Hopefully BT’s blog won’t be the exercise in hot air

From the Times on Sunday:

n Britain, Charles Dunstone, founder of Carphone Warehouse, has been blogging about his Talk Talk broadband offer, and also using the blog to attack rivals, including BT.
And BT is about to hit back with a blog from John Petter, its chief operating officer.
“Customers are suspicious of ‘corporate speak’ and they want it straight from the horse’s mouth,” Petter said in a recent interview. “Especially in a big company, they want to know someone is taking responsibility.”
But, said Rogers, companies need to be very careful that they are being sincere.
“If you lie or are seen to lie, you are going to get into a lot of trouble,” he said.

Will it be any better? Doubtful. Will it be any worse? How could it? BT’s penchant for chopping through com cables and lighting exchanges on fire seems like a dream in comparison to the service I’ve received from Dunstone’s pitiful company.

Times online technology

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