Boycott Talk Talk and Carphone Warehouse

Boycott them not only because Dunstone is delusional, Mowbly is irritating and the service just generally sucks but because they can’t deliver what they promise. They admit their infrastructure is horrible, they admit their customer service is bad and we know their techies don’t know what they’re talking about. (Even Mohammed, who has been a call centre employee for 10 years apparently. Most of my friends bolted after two to get better jobs.)

TaLk TaLk is by far the worst company i have ever dealt with in my life…. I have been waiting for 18 weeks for the modem pack to arrive .. every time i ring they say .. we’ll send it out.. thats when i get through … they have no telephone queing system… if you dont get through they cut you off !!!!!!!!! how Frustrating…… I feel like … ripiing up the contract and going back to BT….. I hate Talk talk .. and advise any one not to buy from there.. i have also boycotted the carphone warehouse…. they were the ones first promoting this offer and when you go to thier stores for help they turn you away .

I’m not sure where the regulations stand on paying for a service you’re not receiving and the cooling off period. I suspect Ofcom would be sympathetic. Kam hasn’t been marked either…


27 responses to “Boycott Talk Talk and Carphone Warehouse

  1. I was previouly with talktalk broadband last year, within this time i only received 3mths full service, things seemed fine uptil i had to telephone due to the broadband service was down, this continued month on end……..i was so fed up with them and was glad to cancel the contract, made a complaint about the service and was told that they would credit my last bill, things after this just got worse, they then billed me for broadband service after my contract terminated, then after numerous telephone calls they then sent my account to they legal department for collection, i then managed to get through after numerous telphones call being cut off for no reason, and being told that a credit would be sorted, this is now the 51st time this has been told to me and to my despair this is still going on, i am tearing my hair out here so stressed here……..they are the worst every company i have ever dealt with in my entire life and would not ever deal with them again not matter what great deal they might have !!!!!!!!

  2. Talktalk are opening a new call centre to combat the problems they have. It is the 1st time that they have been known to have bad service and are trying to rectify it.
    They are having problems as more people signed up to broadband then they estimated.
    I’m sure, as frustrating as it is, if peole hold tight and put up with it a bit longer it will get better and you will be able to enjoy the cheap/free broadband.

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  4. carphonewarehouse r appalling and there insurance is the greatest of cons. ive been made ill since my new insured phone brokedown.
    i also foolishly took out contracts with talktalk for land and broadband.what a joke. their helpline doesnt answer and they take my standing orders despite no service weeks later. they r a nightmare.

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  6. Hi
    I work at cpw not sayin where as a hit squad might turn up. I have worked here since may, just after the launch of the Free BB. it was manick, 100’s of people wanting to get through and there were problems with the procedures that were in place, but hopefully you will now see that call qu’s are down and you can get through first time. Another big thing is that no matter who you are, you cannot knock the cost of the BB, its free (unless you are out of the free BB areas) . The main problem CPW are having is simply BT openreach. When this service came about BT said yes they will be able to deal with all the demand. They didnt tell any1 that to do this, they are using Temps that are hardly trained and inept to transfer the numbers and fix any CPW problems, and almost everytime report a fault fixed when blatantly it isnt. Every customer i have spoke to coming from Bt, have said bt have said the BB is not free, that speeds are less than half a megabite, which are all untrue. It just seems BT are always chatting rubbish. So when poeple phone us up creaming and shouting cos one thing or another doesn’t work, dont forget we have done everything humanly possible to get the problem fixed, and the only thing in the way is BT OR, who are the troll under the bridge, ready to ruin your trip over to CPW and free BB.

  7. i felt intimidated by some of the staff. I dont know much about phones and because i was young i felt they took advantage, they were smirking at eachother. after i bought the phone i felt i was mugged so i went back in less than 10 mins later and they refused a refund so i asked to exchange it , they sed i wud loose my £10 top up. the guy sold me a 1 Gb memory card, i later found out that my phone oldy takes up to 512mb. i asked to see the manager they told me he was on holiday, a few days later i found him at the shop. i made unnesseary journeys to the shop they gave me wrong information. ive ent them a letter but they havent replied

    if anyone here has had a similar experience please email me

    lets bring them down!! iam not sure if iam allowed to say that but its only fair of how they treat a 14 yr old taking advantage of my age!!

