I want your tips, complaints…whatever.

Hi guys,

First off, I think I’ve now covered all of your comments. I really appreciate them and hope that as a group effort we can force them to actually clean up their act (instead of pretending.) I know what I want and it should be easy.

I won’t post e-mail addresses unless you ask. But if you have a url you want to direct traffic to, let me know. Not sure about how much this is getting at the moment but it seems like it’s being found, which is good and bad. I’ll do my best to help with your techie issues but there are a lot of things I don’t know about their configuration.

Ultimately I hope this is helpful. Over the next few weeks I’m going to try and sort out the entry tags, get us an RSS feed and some useful links. Suggestions are totally welcome. Anything is totally welcome.
For now, send your tips, complaints, compliments, questions or whatever talktalkhell@googlemail.com

48 responses to “I want your tips, complaints…whatever.

  1. I have the worst customer experience of my life with talk talk. I have rang 3 times their customer service department, the first 2 times i had to wait over 20 mins each time to be answered and the third time over 1 hour, yes 1 hour. I got through 2 times only to get the phone disconnected straight away so i had to ring back. I asked for a manager and their head office telephone number but was refused both. I am now thinking of disconnecting their service and going back to bt. I received a letter last week saying my broadband was now up and working but i have not received the cd or the modem and dread having to speak to their customer service department again. I sent an email to them last Wednesday and have still not had a reply.

  2. I am still on the phone waiting to speak to customer services. I have been waiting 55mins.
    Funnily enough, when I called the new customer sales line it was answered after 1 ring. However they say they can’t help!
    2 emails have been left unanswered after a week.
    I keep getting failed connections. I think they have less IP addresses than customers connecting. I can’t get through to them on any number. I go through the automated line to get a “I sorry we are busy, please call back later….Click”
    I changed my 2mb line with them to 8 mb, that was 2 months ago, but according to the sales they have no record of me asking them, albeit they have been charging me for it and I have a letter with the line info.
    I have been with talktalk since the early days, but this service has been going down the toilet over the last year and I have had enough of them.

  3. Talk Talk? What a bloody joke. I don’t know a single person who has anything good to say about them. My disaster started when I switched to TT and after a few days, I was ringing home only to find someone else answering (and it’s not what your thinking guys!). It appears the lines got crossed. That was just the beginning…. I checked my line prior to subscribing with Talk Talk and it appeared my line was capable of receiving 8meg Broadband.
    When the modem turned up I had terrible problems installing it even though I have a good knowledge of compters etc
    When it did connect, I found to my horror it would only connect at 1meg.
    Six phone calls and 4 hours later and got no satisfaction from India (becuase thats where the bloody call centre is and they cant understand a word your saying) and I couldn’t even get through to cancel my account.
    I rang BT (whilst still foaming at the mouth) and they did EVERYTHING for me. Cancelled Talk Talk, reinstated all the options I used to have and also gave me some freebies and explained in English, how they were upgrading their service and in some cases, the bolt on packages would be free.
    Sorry for the rant and raves but I had to air my views on this disgusting company Talk Talk and would say, keep WELL AWAY, the service is a complete rip off and I cant think of another word printable here other than crap.

  4. Richard August 4th
    I agree 100% with every comment I have read about Talk Talk and their toatlly non existent customer service….I even wrote by e-mail to Dunstone personally and got a quick reply with an apology….I now realise the message was simply an automatic response. Something must be done about this company. You can’t complain to Ofcom as they will not deal with individual customer problems….My advice is have nothing at all to do with Talk Talk

  5. TalkTalk or Sh*tSh*t (mind my French.) I registered with TalkTalk over the net and everything went pleasantly smooth. Only to find out a few weeks later that I wasn’t eligible for the Broadband service (I sit here wondering why accept the form then???) And to my dismay I get my bank statement this morning which shows a £20.99 DD to TalkTalk aswell as a £30.00 fee for a Modem that I don’t have or use to connect to their internet! What to do, what to do? Come Monday morning someone is going to get an ear bashing from me, TalkTalk do honestly SUCK!

  6. thanks Fidothedog for your honest feedback. I believe for every individual it must be a nightmare having to stay calm and friendly with so many upset customers.

