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I want your tips, complaints…whatever.

Hi guys,

First off, I think I’ve now covered all of your comments. I really appreciate them and hope that as a group effort we can force them to actually clean up their act (instead of pretending.) I know what I want and it should be easy.

I won’t post e-mail addresses unless you ask. But if you have a url you want to direct traffic to, let me know. Not sure about how much this is getting at the moment but it seems like it’s being found, which is good and bad. I’ll do my best to help with your techie issues but there are a lot of things I don’t know about their configuration.

Ultimately I hope this is helpful. Over the next few weeks I’m going to try and sort out the entry tags, get us an RSS feed and some useful links. Suggestions are totally welcome. Anything is totally welcome.
For now, send your tips, complaints, compliments, questions or whatever

Ramir wonders how the hell it’s free at all?

I’ve looked at this but not too clearly. I do think it’s something that deserves a bit of attention outside of the IT trade press (The Register was harping on it a while back.) Have a skim through Ramir’s post and see what you think.

I would like to air a grievance of mine against TalkTalk…I hope this makes it into print ! ( If it does, please don’t publish my email address )

After a sensational marketing drive TalkTalk – the Carphone Warehouse business has signed up over 350 000 customers to their ‘free’ broadband service. Like many others, I also signed up for this too good to be true offer. On further investigation, it came to light that the broadband offer is not actually free but does cost £20 per month, which includes fixed line rental. Since the equivalent BT package costs around£12 per month, the additional cost of £8 does not appear to be free, as it is claimed in the TalkTalk advertising media. Despite this, the deal overall did seem worthwhile and I pursued with signing up. That was in May. Now, in mid June, I am still waiting for my broadband to be connected.

In the mean time I am paying TalkTalk the £20 AND I am paying my old broadband provider for their broadband service, as I am yet to be connected to TalkTalk. The overall cost of these two subscriptions exceeds what I was paying before signing up to TalkTalk. I approached TalkTalk a number of times regarding why my connection has taken so long. Each time, different answers are given and when I bring up the question of reducing my bill to bring my costs in line with what they should, had TalkTalk fulfilled their end of the deal and signed me up in time, my question meets with a complacent and oftentimes rude response.

I would like to invite TalkTalk to make good their offer to potential customers of ‘free’ broadband and reduce the amount billed to customers to take into account this double charging that is taking place. Surely, I am not the only dissatisfied customer, and when one takes into account the volumes of potential new customers (350 000), I think that this is a story worthy of a response from TalkTalk

Charles Dunstone has a blog! ‘As people keep telling me, the UK telecoms market will never be the same again.’

Just like we do. Doesn’t he look pleased with himself? Yet every day I get another comment from one of you guys who don’t want to lose the 70 pounds for such a crap service.

Have a laugh at it here.

Yeah, I’m sure he’s losing sleep over our worries. I love how he says that calls wait times got up to 10 minutes on May 8th. The day when I had to call more than a few times and wait on hold for way the hell more than 10 minutes because of the DNS outage. I aged about 20 years that day, just trying to figure out what the hell was going on. Either he’s massively delusional, or he’s being lied to.

XP acting funny after installing Talk, Talk’s software

Hi there Rob, I hope I’m not too late to help!

Trying to sort a friends computer. After he loaded TalkTalk software the opening XP page stays for 3secs and restarts at infinitum! Can’t get past the opening page. Anyone got any ideas?

If it’s what I’m thinking of then it’s probably something in your start menu. You have a couple options.
1. Restart the system.
2. After the first beep repeatedly hit the F8 key (above the 9) until it either gives you a constant beep (that’s ok) or it takes you to a black screen with a menu on it.
3. Select ‘Safe Mode’ you will require the Administrator password set at the time of installation. (Or possibly not if it wasn’t set.)
4. It will take a while to get started, so go and get some tea.
5. Once it’s come to the Windows screen (except washed out and a bit bigger) then click on Start.
6. Select ‘Run’
7. Type ‘msconfig’ (without the ‘) and click ‘OK’
8. Go to the startup tab. You can safely untick every box in that list. Do it!
9. Click Ok and restart the system.

