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Stephen White is an angry, angry man

Holy crap! I leave you guys alone for two days….

I’ve been deleting a lot of the Stephen White comments. No place for that here I’m afraid.

That IP is now moderated.

As is his/her friend Jay Hud

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Connection drops eternally vexing

This is my big bugbear. Why on Earth can’t I stay online for more than 20 minutes. (Except today, odd.) Is it the hardware? Infrastructure? What?

yes michael. my talktalk is just about the same. I can’t surf the net for more than 15 minutes without losing my connection. When I try to reconnect I get a ‘no dial tone’ or ‘unable to establish a connection’ message. I can’t get through to talktalk by phone as I queue for too long and when I go to their ‘contact’ page on their website in order to send an email there is no send button visible.

I don’t know whether to invest in a better filter and modem than the ones which talktalk sent me. Unfortunately,I know nothing about networks, adsl etc so I can’t fix these problems on my own. I’ve checked my phone line and there is a dial tone, the (talktalk) filter is in place etc. etc All I can work out is that talktalk is utter shite and I wish I’d gone with BT or anyone else!

Anyone have an answer for us and Talk crap?

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The curse of the T strikes!

Alas, this time it’s not Talk Talk but Tiscali causing trouble and trepidation for customers:

I am moving from tiscali to talk talk, About a 2 week before I signed to Talktalk, I got a letter from Tiscali, that “to improve my service” they where doing some work at the exchange and my phone and broadband my be off for up to 2 hrs. My phone was off for about 5 days (broadband came back on after 2 days, broadband but no phone – strange).

When I needed to get a MAC code so that I could switch, Tiscali told me that could not give the MAC code because they updated me to a LLU. I said I never asked for that, they said ‘oh well’. Looks like I am going to have a bit of down time and move back to dial up – can’t wait

Any tips on how to get Jimmy off Tiscali and on somewhere else? Talk to him

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Onetel to Talk Talk call time changes

You guys that were transferred from OneTel to Talk Talk probably want to have a skim through this:

We have been trying to get answers from Talk Talk/ OneTel since Talk Talk acquired OneTel. OneTel has been dishonest since it started up in business. As soon as Talk Talk took over, without warning us it reduced the free call period from 1800/0800 to 1800/0700 hours and the following month to 1800/0600 hours. We have been trying to give OneTel all our busines and to break free from BT/AOL (UK). It ignores out letters of complaint and continues to defraud us.

I’m not sure why they would make 6:00 am peak times? Very odd. I can’t think of many who think that’s a good time to jump on the phone and call everyone they know. Usually I’m sound asleep around then… and sometimes just going to bed.

Thanks James!

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Matt made

What is it with you guys and all the positivity this week? You’d think that things actually are turning around!

I changed from Orange to Talktalk. I found that I could not connect to Orange and so I rang them and they (20 mins 32 secs later) told me the account had been blocked and that I should ring their technical line. 19minutes 47 seconds later ( how I love that music) I was told that my accont had been closed as i had transfered to Talktalk. I rang talk talk ( 2 minutes 3 seconds) and they said that Orange should not have disconnected me but my modem was on its way and it would be with me in 2 weeks. Got a bit cross then and asked it my Speedtouch modem would work. They said it might and they gave me my username and password which worked so i am now back on line and enjoying all the benifits so its not all bad

Way to go Matt!

So, all the Talk Talk about things improving may not be a corporate line? Time will tell!

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What’s the future for Talk Talk?

Our BT Darren brings up a good point about Talk Talk’s future. The 18 month contract takes us to 2008, or rather nicely, to the end of the 5 year plan for broadband. Read and mull:

TalkTalk was established in 2003, with a 5 yr business plan which ends in 2008. Their business plan is to either sell off to the highest bidder, or if they hold enough customers, – hold BT to ransom. Either way, it is still their equipment in the exchange, so, if you was to move onto another supplier in 2008, then it would cost you , probably, an engineer to go to the exchange to rip out their tripe equipment. either way, its a case of pay now , or pay later. Every business has a 5yr business plan, thats how the rich get richer, hook them in when they are young, hold them to 18 months, as of this year, ohhhh to my shock, that 18months coincidently brings us to 2008. did anyone else not see this comming ?

Thanks Darren!

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Danny Vu, Deja Vu

I love Talk Talk’s billing universe. Those who pay, haven’t. Those who haven’t, have….

I signed up with Talktalk in May 06. I never received their Welcome Pack. I still don’t know my account number. I still have not received any bills. I haven’t got broadband either due to some spurious service left on my BT line.

I’ve talked to BT about the line and they said it was compatible with Talktalk Broadband so I have no idea whether BT or Talktalk was saying the right thing.

There’s no way to speak to Talktalk. I was given an email address for the broadband desk but it bounced back.

I asked Talktalk via email about the lack of a Welcome Pack and account details and bills. They gave vague answers about my account being with them but had not gone ‘live’, and that there was a Direct Debit set up – BUT I’ve never given them my bank details – nor have I set up any DD for Talktalk. I gave up on them after a few exchanges of emails.

At this moment in time, I have no idea about the status of my account with Talktalk, although my phone line is working.

Any idea of how Danny can find out? Talk to Danny

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