Mark hasn’t been marked.

Again, the big let down with Talk Talk is their apparent lack of ability to produce even the basic services. Mark writes that though Talk Talk thinks he’s up and running, they haven’t bothered to send him the kit. He’s also got the same tale of woe about being hung up on, refused second level customer support . You have 14 days, presumably, to disconnect the service without being charged the 70 pounds. Remind their customer ‘service’ advisors of this since many don’t seem to know what a cooling off period is.

I have the worst customer experience of my life with talk talk. I have rang 3 times their customer service department, the first 2 times i had to wait over 20 mins each time to be answered and the third time over 1 hour, yes 1 hour. I got through 2 times only to get the phone disconnected straight away so i had to ring back. I asked for a manager and their head office telephone number but was refused both. I am now thinking of disconnecting their service and going back to bt. I received a letter last week saying my broadband was now up and working but i have not received the cd or the modem and dread having to speak to their customer service department again. I sent an email to them last Wednesday and have still not had a reply.

Any assistance? Respond to Mark here


One response to “Mark hasn’t been marked.

  1. TaLk TaLk is by far the worst company i have ever dealt with in my life…. I have been waiting for 18 weeks for the modem pack to arrive .. every time i ring they say .. we’ll send it out.. thats when i get through … they have no telephone queing system… if you dont get through they cut you off !!!!!!!!! how Frustrating…… I feel like … ripiing up the contract and going back to BT….. I hate Talk talk .. and advise any one not to buy from there.. i have also boycotted the carphone warehouse…. they were the ones first promoting this offer and when you go to thier stores for help they turn you away .

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