It is possible it was trial software included with the package. Enable Windows Firewall and make sure you have some good antivirus software. If that doesn’t fix it, let me know. Or let us know what did!


This pisses me off. I write game reviews in my spare time and occasionally get sample products of MMORPGs. I didn’t have any issues with RF Online (thankfully, it was a good game) but asked them specifically about any potential bandwidth caps for other online games ‘like World of Warcraft.’ Now, I doubt Simon in Preston was lying to me at the time but he did say no. Which means either he was unaware or they’ve recently decided to blacklist certain ports. The whole story is quite terrifying but at least confirms the DNS outage on the 8th of May.
This line in particular made me laugh so hard I almost wet myself.

The Carphone Warehouse pride ourselves on excellent customer service and in this instance we have certainly not provided this to you. I am sorry for the upset and inconvenience caused.

The best part is indeed the comments, where some idiot (no doubt employed by our reviled ISP) starts calling him a ‘LOOSER’ and mistakes WoW for a P2P app. For those non-techies in the audience, here’s the difference simplified:

1. P2P applications are things like Kazaa (recently in the news for settling with the music industry.) Basically you have a lot of computers that tell one central computer what they have for ‘sharing.’ Users search this central database and then connect directly to another user’s computer to retrieve the files. So say I have a document that says ‘Talk, Talk ducks pigeon feet’ and you want it, you connect directly to my PC to get it from me.

2. World of Warcraft and others of its ilk are online roleplaying games. You create a character and then adventure off into a virtual world to kill things. In this case, your computer and everyone else’s computers connect to a central computer. At no point do you play the game on their system. See the difference? The massive gaping blackhole of a difference?
Also, one is a genre of video games, the other is file sharing. Hardly the same thing.
Thanks Ralph!

The impossible becomes possible

Good night, I don’t even know what to say to jj’s comment. How do two companies use the same exchange? Like him I thought this was impossible….

TalkTalk What a mess, Mate its not just the broadband that is screwed its everything else within talktalk, landline rental, mobile service, billing you name it. Today I discovered that even though I’ve signed up for talkTalk broadband and am using their username and password, they have not cancelled my BT braodband subscription. When I asked BT how I’m using someone elses uid and pw to access they said they didn’t know. I also pointed out that only one supplier can use an exchange.

They are making mistake after mistake, they started billing me for someone elses mobile phone. Whilest mine wasn’t being topped up, BT cut my landline when I transfered the line rental to talktalk. They messed up porting my mobile number with a PAC number too. Whatever’s going on at TalkTalk they’ve cut costs on service obviously to drop the charges.

Having trouble with installation? You’re not alone.

It only actually took me 30 minutes to get our service up and running. But there are two things to keep in mind here:

1. I work in IT, with real routers every day

2. I can setup a functioning network with my eyes closed, drunk and on drugs. (I haven’t tried, perhaps I should?)

So 30 minutes is a damned long time to plug in the USB router and make it go. Most of my issues had to do with the actual CD as opposed to anything really technical. In the end I located the dialler program and double clicked it. Can’t remember for the life of me what the name of the file was.

I’m so angry with Talk Talk. I’ve had endless problems with the Connect and Go (should be Connect and Stop) CD. I spent a huge amount of time and money trying to talk to someone last Saturday and eventually scored some success persevering on my own with the CD installation process which wouldn’t accept my ID and password. Then everything comes to a full stop with a message mid way through installation – “Currently we are not able to access server files”. This message has been current for 3 days now, and I have to use the CD to get any internet access. Getting through to anyone in Talk Talk (except sales) is too expensive. Does anyone know how to fix this?

I suspect that Margaret is having the same problem I was. Here’s a possible quick fix:
1. Right click on your Start button (with the little Windows symbol on it) and click ‘Explore’

2. In the left hand pane locate your CD drive (with the Talk, Talk CD in it) and double click on the folders until you find a .exe. If I remember correctly it’s coupled with something that says ‘diag’ on it, I think under the software for the actual USB modem. That should install the Windows dialler as well as the basic Talk, Talk software.
Can anyone get any more specific than that? I need to have a look when I get home.