Watch out AOL users!

I’ve always thought of AOL as being the worst of all possible ISPs. Not only do you have to venture through their maze of blocks to get out onto the actual Internet (instead of that watered down BS they have on their welcome page) they also attempt to retain you if it all goes horribly wrong. But AOL users may want to fall to their knees and thank whatever deity is relevant that they can actually speak to people while they still have time.

According to The Guardian, BSkyB, Orange and Carphone Warehouse are the only remaining bidders for the business – BT having pulled out – but may baulk at paying the £560 million asking price if it means they cannot direct their new customers to their own online offerings, where the real money is to be made through advertising and ecommerce links, phone services and, in the case of Sky, satellite TV subscriptions.

Oh NOES! On PC Pro


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