    Me for my part – I filed a court claim against the Carphone Warehouse on Friday. I will keep you posted about the result. I am not having my credit rating screwed and my time wasted. More Inof on how to do it here: http://www.it-congress.justiz.gv.at/juk/jukwsite.nsf/80b70fcb249eb0a7c1257099002e7985/30f03338bcf613c6c125717a0057821f/$FILE/Scates_MONEY%20CLAIM%20SYSTEM%20IN%20UK_E.pdf It is very easy guys. And there is almost no risk!!

    I have an idea. Tiffany, why don´t you put an ad up on the homepage of this site asking if any other broadband company would be prepared to sponser you to put an ad in the Financial Times or in the Guardian about this site 😉

    Best regards and thanks again for this site. Tiffany I love it.

  7. http://www.hmcourts-service.gov.uk/onlineservices/mcol/index.htm sorry wrong link – try this one and read through the FAQ – its easy….

  8. another interesting link:
    it is from an employee writing an open letter to CHARLY. I think he didn´t read it. Tiffany you mentioned Charly went sailing?

  9. Word of warning with regards the Talk Talk lines, some are free for TT customers but others are chargable and if you call from a non TT line then most likely they will all be charging your bill -billing/BB tech support(or rather the lack of it!) and a few others.

    People have said about the problems regarding BB, but even leaving the loving embrace of Mr Dunstone is a nightmare. I get a lot of calls from customers wanting to leave and I cant do anything from the side of customer services. Other than refer them onto options in order to get it closed off.

    The cancellation line takes even longer to get through on than the BB line – so I have heard- when you get through you get people there who are on for a bonus if they convince you to stay with Talk Talk.

    Best tip I can give anyone planning to leave is to brew up a cuppa and pull up a chair and be ready for a long long call to the “Options team” – Thats the name of our boys and girls who close off the accounts.

    One final bit the bars on mobiles and prem rate numbers that we put on in customer services are not worth jack as you can call them even with a bar on if you route the call through the BT network by using prefix 1280

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  15. I sent this email to 5 people on the list.

    I would much appreciate your help by telling me whether or not you received an email yesterday from Customer Services at TalkTalk? I did, 9 pages containing 562 email addresses, including your own. Irrespective of whether or not everyone on that list received the email containing “the list” with no message attached, this is a very serious breach of confidentiality on the part of TalkTalk. In accordance with their Code of Practice they undertake not to disclose any information about other customers. If I do not receive a satisfactory answer – and one rarely does when calling Talktalk, or even manages to get through to Talktalk, then I will bring it to the attention of the media and take possible legal action.

  16. What is the point of them having the logo “Talktalk”? The simple answer is that they get as many people as possible to sign up to their wonderful deals and, once that has been completed, they no longer talktalk. I have run up enormous telephone bills (10p a minute) for assistance, but to no avail and, as a result of the lack of expertise at Technical Support, my computer was in such a mess that I had to call in a private IT consultant to sort my computer out, this cost me £60. Talktalk may advertise that they have the cheapest deals, but ultimately the customer spends an enormous amount of money trying to get some satisfactory IT support. This latest incident is extremely serious and I intend to take this to the highest authority to expose Talktalk for what they really are – disgraceful, unprofessional and they are conducting a breach in confidentiality.

  17. irene.. their terms and conditions clearly state that THEY WILL DISCOLOSE YOUR IMFORMATION, INCLUDING EMAILS YOU SEND, TELEPHONE NUMBERS YOU RING AND WEBSITES YOU VISIT, NOT FORGETTING YOUR BANK DETAILS to 3rd party companys both inside and outside the UK, consisting of 15% of the CPW group


  18. You cant take it to the highest possible level becuase you signed saying you agree to their terms, and their terms clearly state they will install BIG BROTHER software onto your computer (ie spy software, and software to remote access)

  19. talktalk is a joke,i have had enough of their rubbish service and i feel sorry for the people that work there as do i for the customers. i have had to cancel my direct debit and am refusing to pay my bill. i will be getting legal advice as i do not want a bad credit rating. I have tried on countless occasions to cancel only to be told i will receive a 70 pound fee. My bills are equaling more then they did with BT and i get talktak bills monthly as an oppose to quartely.The broadband is even worse…it cuts off when using it and then does not reconnect. anyone got any advice on where to go with this. I was told i would receive broadband in june and i applied in april….so icontinued using my dial up which has cost well over 100 pound (this is through july and august) when i still had not received the service….now im not a professional but surely i should not have to pay this but im being told i will not be refunded. (or the bill cancelled). Ive come to the end of my tether but i will not give up on this.any help willl be appreciated

