GUD is gone. If only we were all so fortunate.

GUD1940 has done the impossible and managed to actually disconnect his broadband. They promise no cost. Let’s hope that one person in their customer service centre is capable of keeping their word.

I signed up for tt broadband on april 12th after many calls to the robot centre I gave up. and started e mailing after two mac codes they said I was giving them the wrong mac numbers I managed to speak to one of them and asked him to read out the mac code to me he read out my first mac code. I e mailed the Co and sent him down all the e mails i had received[also the ones i had just received ansewring my first e mail in may] after many e mails A MR Duffy from tt said he would cancel my broadband[AT NO COST TO ME] that i had not got and that if I wanted to change my line and calls back to bt I would have to ring bt i DID STRAIGHT.AWAY bt said they would transfer my calls and my land line back on 10th august. So I am a happy bunny now because I am going to walk walk from talk talk.

Hooray for GUD!


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