The impossible becomes possible

Good night, I don’t even know what to say to jj’s comment. How do two companies use the same exchange? Like him I thought this was impossible….

TalkTalk What a mess, Mate its not just the broadband that is screwed its everything else within talktalk, landline rental, mobile service, billing you name it. Today I discovered that even though I’ve signed up for talkTalk broadband and am using their username and password, they have not cancelled my BT braodband subscription. When I asked BT how I’m using someone elses uid and pw to access they said they didn’t know. I also pointed out that only one supplier can use an exchange.

They are making mistake after mistake, they started billing me for someone elses mobile phone. Whilest mine wasn’t being topped up, BT cut my landline when I transfered the line rental to talktalk. They messed up porting my mobile number with a PAC number too. Whatever’s going on at TalkTalk they’ve cut costs on service obviously to drop the charges.


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