. Forget it. Even tho’ they have a legal obligation to generate it within 5 working days they will do everything to keep you waiting much longer. In fact they will keep losing your records & requests therefore buying themselves another 5 days and eventually they will lie, say they have sent it & you have failed to use it then sweetly tell you that they cannot therefore generate another code for 30 fcuking more days. Avoid this company like the plague. They are the meaning of sh*t. Talk Talk will take your, money, clandestinely take more money and offer nothing in return . . . . .

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