  8. Lets form an army and storm their building. I would like to see charles dunstones head on a stick.
    Worst company ever. Avoid at all costs

  9. Here is my e-mail trail to Carphone Warehouse in the first couple of weeks this year. Read it and weep………

    Hi Charles,

    I don’t know if you even read your own e-mails these days but on the off-chance that you do, I thought I’d share my latest blog with you. If there is anything you can do to supply me with a £9.99 Nokia battery and retrieve my 18 months of contacts and data which your Croydon branch has just wiped from my perfectly functioning phone then please let me know sharpish before I send this to the media.

    Ian Dewhirst

    Ian Dewhirst Blog 10/1/07

    OK, I tried my very best to start this year off in a positive fashion and not get stressed-out by stupid things – please see my earlier ‘Manifesto For A Stress-Free 2007″ blog from last week.

    I was happy!

    And since then I’ve been dragged kicking and screaming into a maelstrom of ineptitude which involves Call-Centres and Stupid Technology – two of the very things I said I wouldn’t get wound up about this year.

    So this whole sorry exercise is a perfect case in point of how even attempting to do something extremely simple like getting a new mobile phone battery can turn into an absolute nightmare.

    I’ve been trying to do this simple task for over a week now and it’s involved going to three different O2 shops, 3 seperate visits to Carphone Warehouse, 3 e-mails, countless telephone calls to both Nokia and Carphone Warehouse Call-Centres and at least 84 unanswered calls to the Croydon branch of Carphone Warehouse which houses the ‘Club Nokia’ specialist.

    And guess what?

    One week later I still have no battery and now all my contacts and data has been erased into the bargain because Nokia insisted that I take my phone into a ‘Club Nokia’ outlet and get it tested just in case it wasn’t the batteries which were at fault. And they’ve now lost 18 months of information, some of which I won’t be able to replace. Hopeless.

    So I give up. I’m just going to buy a new phone and screw Nokia and Carphone Warehouse and the jokers who work for them!

    This is the full sorry story in the form of an e-mail trail. God help us all. If it takes this much hassle to get a £9.99 replacement battery then I guess we’re all totally fucked…………

    You couldn’t make this up because no one would believe you!

    To: Charles Dunstone, Chairman, Carphone Warehouse

    Sent: 9/1/07

    Dear Charles,

    Carphone Warehouse is basically facing meltdown right now. Your customer service is absolutely appalling and even everyone I’ve spoken to at your customer care centre acknowledges that the system is useless.

    I have been trying to contact your Purley Way store for 3 days now in order to book in my Nokia 8800 as that store is part of the Club Nokia system. Except that they never answer the phone. Instead I get a pre-recorded message which tells me that they cannot take my call and I cannot leave a message so can I please try them again.

    I’ve been trying them for the last 3 days with no success. Maybe you’d like to try. The number is 0870-1682350.

    What am I supposed to do?????????????

    Spend the rest of my life trying the store in the vain hope that someone will eventually answer?????????

    I thought you’d have learnt a major lesson after the broadband fiasco but the Carphone Warehouse mobile business is your bread and butter so if this failing you’re in real trouble!

    This is quite frankly the most useless of the all the systems I’ve had the misfortune to be herded into.

    An utter disgrace to all concerned. You should be ashamed of yourselves.

    Yours Extremely Frustrated and Pissed-Off,

    Ian Dewhirst



    Sent: 10/1/07

    Dear Mr Dewhirst

    Thank you for your email.

    The Carphone Warehouse pride ourselves on excellent customer service and in this instance we have certainly not provided this to you. I am sorry for the upset and inconvenience caused.

    As a company we are keen to find out what our customers think, what we are doing right, and more importantly where we could improve our service to customers. It is through feedback such as your own that we are able to understand the specific problems we are facing with our services.

    I can confirm that I have investigated the number in question 0870-1682350, I was successful in contacting the number above.

    I would advise you to contact the number in the mornings as we do have peak times where the number may become busy and difficult for you to contact the store.

    Please accept my sincere apologies for the inconvenience this may have caused.