  20. Paul - Northants

    OH MY GOD!. i was going to go with talk talk onthe basis that i could have the broadband in june…. lone behold AFTER the 12 day period i get a letter saying i will go live on etc etc but my broadband wont be on till august. i promptly phone them and say i am no longer interested because i was lied too. NO PROBLEM THEY SAID!. next thing iknow i have been cut off from BT and talk talk are charging me stupid amounts for something i dont want. then i get back onto them and they finally agree to disconnect me so i can go back to BT without the cancellation charges and will take of the service charges (i even said i would pay for my call charges). as promised they disconnected me and i got onto BT to go back to them.
    BT want to charge me £160 to reconnect because bloody talk talk physically cut the damn line!. now i can never get thru to talk talk and i am stuck with nothing. cant have no internet or phone line unless i go to NTL and i aint EVER going there. so all in all to correct everything i have to pay out £200.47 to go back to how i was when they wasnt even sposed to come to me in the first place! will talk talk help ?? will they heck!. if anyone knows anyway i can make these idiots sort this out so i can have my internet and my phone line back without having to pay £200.47 for talk talks mistake i would really appreciate it

  21. please write to your local paper to explain this problem to educate your own comunity, eventually other comunity papers will catch on and spread the news. does the great british public really think they can get something for nothing. do we not smell rats anymore ? BT meens BRITISH telecom, it was Government, and the Government looks after the interest of the nation until dicks of an organisation called Ofcom got involved and said lets “encourage competition”, which is fair enough, but did not exclude “con artists”.. .. yes, i have emailed mr Dunstone a week ago, asking him to put a full page ad in a paper explaining his intentions in 2008 (when his 5 yr business plan expires for talk talk), however he has not yet replied. so you guys on LLU on the 18month deal, which expires in 2008, who will then be your phone provider ? , who will pay re-connection fees cos your current provider no-longer exists ? and will your providers technology be compatable with the modern phone exchange ? anyone who goes to LLU is a dick. simple.

  22. Hi Irene: I’ve seen it now, so unprofessional. It looks like a customer service advisor screwed up and hit ‘cc’ instead of ‘bcc.’ People have been fired for things like this in the past.

  23. Hey guys, I don’t what to say. May god bless us and get our money back from these wankers “Talk Shit”. I was happy with BT till I got fed dial up and looked for something faster. I came across this company called OneTel which eventually became one of TalkTalk companies. I was happy with my 1mg Broadband and got even better when they upgraded my service to 2mg without any further charges. Until this bastard from work who told me that this company called TalkTalk has a very good offer £20.99 a month for 24hrs free phone (National and International) and free up to 8mg broadband, I said woo let go get it. We went to one of their con shop and I got in the trap and that bastard who took me got nothing because he had a n NTL line which is not compatible with their service, now I wish I had that damn line too so they could have decined my application. So I signed the damn contract and payed £30 for connection. Which they took straight away. Phone got switch in 2 week time, that’s OK, but got charged for international because they did not tell me to use their internationl code (18….) whatever! One month gone still no broadband, then they send me a letter saying there a service I supscribed to from my previous phone compmany need to be removed, didn’t have a clue what it was, they said they need the MAC code , again contacted Onetel and e-mailed it to them, 2month and may be 2 week broadband arrived, installation CD useless finally up and running. A few weeks later the bill came £57 what is that for? well said may be the first bill with all the hidden charges, next one did not come, a letter requiring the payment of £41.29 what for where is the bloody bill so I can pay. No bill it was sent to my e-mail to pay online, how am gonna pay online SHOW ME HOW? no link to pay online…….?????? Line got restrictions and no out going calls. I want to pay the bill , follow the instruction , bill is ringing no answer , How the HELL am I going to pay the bloody bill….Some body tell me……..

