Office of Fair Trade: Distance selling

I keep hearing and receiving complaints regarding Talk Talk’s billing practises. Here’s what Ofcom has to say about distance selling.

Where a contract is cancelled, the consumer must ensure that reasonable care is taken of any goods received and ‘restore’ them to you. This does not mean that they have to return them – unless you stipulate this in the contract – only that they make them available for you to collect. You must refund the consumer’s money as soon as possible and, at the latest, within 30 days of receiving the written notice of cancellation. The consumer may, at your discretion, be charged the direct cost of returning the goods, but you must tell them about this in the written information you give them. If payment for the goods or services is under a related credit agreement, the consumer’s cancellation notice also has the effect of cancelling the credit agreement.

If a refund has been agreed and it’s been more than 30 days since you received confirmation, or you’re still being billed, Talk Talk are in violation of the Distance Selling Act.

Whole thing here.


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