We’d all rather be sailing.

Amusingly, whilst in the process of making this post, I was disconnected. Hooray for Talk Talk!

ABN quickly got up to speed and blitzed the course, flying around the Solent at speeds touching 25 knots and crossed the finish line some 48 minutes ahead of Charles Dunstone’s TP52 Red. The eventual corrected time victory for ABN Amro One was just shy of 13 minutes although a discrepancy regarding a navigational mark could see ABN penalised by the race committee who could either disqualify the yacht or impose a time penalty. Whatever the outcome of the protest, which will be heard this evening, the awesome spectacle of this super-charged Volvo 70 tearing around the Solent with a team of superstar sailors on board is certainly one of the sights of Skandia Cowes Week 2006 providing plenty of shoreside gossip for both the competitors and spectators alike.

I’m just workin’ folk, so I don’t really understand any of that, except that maybe Mr. Dunstone was out yachting this weekend on our dime. No wonder his blog has gone so quiet and the post from Friday has gone missing. He needed to unwind.

Glad you got beat you puffy scamming bastard. Anyone know where I can place bets against the next race?

From Yachting Universe

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