Help with password problems?

I haven’t bothered with Talk, Talk’s e-mail service. I couldn’t actually get it to work from the CD and have several webmail accounts (including GMail, if anyone wants an invite.) However, can anyone help Lyn?

I’ve just switched to talk talk broadband. Alreadfy I could scream. I can’t access my Webmail as an error message keeps coming up telling me I have put my pass word and email address in wrong. (I haven’t) Anyone got any ideas. Thank you I think I might have to set up a hotmail account, as I can’t get through to Talk talk or dumb dumb as they are now known.

I’m guessing that it’s probably due to a system glitch on their part. If I’m thinking correctly, the account name should be created via the CD and then updated in their domain for authentication. I’m not sure what backend they’re using but I can say if it’s a Windows system using Sites and Services, that it can take some time to replicate user information. It wouldn’t surprise me if that was the case. Does anyone else have insight into the process that can help Lyn?

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  1. I’m having the same problem, can not read my emails. Also can not use desk top talk talk icon, does not connect. I,m begining to have second thoughts about talk talk as I also have to keep reconecting to the internet every couple of minutes. Sorry I don’t have any answers as talk talk help line are always busy, they tell me to call back later. This speaks volumes!

  2. I can save you the trouble of speaking to the tech support:
    Here is what they will tell you.
    Please switch the computer off, wait ten seconds and switch it on again. If this doesn’t work. Please uninstall the drivers and then install them again. If this doesn’t work. You must have spyware/trojan/worm/virus. please remove it and call back. goodbye

  3. I have tried to set up new emails in the talktalk webmail option. this works fine but when you try to access the emails via the webmail page, you just get:

    “The server responded: -ERR Incorrect login or password incorrect. Check you have the correct username and password for the account. Server returned ( 0 NO Login failed. )”

    I’ve sent an email to the new account as requested, but still – nothing. I’m not even bothering with the “whelp desk”

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  5. omg cant believe everyones getting the same problems as me cant use icons or access email can some one put it on here how to retifiy this problem regards tracy

  6. Have had talktalk email for about 2 months. Similar problems, when the network gets busy the mail servers won’t authemticate so it craps you out and says your entering the wrong account number or password. There are 5 different webserver addresses so try different ones in your shortcut i.e. http:\\ or or etc up to webmail5
    That has worked previously , although in the last 24 hours I havent been able to access talktalk mail at all. The broad band service can be intermittent, depends on school holidays and peak times but it does vary from a minimum of 400k up to 1.7mb, so its abit flaky really. They say that the major national upgrades will be complete by November 2006 , but it feels a long way off….

  7. i’m also a new customer and from day 1 since conectiont to thier online service’s i have been unable to connect to webmail, which means i can’t get the number to put in to allow me access to my user account so can not view my bills?

  8. HI running mac mail here it keeps saying i havent got the correct password, although it is set up correctly when you view there website info for my account..i’ll keep trying…

  9. Having waited 5 months for Talk Talk broadband , it looks like I will be back waiting on the phone for ages toask why I cannot access my e-mail account thank God for Hotmail.

  10. same problems as everyone else since may can sometimes access emails, given up trying to phone them …hopless advice although i did get an apology for the problems i was experiencing but no solution. By chance 1 of their henchmen turned up on my door trying to sell me their services the next day, you can imagine the welcome he got, I suggested he stopped selling until current customers could be coped with, he said i should just avoid using it at busy times and also said he knew nothing about computors anyway so couldn’t help….then promptly gave his sales pitch to my neighbour, who I’ve warned! Ps.only found this site while desperatly trying to get my mail…AGAIN!!! Anyone who ‘fixes’ it please tell

  11. i have connection problems, ordered “international” tarrif with free broadband connection in march told landline would be switched in may- it did happen a week late, and had a go live date for broadband on the 13th June – guess what – STILL NO BROADBAND. Now in not racialist but those idiots in India just havnt got a clue what they are on about, when you are on hold for up to an hour then get no help at all it kind of winds you up.
    Anyway i found a new website that is aiming to pull all these complaints together – go to – to air your views about this terrible service

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  13. I’m having problems even setting up email addresses. When I login to to the “broadband dashboard” all I get is a blank screen.
    Any one else suffered this or know of another way to set up email addresses

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  15. I have been unable to access my emails since I first connected. Same old story – email address or password not recognised. Thank goodness I kept my Supanet account going, but it makes it more expensive.

  16. I recently switched to TalkTalk, so interesting to read the problems, many of which I have experienced.
    Good points: was quite easy to set up, and they switched me over fairly quickly. Browser works fine.

    email seems to be the most common problem. It works sometimes, but often fails to login to the server for incoming mail, and gives an error message. This is intermittent – sometimes OK, so probably a TalkTalk fault.

    I also found that all attempts to login to the Broadband dashboard to modify email users, set up webmail etc. have failed – I get the famous blank screen after login with correct username and password. Sounds like a fault at their end.

    I wouldn’t phone, but have sent some emails to technical, and will just be patient for a reply, but it sounds like they have some big problems which they cannot rectify….