  24. Hey there green giant

    dial 1280, that forces the call through bt’s network, then you can make the call to 0870 444 1820, ask for the call charge to be refunded when your problem is resolved…

    u’ll be hearing more from the “the mole”

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  27. I was a very happy Tele2 customer. My phone bill was around £7 per month. I phoned abroad a lot and this was the cheapest phone company for me. One day I called my bank to find out the Carphone Warehouse had taken money from my account. As I had never had anything to do with CW I thought my identity had been stolen, and I cancelled the order they had set up. A few weeks later, I picked up my phone to find it cut off and a message from Talktalk saying I had to call them for the line to be reinstated. I had received a bill from them, but never opened it, because it had their logo all over the front and I assumed it was junk mail asking me to join their company for broadband, as it was being promoted everywhere at the time. I opened the bill for £71 for one months’ calls and saw also that the call charge limit was £100, so presumably I had reached this amount.
    I cannot say how many days and hours I spent trying to speak to a human at TT. It is painful to me. Turned out that TT had taken over Tele2 and also my account, hence they had my bank account details and I was now signed up with them even though I had never asked for this or been told (other than the bill I received). I said my phone bill had increased by over 1000% and I would never have chosen their awful company. Could this be legal? If I bought something in a shop for £7 every month and then it became £100, I would not buy it. But here I was forced to pay for something I did not ask for. They said my bill should be less. I said well it is not is it. They said I was perhaps on the wrong package. I asked to speak to someone about this. Do you think this was possible? Yeh, right.
    Next month, same thing, I had barely used phone but they carried over the ‘invisible’ £30 from last time. I tried to get these cowboys off my phoneline which I pay BT for. Finally they have gone but I have 2 different letters in 2 days from 2 credit companys each wanting payment of the outstanding bill money. This obviously threatens my credit rating, which angers me beyond belief as I consider myself innocent and these people criminals.
    I have made so many calls, pressed 1, pressed 2, pressed 4 been cut off… spoken to people in India who cannot help me at all… been refused managers… hung on lines for hours… been called a liar and spoken to as if I am stupid etc etc. The worst thing is that bloody song over and over and over again. They have bought the rights and they are going to use it, over and over…
    How is this company allowed to operate? How do we get rid of them?
    Is what they do legal?
    I will tell anyone I meet in my life to never go near the Carphone Cowboys. Even that song has started to make me twitch like some poor laboratory animal I have been subjected to it so many times.



  29. Well, yes it has all been a pretty stressful time since 12th August, but going to the highest level paid off, if you’ll pardon the pun! Talktalk have agreed to reimburse me with the £100 it cost to have my computer up and running again after that horrific email and, they have credited me with the cost of the telephone calls during 2 weeks to customer support which amounted to £32.27. I did read their Code of Practice and it does say in there that in accordance with the Data Protection Act, they will not reveal details of their customers. If you were watching BBC Breakfast yesterday, Susanna Reid, that was very bad publicity. The powers that be have assured me that they are actively recruiting in order to provide a better service. I told Charles Dunstone that the active recruitment should have taken place before they launched Talktalk Broadband, thus ensuring that everyone received the appropriate training – they were bound to know they were going to get a huge response to their deal. Unfortunately, Darren, I have read a good deal of their crap and I am stuck with them for another 18 months. During the last 3 days it would appear that everybody at Talktalk were ensuring that I was a satisfied customer, I have had numerous telephone calls and emails – I gave them a pretty rough time! Another aspect of that email is that one of the addressees has undertaken to send me a girlie calendar and a picture of a naked guy with a very large arse climbing a ladder! Do I really want this? No I certainly do not. So, Stewart Green if you are reading this, I have gone public – please desist from sending any more emails to me, and do something useful with your life.

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  31. WHOOPEE! I am in credit at Talktalk by £1!! I await with some trepidation to see my next bill, which I am assured will amount to £20.99 all in accordance with the deal I signed up for. If for any reason it is more than that, then I will again cancel the direct debit, although I’m not sure I will have any patience left to contact Talktalk direct. The staff must be feeling pretty pissed off working there, they are recipients of the aggression, frustration, seem to be doing their best to keep customers happy, but it’s not working. God, please give me strength I can’t find a commandment which Talktalk have broken – “worship no god but Talktalk”, “Respect Talktalk so that you may live a long time in the deal that Talktalk is giving you”, “do not steal”? Ah well, for the time being I am a happy bunny – what is really funny is that when I ring Talktalk now, as I did this morning regarding my direct debit – it would seem that everybody now knows my name, who I am and, that I am not a force to be contended with!!