    If you have any general landline queries, please call customer services on 0870 444 1820.

    For technical queries, please contact Broadband Technical Support on 0871 226 7146. Calls to this number are charged at 10 pence per minute (call charges may vary from mobile phones and other telecom operators).

    Both of these numbers can become busy during peak periods and TalkTalk apologises for any inconvenience caused by the delays.

    Kind Regards
    Andrew Unsworth
    Correspondence Department



    Sent: 9/1/07

    Hi Andrew,

    Thanks for coming back to me so promptly.

    However, with the best will in the world, I think you really need to instigate some changes @ Carphone Warehouse because your reputation is lousy out here.

    After 3 days and 84 calls I could not get through to the number supplied by your customer services dept and featured on your website. This wasted several hours of my life, which I could have done without. I also lost 4 days of use of my mobile phone, so that too was a major inconvenience.

    In the end, I got in my car and drove down to the branch @ 5.40pm yesterday afternoon and physically waited to hand my phone in. I asked the assistant @
    the store how come they don’t answer the phone and she said “they never do” quote.

    So, a question:

    If both the customer care call centre AND the store itself both tell me that the phones don’t get answered, then WHY THE HELL ARE YOU GIVING THE NUMBER OUT??????

    I suppose that once you’ve answered this question, it will then save many of your customers hours and hours of frustration trying to call a number which
    is inoperative for most of the time.

    It’s not rocket science. Everytime I go to one of your stores there is always a phone ringing in the background that never seems to get answered. This is probably a frustrated customer or potential buyer trying to get through.

    Why not either:-

    A) Institute a company rule that any phone calls into any branch should be answered within 4 rings maximum, or,

    B) Ensure that one person @ each branch has specific responsibility to answer all incoming calls?

    Also, having mentioned my particular problem to a few friends, they all responded by saying that Carphone Warehouse are notorious for not answering their phones!

    It seems I was the only person who wasn’t aware of this!


    Ian Dewhirst

    Follow Up E-Mail:


    Sent: 9/1/07

    I’ve just picked up my phone from the Croydon branch of Carphone Warehouse and all my data has been wiped! There was nothing wrong with the phone and
    all they’ve done is confirm that the batteries are in fact dead (which I told them last Friday), informed me that they cannot supply the batteries required, so now I have a phone with 18 months of contact numbers and data destroyed which I still can’t use because no one can seem to supply a £9.99 battery.

    I’m trying to see a positive outcome from all this but failing miserably – this has been a nightmare from beginning to end.

    Can you suggest what I should do next please?

    Ian Dewhirst


  11. Michael Simnett

    I am absolutely disgusted with talk talk. Not only do they have absolutely no idea what they are doing they have the worst customer service I have ever dealt with! I have waited for nearly 2 months to get my Apple mac connected to my supposed ‘free’ broadband service. In that time I have spent £30 on a modem from them and been charged their monthly fee for a service I haven’t even used yet. Their call centres are appaling and they once cut me off after waiting for over half an hour, of their irritating music and awful ‘supposed technicians’. They don’t know what they are doing and when I tried telling them the same problems I had the last however many times I phoned they tended to ignore me. They don’t listen to the customer and when they feel they’ve had enough of you, they cut you off. It feels like there is no where to go, or anyone to turn to about this. It is deeply frustrating, annoying and has really angered me. I have complained to them, via email and written to watchdog on BBC1. They are the biggest, most useless, waste of space company I’ve ever had the misfortune of dealing with and I know if I cancel, that will take me forever to sort out and they are effectively stealing my money for a lousy, non-customer service orientated, least user friendly, unqualified and pathetic company. This shouldn’t be allowed. I would advise anyone to steer clear of them and carefully consider and research a broadband company before rushing into things. In summary Talk Talk are rubbish, useless, they can’t deal with customer’s queries and avoid them at any cost!!!

  12. cpw staff in northern ireland

    WTF… Why are all you people moaning about the FREE broadband, it aint like you are paying for the fucker so stop with all the moaning and as for the battery for you nokia 8800 you get 2 batterys for a reason and you can pick one up off ebay for a few ££ so stop your fucking moaning get a life and get over it.

    Edit: From TTHell Admin. Hi there, I profess to work for CPW. Yet I use NTL!

