Ramir wonders how the hell it’s free at all?

I’ve looked at this but not too clearly. I do think it’s something that deserves a bit of attention outside of the IT trade press (The Register was harping on it a while back.) Have a skim through Ramir’s post and see what you think.

I would like to air a grievance of mine against TalkTalk…I hope this makes it into print ! ( If it does, please don’t publish my email address )

After a sensational marketing drive TalkTalk – the Carphone Warehouse business has signed up over 350 000 customers to their ‘free’ broadband service. Like many others, I also signed up for this too good to be true offer. On further investigation, it came to light that the broadband offer is not actually free but does cost £20 per month, which includes fixed line rental. Since the equivalent BT package costs around£12 per month, the additional cost of £8 does not appear to be free, as it is claimed in the TalkTalk advertising media. Despite this, the deal overall did seem worthwhile and I pursued with signing up. That was in May. Now, in mid June, I am still waiting for my broadband to be connected.

In the mean time I am paying TalkTalk the £20 AND I am paying my old broadband provider for their broadband service, as I am yet to be connected to TalkTalk. The overall cost of these two subscriptions exceeds what I was paying before signing up to TalkTalk. I approached TalkTalk a number of times regarding why my connection has taken so long. Each time, different answers are given and when I bring up the question of reducing my bill to bring my costs in line with what they should, had TalkTalk fulfilled their end of the deal and signed me up in time, my question meets with a complacent and oftentimes rude response.

I would like to invite TalkTalk to make good their offer to potential customers of ‘free’ broadband and reduce the amount billed to customers to take into account this double charging that is taking place. Surely, I am not the only dissatisfied customer, and when one takes into account the volumes of potential new customers (350 000), I think that this is a story worthy of a response from TalkTalk


7 responses to “Ramir wonders how the hell it’s free at all?

  1. Snap. I signed up in April. Iwas given a provisional Go live date of June. It got to july before I was asked to obtain a MAC code. I provided this on July 6 but was never given a Start Up pack or go Live date. When I eventually got through on the phone I was told the Mac code had been rejected & that TalK Talk had phoned to let me know but got no answer. It didn’t occur to them to leave a message on the Talk Talk mesage service. In spite of sending the Mac code twice by phone and once by e-mail I still have no go live date and in the meantime I continue to pay £25.00 per month for my broadband connection..

    Talk Talk do not respond to my e-mails and it is virtually impossible to speak to anyone on the phone. Even when you do they just say they don’t the answer. Needless to say I’ve cancelled and gone back to BT. It will be interesting to see how they try to justify a £70.00 cancellation charge when they have continually failed to honour thier part of the contract. The small print says “You may charged £70.00”. I may pay it… but I doubt it.

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  3. plaese can you take my E-mail address off

  4. Hi Jackie, where is your e-mail address? A search of the site doesn’t produce it.

  5. You pay, they profit

    Never mind the quality, just look at the profits….. http://www.talktalk.co.uk/talktalk/servlet/gben-server-PageServer?article=MAIN.UK.TALKTALK.COMPINFO.PRESS.2006.INTERIMREPORT

    Laughing all the way to the bank…

  6. To all talktalk customers ..if your facing anykind of technical issue ..leave your registered tel number with us and we will call you within 24 hours with a resolution ..
    Charles Dunstone
    ceo-carphone warehouse

  7. Let’s get this going again!
    It is now 2007 and I ordered on 6th March. Today is 15th May and I still do not have the broadband connection. Phone line came after a long delay, but since then Carphone Warehouse has been ripping me off twice. Once for the package including their ‘free’ broadband, and secondly through their sister company ‘onetel’.

    Smells distictly like a scam to me – bet ex-BT customers probably get a quicker connection.

    They do not reply to emails and regarding their leaving a message on voicemail, well they are completely incapable of connecting it. Do they think that potential customers sit by the phone waiting for their apologetic call?

    Am I the only 2007 applicant to be treated this way, or do all the thousands of others just remain silent?

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