Nav the impaler…. hopefully not of customers…

Hi Nav. You’re a brave call centre monkey. I remember back in the day when I did tech support for a much reviled OEM what it was like to try and post on Internet boards. We’d find people who slated us relentlessly, even though much of what we were doing wrong was necessary to keep the overlords happy. When we attempted to help outside of our headset leash remit we were met with derision and random abuse. Now I keep my tips for calling major OEM in basic conversation and off the Internet to avoid the endless flame wars. So, I salute thee.

Make that 399 extra staff. I work in said call centre and a conversation between a new recruit and a customer resulted in the customer leaving our company’s service. Needless to say, the staff member was duly punished, under the company’s policy of 5 lashes of a whip per customer lost. After this event, I pride myself in putting the customer before all else, and can assure you that you are all most beloved (at least more than the slave drivers here love their staff).

That’s awesome news. I’m not even being sarcastic or facetious in any way. Do you know why that’s awesome? Because of the way a lot of the people here have been treated by customer service. With any luck it’s a sign that in the future, things may improve.

Do you have any tips for our long suffering readers Nav? Are you in the vicinity of the evil Mohammed?

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