Robin knows where Charlie plays tennis. Let’s go.

Not only did they take advantage of Talk Talk’s cheap broadband but they also snagged some mobiles and landlines. Yet, every single thing has gone wrong and they can’t get anyone to fix it.

I bought a new Broadband sub, 3 mobile phones, and switched 3 landlines to Carphone warehouse in December. They double billed me for the Broadband service for 5 months, failed to deliver cashback coupons on the mobiles, and I am paying more than BT for my land line service. I have rung written emailed to no avail. The only people I can talk to are their sales people who cold call to offer more stuff. Where do I go to now? Perhaps to Mr Bloody Dunstone’s tennis club in Holland Park?

Any suggestions for Robin? Besides replacing Dunstone’s tennis balls with tomatoes?
(Remember, the links for BBC Watchdog and Ofcom are over there on the sidebar —–>)

One response to “Robin knows where Charlie plays tennis. Let’s go.

  1. Not Telling You

    I work for TalkTalk Broadband and always strive to ensure all the problems I get are fixed and resolved to the end.

    However Robin I must say 1 section is wrong. Our call charges are not more than BT.
    GUARANTEED! If you are adament that BT’s call charges are cheaper send in your bill and talktalk’s commitment to this are if you can prove TalkTalk is dearer than BT (Which it is’nt) We will give you £1000. It cant be much clearer than that. Heres my proof your wrong if BT are cheaper than us on calls then we will give you £1000. Send your bills in if you dont believe me
    –> £1000 Challenge, TalkTalk, 1 Portal Way, London, W3 5RS… Cant be any fairer than that now can I Robin.

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