    Tell you anything?

  13. Sing a new song you idiot. People are paying for it, the service sucks (no doubt because of the attitude problem of some.) And who are you calling out that has no life? I mean, you’re here trolling a website….

  14. As a cpw employee myself(M) and (D) being a former cpw employee . we find that the comments here are unjustified in mose cases.
    for example “Michael Simnett ” if you had taken the time to inform either the tell sales team or store memeber team that you were infact using a apple mac and not a windows baise pc you would have found that hour of your life wouldnt have been wasted. therefore this makes you .. a spoon,
    also the fact that you spent 30 quid on a modem is standard proceedure as well, just because some other spoon forgot to tell you about it isn’t a fair reflection on the whole of the company…
    However, one of our standards is that the reputation of company is in hands of individual… This always makes me laugh as you always get some spoon as you quite rightly pointed out that doesn’t know what they are doing… Therefore CPW = PANTS???

    I disagree… Yes TalkTalk leaves a lot to be desired, trust me i should know i do nothing but sort out TalkTalk issues all day, but with cheaper calls than BT, and the “GIFT” of free broadband surely its a small price to pay???

    Or are you too much of a spoon to realsie???

    In closing you shoulf find somthing better to do with your time tyhen sitting on a website slaggin of a service that is proven to save you money, get out and get a dam life.. you spoon

    for all you that are wondering what a spoon is.. a spoon is somthing or someone thatis inable to do somthing right. not just somthing that is used for food.

    MND Signing off.

  15. I love these barely literate responses to valid customer complaints. Have we been unblocked at work or something?

    I reiterate my previous response to supposed employees:

    People are paying for it, the service sucks (no doubt because of the attitude problem of some.) And who are you calling out that has no life? I mean, you’re here trolling a website….

  16. We ourselfs are mearly sticking up for the 99.99% of cpw staff that you rants DOES NOT APPLY TOO.

    People are paying for a line rentel and call plan package. witch form what i hear and see form day to day has very little problems, if you are able to read your T&Cs you will see and i qoute the “gift” of BB, so if you one of the “lucky” people who happen to get the free”gift” of BB and it happens to have a few problems with it. intsed of bitching at carphonewarehouse staff who are infacts sales consultants (to explain to some of you that means we are paid to SELL not take mindless abuse from some off the more .. how to put it “slower minded people” you will infact see that we are doing you a favour witch we are paied no extra and that it isnt stated in any contract that we have to do. so count yourself lucky that we are proving a serive to yourself. talktalk has a customer serivce line . even if you find it harder to get hold of someone on it.

    We have never had any sites blocked from our work stations. its got to the ponit where someone needs to voice our opinions before people like urself give hard working people like ourselfs a bad name because you are bitcyhing about something that is FREE!

    This is why we are inplying that you need to get a life

  17. The barely literate part definitely applies to you. Honestly, where did you learn English?

    1. I didn’t get the gift of ‘free’ broadband. I’m a paying customer. It still sucks. The call plan was absolutely dire, cheaper than BT or not. With BT line rental I make out cheaper than your Talk Talk ‘plan.’ There are a lot of posters here who pay the 10 per month charge since the ‘free’ broadband isn’t applicable in their areas. Generally speaking, Talk Talk isn’t a fantastic ISP.

    2. There are a lot of complaints on this site about folks receiving e-mails and correspondence that’s virtually impossible to decipher. Your post pretty much explains why:

    ourselfs=ourselves (again, you really need to learn this word. The f is always incorrect. Most words with f as the final letter, when plural, use v.)
    witch=which (you really need to learn the difference between these two words.)
    infact= in fact

    Why all the quotes? Who are you quoting?
    I’m not sure I’d be calling anyone else slow minded. A general word of advice, when attempting to insult the intelligence of someone else, please spell correctly, use correct punctuation and start sentences with capital letters. Basic communication skills are important.

    3. There’s no such thing as the ‘gift’ of free broadband. The operational costs are built into the call plan itself. The ADSL service that CPW provides are not free. You’re not doing anyone any favours. People are doing you a favour by contributing to your commission. Though, reading these little rants, I doubt anyone would want to.