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  33. TalkTalk was established in 2003, with a 5 yr business plan which ends in 2008. Their business plan is to either sell off to the highest bidder, or if they hold enough customers, – hold BT to ransom. Either way, it is still their equipment in the exchange, so, if you was to move onto another supplier in 2008, then it would cost you , probably, an engineer to go to the exchange to rip out their tripe equipment. either way, its a case of pay now , or pay later. Every business has a 5yr business plan, thats how the rich get richer, hook them in when they are young, hold them to 18 months, as of this year, ohhhh to my shock, that 18months coincidently brings us to 2008. did anyone else not see this comming ?

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  35. Just thought you might like to know that BBC Breakfast are featuring Talktalk every day this week, at least. They have received hundreds of emails complaining, not just about Talktalk, but other companies too, although the bulk are related to Talktalk. I believe something was mentioned on this morning’s programme that copies of the complaints would be sent to the Chief Executive. Charles Dunstone is too busy to speak to the BBC but they are hoping that he will agree to appear on the programme soon – his 5 year plan is due shortly. Watch this space……….

  36. do you remember jasper carrott’s comedy show all those years ago…….he referred to bt as ‘B’e ‘T’ight? this is old news, bt used to have to biggest moans of all but now there’s a new cat in town (and his name is charlie d), our attentions focus on him instead.
    it’s nothing new, just the same complaints with a different face, give us a chance guys

  37. Just to keep you up to date with developments – I had a call this morning from John Livesy, Customer Support – charming man! He just wanted to ensure that all was OK with my recent assault on Talktalk. Well, yes, I have to say it is because of my £1 credit and, despite my conversation with a guy on Friday when he told me that Talktalk do not have an Accounts Department – wait a minute – WHAT? John Livesy has promised to send me an amended bill. You know that “jungle” SORRY, “jingle” when one rings Talktalk, well I really thought I was going to have to go into therapy because I was singing it while I was cleaning my teeth!!! I have another jingle in my head, “I could have talked all night, I could have talked all night and still have talked some more” – of course, sung to the tune of “I could have danced all night”, well I am working on that and could come up with a very interesting new “jingle” for Talktalk!! You have every right to think that I am in need of therapy!! Hope there are more satisfied customers – none so far…………? Irene

  38. mole says – well done…..good to see that we’re getting it right.
    maybe we could post some ideas for other songs?, how about……
    oops i did it again?, i cant get no satisfaction?….oh well…we could have some fun with that….

    just one thing irene……amended bills may only come to you once any credits have been amended so your bill might take a short while to get to you but always check the dates when it comes cos if you get a bill that’s not been amended, it may have been sent before the amendments took place so dont be suprised if you get 2 bills with two different amounts.
    dont know what the “accounts dept” conversation was all about, i think someone got the wrong end of the stick there…it happens though, can’t be helped, human error and all that, any advisor can send an amended bill, its easy….

    if you have any questions about things that are confusing, mr mole will try and shed some light on them
    mole is keeping his ear to the ground

  39. Mole, nice to hear from you again. I haven’t received the amended bill yet, but yes I suppose these things do take an inordinate amount of time to filter through the system, and I’m sure that John Livesay won’t let me down. However, I called Talktalk today to ask why the £100 had not been credited to my account (was told it would be credited last week), only to be told that it went to my bank yesterday, although it hasn’t reached my bank yet. John Livesay assured me that enormous improvements were taking place and, that anyone calling Talktalk would find a huge difference. Well, I waited for about 5 minutes today and there was no “jingle”! It was lovely soothing music, very appropriate for Irene, who is the Greek Goddess of Peace!! Yes, it would seem that Talktalk really are making a huge effort to rectify all of the problems hundreds of people have experienced over the last few months. Do you really work for Talktalk – God, well no I don’t think you are Charles Dunstone! But whoever you are, you are doing a fine job.

    My father recently passed on and he used to curse moles for making huge holes in his lawn, why can’t you come up another route, i.e. the compost heap!! Really healthy grubs in there.

