kk actually getting it together… but it’s taken a year.

A few months ago my father in law decided on Telewest as his broadband provider. They sold it to him even though his machine didn’t have an Ethernet card or a USB port. How they were thinking he would actually hook it up is beyond me, or perhaps they thought that they could get a bit of quick cash before he realized. It seems to be par for the course with ISPs though.

I have had nothing but trouble with Talktalk since March this year. We signed up for broadband but 2 days later cancelled the contract as our old laptop did not have the required specifications. Long story short, they lost the record of cancellation and we had to contact them by phone three more times–a real hair-tearing- out exercise as many will know. After receiving bills and a final notice for a service never rendered, we complained to Consumer Direct and Ofcom. Then we sent registered letters to Talktalk. Finally! a Talktalk ’senior customer advisor’ replied saying we were correct and did not ever have service and do not owe money. Too good to be true? You bet. Yesterday a letter from a debt collector arrived threatening a court hearing.
Back to Consumer Direct, who advises that TT has violated the Supply of Goods and Services Act by not using reasonabe care and skill.
So we have faxed them, called the debt collector, sent the latter the relevant correspondence and await the outcome.
I would not have Talktalk broadband if they paid me.
(ps–oddly enough, we have never had a complaint about onetel, which has now been absorbed by TT.)

But does it end? Oh no, KK is still having problems.

Continuing no. 5 blog. High blood pressure looming thanks to Talktalk. The deadline to pay the credit co for the non-existent debt for non-existent broadband usage from TT was today.
A call came from Onetel saying it is confirmed we never had an account with them. No kidding. So I was transferred to Talktalk customer service advisor Lance, who knew nothing and sees on file that we never have had broadband but will give the information to his manager and ’sort it out asap’.
I am not waiting for another empty promise due to the total incompetence of Talktalk. I am going off to Wales instead.
Thank you Ramir–will copy correspondence to the regulators as well as ringing them. We all know records of phone conversations can disappear.

Good luck KK, let us know what happens! Enjoy Wales 🙂


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