    I’m more than willing to give the benefit of the doubt to most CPW staff. In fact, if you’d actually read something instead of pounding on your keyboard between calls, then you’d notice there are a lot of articles on this site pointing out the importance of being civil. Well, unless it’s you.

    And, that’s not true. I know for a fact Talk Talk Hell was blocked from certain call centres thanks to lots of your staff doing exactly what you’re doing now. You’re not the first cretin proclaiming to be staff (I sincerely hope you’re not) coming here and making false statements and demeaning comments about the people supposedly paying your bills.

    What I also find endlessly amusing about these posts is the vast majority of the time, you guys are with NTL and not Talk Talk. I wonder why that is? Surely you get some kind of discount?

  18. Oh my word, will you all please get a grip.

    For each one of cretins that have a a bad experience there are undoubtably may more who have had a positive one.

    I myself have never had an issue the whole time i have had talk talk and have a 7meg connection.

    Lets face it, Carphone actually led the market to ‘free’ broadband – without them the marketplace would look very differant.

    You have to look at the big picture – when carphone lauched talk talk they were a mobile phone retailer who were trying to find an way into a new market. At least they had the guts to try and well done to them! Yes it has been far from perfect but nevertheless there are many more happy customers just like me.



  19. Ha, this is brilliant. I completely agree with all of you. However ludicrous that may sound. Yes we are wasting our time on this site (although everyone needs to vent somwhere, right?), yes TalkTalk can be absolutly horrendous service providers, but, they can also do well, the same with any ISP. I’ve worked in a technical support center for ages, and seen people laugh, get angry and break down crying from some of the call we receive.

    Maybe next time, just don’t take it out on the worker?

    p.s. Correcting someone elses spelling, *BRILLIANCE*

  20. If talktalk/carphone warehouse would just sort out my problem, then I wouldn’t feel angry enough to shout at a call centre worker. I do not condone shouting/swearing/abuse, but unless you’ve been on the recieving end of talktalk /CPW’s crap you are unlikely to understand how utterly enraged it can make you feel.

    I left Talktlak 2 years ago tomorrow, with an apology and a refund. Pretty bloody good huh? 2 years later and they have sent debt collectors after me for £67 they say I owe them.

    Do yourself a favour and stay away from these bastards at all costs

  21. Hi

    Just had a red letter from their agency – really fuming. Background is that we moved house a couple of months ago – they icorrectly billed the full rental period. After numerous phone calls agreeing that the debt was removed , I now receive a letter from their appointed collectors. Really want to take them on – all the way anybody else interested or had prior experience taking them on ?

  22. Well all i can say on my experence is it took 3 to actually conect me up to talk talk and that was realy frustrating but when i was up and running it was great ””””’ubtill now”””’ been disconected for more than 3 weeks now and after spendind a small fortune on mobile calls to them i still have got know where ‘ I wont bore you by this storir but be prepared to talk to south affricans when you phone and they lie continuous and dont bother going into carphone wharehouse shops they lie fob you off there is nothing you can do believe me nothing but i have the secret weapon ”yes” stop payment he he they soon cuma running .

  23. Hi Glad to here other people having problems with talk talk – I work from home and my Phone line has been down since friday lost2 days in wages and been calling customer service held on line for 40 mins 3 times Ive called and they told me they will call back I am still waiting – Poor customer service, Would rather have the hassle setting up with new provider – Thanks for that I will can my Direct Debtor until they have fixed this thanks for you tips

  24. Recently have heard talktalk’s launching new website .. It is horrendous when I was navigating it for a day .. we should stop this new site from coming up as it would just add to our misery !!


  26. i love talk talk they are great. ONLY JOKIN ROBBING CUNTS!!
    DONT GO WITH THESE MONEY GRABBING FUCKS THEY ARE A TOTAL DISGRACE AND WHILE I’M AT IT FUCK BIG BROTHER AND CAR PHONE WAREHOUSE. excuse my terrible language but this is my way of releasing months of frustrating phone calls to this company. talk talk.

    T wats.

    A ssholes

    L iers

    K on artists

    T ell

    A ll

    L ying

    K rooks

  27. talk talk say its free its not have you bill brorke down by some one not from cpw or talk talk you pay for it

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