Dunstone likes his art

Oh man. You know, I love reading things like Carphone Warehouse’s profits are up 42% and Dunstone was out yachting for a weekend. The reason I’m not cancelling this awful service is because I can’t afford the 70 pounds to get rid of it. I’ll bet you Charlie could though. After all, he’s on the board for the Serpentine Gallery.

Ah, the life of the rich.

3 responses to “Dunstone likes his art

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  2. i have never had a problem with my talktalk and broadband service… i have 2 lines both with the new free bb proposition. both of which i find REALLY cheap and have had no hitches!

    1 line i obtained a mac code from bt to transfer to talktalk and switched to the free bb on 11th april (launch date) it all switch in the correct amount of time and everything went smoothly.

    the 2nd i connected at a seperate address by getting a bt line setup and switching to talktalk immeadiatly and paying a cancellation fee to bt.

    1 is running a netgear router and the other a belkin product bought in a cpw store with no hitches.

    to be honest in previous experiance the modems shipped with broadband isps have always been dodgy that’s why i opt for a router option always and it connects at high speed perfectly every time.

    I LOVE TALKTALK! =) (sorry guys)

  3. Is failing to pay redemptions breaking C.F.W contract

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