Charles Dunstone on BBC Money tonight

Multi gaziollionare (at our significant expense) is on BBC Money tonight rambling on about how he’s putting his name to our woes. I wonder how long it took him to figure out the basic service and customer service is a load of shit? I’ve known since May 8th, when the great DNS outage of 2006 happened. Wonder what took him so long to figure it out.

Rather amusingly, the head of BT Retail, Ian Livingston has referred to Talk Talk’s product as being the Lada of broadband. We think you’re spot on. Might I suggest paying our 70 pounds to get the hell out of Talk Talk and come over to you? I would. There’s a good opportunity for BT here….

But, as per usual, whilst everyone else thinks the Lada analogy is fair, Charles Dunstone is wildly delusional.

He also said he resented TalkTall’s product being described as the “Lada of broadband” by Ian Livingston, the head of BT Retail. Mr Livingston said like Lada cars, some broadband offers might be cheaper “but you get a lot less with it”. Mr Dunstone, who referred to himself as “recklessly optimistic at times”, has staked his reputation on improving the speed with which Carphone connects its broadband customers and improving customer service levels.

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4 responses to “Charles Dunstone on BBC Money tonight

  1. Charles Dunstone should read some of the frantic e mails sent into is company instead of getting his robots to do the dirty work He has created a monster that he cannot stop. at least a lada gave a lot use to a lot of people. Talk talk should be put on the srap yard.

  2. Damn right GUD1940. I’d love to see Talk Talk compressed and then spit out.

  3. We are experiencing a living nightmare with Talk Talk! We signed up for Broadband in December 05 – had problems, not able to get connected, therefore never had Broadband service from TT. Trying to get through to TT by phone for support – shortest answer time 22 mins longest 57 mins, average wait around 40 mins, often cut off. Receiving bills for BB service – have emailed, phoned, sent letters – never been responded to only automated emails and emails asking for our tel number and address, postcode which they have!! After months of receiving bills and threatening FINAL DEMAND letters saying we will be referred to a Debt Collection Agency – we have never owed a penny to anyone in our lives, we don’t have debt or credit cards so this is scary to us and extremely upsetting. We have contacted Consumer Direct and hope they can help. We have never had BB from TT and as yet no one from TT has responded to any of our communications. Is no one at TT answering letters? Our last one was sent by Recorded Delivery. This Company has treated us disgustingly and many others like us by the sounds of it. Charles Dunstone should be made accountable and no doubt after the publicity that is taking place, he will be made to be. Let us hope so!

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