Mark smells something funny with Talk, Talk’s service

When we signed up in April it was before this ‘Free Broadband’ offer. The staff were actually helpful and the connection wasn’t great but wasn’t what it is now. They simply had the best value for money. I do have a theory as to why my stories aren’t quite as horrible as some of the ones I’m getting here. I don’t have the free broadband offer. I wouldn’t be surprised if my usage and service agreements weren’t different and in my favor. If that is the case, it’s still completely unacceptable. What kind of package do you have? What kind of service have you been receiving? It would be interesting to contrast and compare what we’re actually getting.

From Mark, who has some interesting suggestions for communicating with Charlie (That I in no way condone, obviously!;)):

Talk Talk is rubbish. The service is cheap and its cheap for a reason. Unable to connect to the network for more than 10 minutes during the entire 3 week period during which we had their very tacky modem installed, and that was after waiting weeks for the connection. Customer service is non existent and relies on call centres in India. Hours spent sat waiting for them to answer and the suggestions made failed to sort out the problem To get technical help you dial a different number which charges 10p a minute so you are paying them a small fortune for them to explain to you why their service is so useless-if you can actually get a reply, which I couldn’t. Do not consider using Talk Talk under any circumstances-if you are with them already cancel your direct debit-they cannot sue everyone and if they do sue you have the right to transfer the case to your local court and attend an informal hearing there at which you can describe the poor service you received. Also Talk Talk can only get a very limited costs order awarded against you if the sum you owe them is below £5,000 so it will cost them more to take the matter to court than the bill you owe them. They will not bother. Charles Dunstone of Carphone Warehouse has an e-mail address which is ‘’ Why not contact him to tell him what you think of this mess. You might also want to copy him in on all your junk mail too!


5 responses to “Mark smells something funny with Talk, Talk’s service

  1. Talk Talk should have been named Walk Walk Away Quickly. It is terrible no reply to emails’ if you are lucky enough to get to speak to any one they will fob you off with any old story to get you off the line.
    I would cancell but you can’t get to the cancellation dept so I am unconnected and stuck, I have been on this high rate phone line since April been given several connection dates and am still waiting, given my mac code 8 times, it ran out so had to get another, but believe me when I say Walk away don’t even think about it or you will have one big headache

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  3. June….Ofcom will free the line up for you, ie. mac code. give the mac code to someone respectable like BT…. or try 0800 169 9576, they may be able to help in situations like this, i.e. removing markers from the line so you wont need a mac-code.
    in cases of CPW where the company is LLU, the mac code process does not apply by the way.

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  5. I work in a contact centre contracted to Orange, I work in a provisioning department, one of my pet hates of my possition here is Talk Talk, People who have active accounts and broadband with us speak to Talk Talk who do NOT ask for a Mac code, they will simply take over the line and do not decide to tell the previous ISP, this leaves our customers account open and the customer still get charged, I have known this to charge a customer over £250 for something they were not using. Thing is, we get the customer complaining we did not close the account but of course we havn’t, we have not recieved contact from Talk Talk to tell us they’ve moved because they do not use Mac codes!!!! Massive annoyance! They are a company who take a half bottomed (bonus points for internet cencorship) attempt at customer service and sticking to the regulations used by every other adsl provider in the UK and they should be stopped.

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