    Just another little mishap I had on Wednesday. I took my 9 year old nephew to Windermere to visit the aquarium, went on the steam train, and we took a boat trip round the lake. On the way back my car died just as I was about to go onto the M6. To my horror I discovered that my insurance with RAC only stretched to road recovery and they wanted £200 up front to get me home – 65 miles away! So, James and I were deposited, in torrential rain, outside a filling station and chinese restaurant – no money left, dead mobile and no idea how we were going to get back. Some really lovely people who were dining in the restaurant gave me money (which was returned immediately I got back), members of my family drove all that distance to pick us up and, I had a little tussle with the RAC, as a result of which they have upgraded my insurance free of charge!

    The reason for telling that story is that it is of paramount importance that everyone who enters into a contract, i.e. Talktalk, RAC etc, it is so important to read the small print – when one enquires about a deal, over the telephone, the sales staff give their spiel and it sounds wonderful – yes, let’s go for it and, it is only when a problem arises that one is all too ready to blame the company, when in fact one hasn’t really taken everything in or read the terms and conditions. Anyhow, RAC is not Mole’s problem, I just thought I would throw that one in.

    Ah ah, another jingle “Happy talk talk talking, happy talk, talk about things we like to………………..” (South Pacific)!! Apart from being a perfect pest to Talktalk I am also a musician – classical – piano and organ, so if you ever find a moless and want to get married, I will play Vidor’s Toccata – free of charge!!

  40. hey guys!

    i’ll agree. I work for the place. I feel so sorry for you lot at times when I speak and hear whats happened to you.

    things are getting a little better

  41. New website is very impressive. All seems to be quiet now – do I take it that, like me, everyone is now happy with talktalk? I have yet to receive a bill amounting to £20.99 but no doubt that will sort itself out in time and, that in February I will receive 8mg thus giving me a speedier download.

  42. Well I spoke too soon. All has been going well until I became disconnected from the internet and, it is only by some jiggery pokery on my part that I have managed to get connected, but temporarily. I have been trying to get through to Talktalk and, like thousands of others, after a call lasting 49 minutes I gave up. Just what do I do now – suggestions please

  43. PLEASE HELP. While Charles Dunstone is sitting back reaping the benefits of his recent takeover of AOL, and ripping off all his existing customers, I could just be the first person to commit suicide as a result of being a Talktalk customer. I had many problems in the past but things seemed to be going pretty well. However, on Monday of this week I could not get connected to the internet, made many fruitless calls to customer support and, with the limited technical knowledge that I have I managed to get connected, but there is still an ongoing problem. Customer support’s answer is – since you can access the internet we would rather not attempt to resolve the problem, because it could create many more! It was also on Monday of this week that I discovered I could dial out to national and international calls, but couldn’t dial local calls! I spent most of yesterday and today calling customer support, accounts etc., and every call being fobbed off onto another department – a bit like a ball in a game of tennis. I was even told that I would have to contact BT as they had obviously put a bar on my phone! So, I called BT and they laughed! You are no longer a customer of BT and we have nothing to do with your line, it is routed through Talktalk – “would you like to migrate to BT?” I was tempted, but at the present time can’t face the hassle. The other point I would like to make is that I have watched the interviews last week and this week with Charles Dunstone who reckons that all problems have been resolved, that customers calls are answered within 5 minutes blah blah blah! One call yesterday took 42 minutes before I received a reply, only to be told that they were transferring me and I was disconnected. Today has been an absolute nightmare and I simply do not know what to do next. Talktalk can’t come up with a solution, despite the fact that my line is routed through them and so I am stuck with a phone which is bloody useless for making local calls and I am having to use my mobile. Oh, and yes, I should point out that the 42 minute call was from my mobile which cost £6. If Talktalk’s problems have been resolved, why then are they still using the recorded message “due to the high interest all our agents are busy please call later” and one is cut off?
    Any suggestions?

  44. After a call on my mobile lasting 54 minutes this morning, I have been assured that within 24 hours the bar on my LOCAL calls will be lifted. WHY was it put on in the first place. Seems a bit odd that, as I said earlier, I have been able to make national and international calls, but not local. I give up. Having made extensive searches today, yes Talktalk offer the best deal and at the lowest price, but once someone has been entrenched onto their web, there is no escape for the fly!

