400 more rude and angry staff in Warrington.

Charles Dunstone and his board seem to think that the only thing their customers want is more hapless bodies behind the phone. I’d rather they cloned Simon in Preston 200 times then hire 100,000 more Mohammeds. I doubt this will make it any better but it at least we may find out in less than 20 minutes and with fewer hang ups that the person on the other end of the phone is a drooling zombie with no clue as to what they’re doing.

When the company, a division of mobile phone retailer Carphone Warehouse, launched the offer in April it only employed around 600 people at its purpose-built Birchwood site. But the phone and broadband package has proved so popular – 476,000 customers have signed up – that it has had to take on another 400 people taking the total to more than 1,000.

Full article on icCheshireOnline.

3 responses to “400 more rude and angry staff in Warrington.

  1. Nav the Impaler

    Make that 399 extra staff. I work in said call centre and a conversation between a new recruit and a customer resulted in the customer leaving our company’s service.
    Needless to say, the staff member was duly punished, under the company’s policy of 5 lashes of a whip per customer lost.
    After this event, I pride myself in putting the customer before all else, and can assure you that you are all most beloved (at least more than the slave drivers here love their staff).

  2. Talk Talk are a shower of liars.
    Their sales & marketing strategies are based on signing up customers to a ‘virtual’ free deal & then ignoring their calls asking what has happen to the service they have paid for.

  3. I have worked for TalkTalk for 5 years now and sadly report we have hit a new all time low with poor service with more than 50 % of our staff incapable of reading, writing or speaking English effectively, Senior management unaccountable and unaware of processes and sadly the frontline sacrificial staff now being asked to beg for customers praise when sending out emails asking for feedback on the service
    A sad day for Dunstones dream. He set out to beat BT and became it and all that was bad about it

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