Details about the BBC Money program

By the looks of the BBC News website, they’ve put on folks who’ve had remarkably similar issues with their broadband connections as you guys.

Like others who signed up for the Talk Talk “free” broadband offer, Mr Harris found himself in a call centre queue, trying to find out why he had to wait for more than a month for the service. Mr Dunstone apologised and offered to speed up the process. However, confusion at the local BT exchange meant that at the end of July the Harris family were still without their broadband.

Tonight 10pm on BBC2


6 responses to “Details about the BBC Money program

  1. I signed up for tt broadband on april 12th after many calls to the robot centre I gave up. and started e mailing after two mac codes they said I was giving them the wrong mac numbers I managed to speak to one of them and asked him to read out the mac code to me he read out my first mac code. I e mailed the Co and sent him down all the e mails i had received[also the ones i had just received ansewring my first e mail in may] after many e mails A MR Duffy from tt said he would cancel my broadband[AT NO COST TO ME] that i had not got and that if I wanted to change my line and calls back to bt I would have to ring bt i DID STRAIGHT.AWAY bt said they would transfer my calls and my land line back on 10th august.
    So I am a happy bunny now because I am going to walk walk from talk talk.

  2. I joined Talk Talk 18th May and gave them my bank details. They said bank had rejected the direct debit and cut off phone and Broadband. Phoned Bank -inevver rec’d mandate. Gave them credit card nos. wouldn’t accept credit cards, who said it was their system. Kept phoning for hours on premium no avail. 30 pages of bills ensued with penalties for non payment despite having direct debits. No one had even thought to check account nol. They had one digit wrong. On 31st July rec.d letter threatening me with debt collectorfs for overdue balance of £34.98 which they had already taken on that day by direct debit. I had an apology by email. Two and a half months of stress and worry. I hope things will now go smoothly with no more hassle or it will be WALK WALK.

  3. haha wot about listen listen as well

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  5. I signed up with Talk Talk in June. They said that my intenet service will go live by the end of august. It is now the end of august and still no internet. The best part of it is, when i went into my local carphone warehouse and asked then to call talk talk i was told by the operator there that it would take up till next may till my 8mg broadband would go live. They would start off with just a 1 mg and over time increase it. When i told the guy on the phone that i found it insatisfactory and that it was an awful service to have to wait for 11 months for this 8mg broadband he said ‘ok’ and put the phone down. This was the second time in half an hour. A total con! Some times it’s probably better spending a little more for a good products, because although its a nice price, the service (or severe lack of) is appalling!!

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