  45. Tried to make a card payment to talktalk over the phone 4 times, and was told the payment had not gone through, when I checked my bank account details, I saw that talk talk have taken the same amount from my bank account 4 times, and they now have £100 pounds of my money of which they should not have, I could screem as I dont have enough money in my account to cover my other direct debits, thanks to bloody talktalk telling me bloody lies, and yes I will now have to get on the phone and speak to somebody, from TT, bound to be cut -off, and then spend another 40 mins or more doing it all over again. talk talk! what a joke ay, should call it crap crap. I really regret sighing up for this, this is just one of many problems I have had with this so-called company, there should be more sites like this one, telling of the problems that they are having with TT

  46. Hello, this is my first posting on this forum. I have been trying to LEAVE Talk Talk since August 2007, yes AUGUST 2007!! I am currently dealing with Neil Wearing who works in Charles Dunstone’s office at Talk Talk. If anyone on this forum would like his e-mail address I would be happy to forward it to you to voice any complaints directly to Charles Dunstone’s office.
    I have spent so far approximately £2,000 (and rising) in legal fees in trying to get Talk Talk to cancel my accounts. Whilst I have all of the details relating to my account, in writing, in the form of e-mails and letters from Talk Talk explaining the cessation of my accounts, they still refuse to let me go. Originally back in August 2007 I decided to leave Talk Talk and go to another ISP, Plus.Net. After being rudely spoken to by a member of Talk Talk’s customer service staff I decided to write to Charles Dunstone to complain at the disservice I received from one of his employees. Whilst Charles Dunstone likes to present himself publicly as a ‘customer friendly’ CEO he is anything but and I have found from my personal experience that Charles Dunstone is a truly ignorant individual who abuses the confusion surrounding the UK telecommunications industry and bullies customers into forcibly staying with Talk Talk. I am now at a point whereby despite complaining to John Ingham (Ofcom), Charles Dunstone and BT’s chairman Sir Michael Rake, I am still unable to leave Talk Talk and transfer all of my lines away from them. One line has been transferred out and one line has been disconnected and ceased. However, two remaining lines that I need and would like to transfer over to Plus.Net have been tagged by Opal Telecom and Talk Talk refuse to let them go despite written assurances from Neil Wearing that they would be ‘available for transfer on 22nd December 2007’. I have a list of correspondence between BT, Talk Talk, Ofcom and Plus.Net with my letters currently running at 33 with further letters and e-mails sent by my solicitor. I don’t know any of the experiences that the forum members are experiencing but I feel the only way to stop Talk Talk is to publicly shame them and to launch legal action against them via the Small Claims Court. Whilst as an individual Talk Talk probably would not care about one claim. However, sustained action from many disgruntled users would have a wider effect and this I feel is the only way to stop Charles Dunstone and his behaviour as a pariah of Britain’s telecommunications network. Talk Talk must be stopped from abusing the LLU system which fundamentally is very good. Ofcom is overwhelmed with complaints but does very little to stop Talk Talk. I know of journalists working on national newspapers that when they run articles about Talk Talk, were inundated with so many e-mails from frustrated Talk Talk customers they had to stop those stories. If you need any proof try and ask a journalist on a suitable national newspaper to run an article on the state of Britain’s broadband network, stating that you have a problem with Talk Talk and they will tell you it isn’t something they are interested in as there are too many people with the same problem. Legal action is the only way and publicity on the internet such as You Tube. I would be happy to assist anyone with any advice and I also would be happy to receive any constructive comments regarding the cessation of my accounts with Talk talk and their transfer. Thank you, John

  47. i am an insider and am considering setting up a website for employees who feel ashamed to be associated with the level of service carphone/talktalk provide. Does anyone know if the name talktalkhell2 is taken?

  48. This is a copy of the the latest letter I’ve sent to Talk Talk and they still haven’t replied! I think that I can beat anyones complaint!!

    I had thought that I had finally put the relationship with your company to an end! However it seems that still insist on finding ways to harass me.

    It all began a few years ago. I was a ‘One Tel’ customer for my telephone calls with a BT landline. I was extremely happy with the service I was getting. One day a door to door salesman called and asked if I would like to alter my existing telephone and internet service. The man explained to me that ‘One Tell’ were now becoming ‘Talk Talk’. It made sense to me to change from BT internet and have the very attractive offer that Talk Talk were offering me with the telephone and internet. However I was a little unsure, surely this would not be easy, but to my relief Talk Talk said that they would handle everything and I had to do nothing.

    Indeed Talk Talk did manage to do a lot but it was not in my interest. From what I can remember from the endless calls I made to you, Talk Talk were experiencing some difficulties and my go live date kept changing. This was not a problem as I did still have BT internet and landlane at the time. My original ‘go live’ date was for the 8th September 2006. On the 6th November 2006 you wrote to me stating that I would need a password: E1B9K6X4E5 but I has not been connected or sent the CD that I was waiting for.

    I decided to ring you and ask what was going on. I spoke to a lady ‘Lianne Hendrix’ who rudely laughed at my situation. She offered no help at all. I also contacted you on 14th November 2006 and was told to ring back. I phoned again the next day and from reading back on my notes, found that I was probably going to be without a landline for a week or more. Indeed I was. Talk Talk had disconnected me from BT landline and interent but failed to connect me as a Talk Talk customer. I won’t bore you with the notes from all the phone calls I made to you but I tried for a very long time to beg you to connect me. As a mother of 3 children I worried about not having the security of a landline. I had already begun to rely heavily on my mobile phone.

    I was studying a degree at the time and the internet was vital to have to assist me. As you will know from previous emails I had to use internet cafes and friends internets to enable me to continue with my course.

    From what I can remember I spent months without a landline to call from or internet. To beg you on a daily basis to connect me was a challenge. I has to stay behind after lectures to use the email service provided by the university to email you and use my mobile or my friends phone to contact you. Despite all this begging and pleading you failed to connect me. The last straw came when I needed to call a doctor for my daughter. I had to use a neighbours phone to do this. Even on a journey to a friend’s house to use her internet, I lost my mobile!!! This would not have happened if I had had the Talk Talk internet and phone service I was promised and agreed to have.

    Anyhow this went on for weeks and weeks. If you check back at emails you may find how I begged and begged for you to connect me. On the 14th December I received a bill from you for £21.99. This was to be direct debited 28/12/06. Then I had another bill from you dated 17th January 2007. This bill was for £47.48 (5086046360). The cheek of it, Talk Talk hadn’t even connected me, they had managed to disconnect mefrom BT, and now they were demanding I pay!!

    The following weeks I spent hours in connact with you. I was sick of the sight of talk Talk bills and emails and couldn’t even bear to watch the TV adverts you had on at the time! With no other alternative I decided to give you an ultimatum. I warned you that I could no longer go without telephone calls or internet and that I would have to change provider if you did not connect me. By now I was exhausted!!

    To my relief BT agreed to take me back. I did loose out on the original offers but were glad to think that I’d soon be able to make calls and study properly with the use of the internet. Imagine how I felt having to return to BT.

    I felt let down and disappointed by Talk Talk, so much so that I followed the advice of your colleges and wrote to Mr C Dunstone explaining what had happened to me (recored delivery). I explained how I had gone months without phone calls and internet, the rude member of staff, the endless calls and time I’d spent, the fact the I’d lost my mobile phone and how the whole inconvenience has over taken my life. I proposed to Talk Talk that I was out of pocket for, if I remember, about £400. I sent a detailed itemised list of out of pocket expenses. No body replied to this letter. I was hurt and fed up. I decided to repeat this letter and send another recorded delivery letter.

    Despite staff at Talk Talk emailing back to say that the two letters has arrived I never had a reply. I had no explanation or apology. Feeling frustrated and upset I decided that I could no longer deal with this situation. After all BT had now connected me!!

    Then despite not being able to contact me Talk Talk decide that it would be a good idea to sent my details of unpaid bills to a debt collector company. I didn’t even owe any bills because I’d never got connected. I was billed on 5th April 2007 for a service I’d never received. Robinson, Way & Company (855223960) were extremely helpful. They told me this was not the first time this had happened. I contacted Talk Talk and they agreed that I owed no money! The formal demand for money went no further. Robinson, Way & Company apologised. Talk Talk did not. I decided not to take this personal. I was revising for exams by now and this letter was causing a strain on my relationship with my partner. I needed to forget the whole nightmare.

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