  17. walters e d
    “i’m also a new customer and from day 1 since conectiont to thier online service’s i have been unable to connect to webmail, which means i can’t get the number to put in to allow me access to my user account so can not view my bills?”

    You shouldn’t need your webmail to see your bills. You can set up “My Account” at their website using your account number and phone number etc.

    It is a bit confusing – I seem to have several usernames and passwords already for different purposes! e.g. username and password for My Account was set up when I ordered the TalkTalk, username and password for Broadband Dashboard is phone number and password in Welcome letter (which I never got, but you can phone an automatic reply to get it), and then there is the username and password for every webemail address you set up (5 in total) – Phew – I have already run out of cats…

  18. I was having all sorts of problems with Talktalk broadband not connecting to all sorts of sites, particularly Hotmail. I heard on one site that changing the MTU (Maximum Transmission Unit) size on my PC to 1400 would fix it. I am nothugely technical, but I found this great simple utility at, dowloaded it and chaged the settings to 1400 on my Desktop, and Laptop (Wireless Connection) and everything has been brilliant since!! Even the performance of TalkTalk Webmail. I hope this helps some of you aout there from pulling as much hair out as I have over the past few weeks! Regards, JohnC

  19. hi all , the problem im getting is i can receive emails but cannot send any….all i get is logon failed or username and password incorrect..any ideas ?

  20. Hi Simon: I think I am having the same problem as you: I can receive but not send emails (these are emails on my account not talk talk). Just called the helpdesk – load of rubbish

  21. chris you need to change your outgoing mail server to this should rectify your problem as to web mail i called in and found 2 alternatives and also the mydial takes you to the old style webmail but it works.

    Funny thing is i called talktalk today and got through straight away and when the person couldnt help i got transferd to there 2nd line team who i must say where very much on the ball and resolved my issue emidiatley

  22. Hi guys. Only spent nearly 4 hours on phone to Apple and talktalk tech support and still can,t retrieve my mail. All my settings are correct and keep getting incorrect password box.Apple brill but talktalk passing the buck.jim

  23. Need to appologise as i have gone back to pc, switched on, cliked mail and there i go. Dread to see next phone bill. Sorry talktalk.

  24. Trying to find me mail, with calls at £2. Who needs talk talk help line?Perhaps easier to go back to Yahoo or Wanadoo.

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  27. I had similar problems until I did what the screen says: send an email to yourself – BUT not those spanking new accounts you create – the overall account based on your phone number –

  28. Dear sir.
    I signed up with talktalk some months ago and applied for an E-mail no. I now find I have to apply for another company for an E-mail number as I cannot send any mail with the number I was given.
    Talk Talk are not keeping to their part of the contract .
    Their help line has told me the E-mail number I was given does not exist.
    As for the phone help line . I was passed over to three different people and then made to wait 20 minutes and still did not get to speak
    to anybody I had to copy and past this letter as I have twicealready and the Internet has been cut off

  29. Recently opened account for local Sea Cadets. After initial problems getting my address wrong, everything now OK. Never received Modem or CD. Used our own Modem/Router to connect all Computers. Took details of Username and Password over phone and set everything up manually using Microsoft Outlook. For anyone wishing to do the same you will need the following info:
    pop3 server –
    STMP server –
    talktalk dashboard – alternatively type ‘talktalk dashboard in Google searchbar and select 1st option. When you have set up your e-mail account(s) you will need to get a friend to send an e-mail to each one to activate them. Good luck

  30. To JohnC for post number 18. You are a life saver. I have been so pissed off with Talk Talk because I haven’t been able to access (site would just not load). The little utility works if you set the MTU to 1400 as you instructed. Many thanks!

  31. I am moving house soon so will have to cope with this crap ( for a few more weeks, i can never pick up emails! It has almost drove me to tears on some occasions, i i already had a nightmare with talktalk landline and now even worse with talktalk internet i never ever want to deal with these muppets again!!!!

  32. We have recently switched from BT internet to Talk Talk. After an initial problem with not being able to access our hotmail and btinternet email accounts, I downloaded a firmware upgrade for my Netgear DG834GT wireless router, all is now fine. I can access both using Outlook Express.

    I think some of the problems are a result of the CHAP encryption.

    Hope this helps.

  33. God I could scream,just set up in business,all my incoming emails blocked.Spent ages on the phone [premium numbers]getting nowwhere.cannot even receive them from their webmail service.Getting fed up with talktalk now.

  34. Just to let you know, most of my problems went away when on the login name I included piece … Outlook removes this by default from the login details…


  35. ARGH!!! We’ve been on TalkTalk for 2 months now and still cannot set our email up in Outlook or Outlook Express – cannot send or receive! I have all the settings spot on, and it just keeps asking for my password – can anyone help? Thanks!

  36. Go to (login using dialup username (your and password (something like j7k8l5n6h4 you should have this on a letter) to check what email address has actually gone through for you, it will say here what email accounts you have sometimes there is an obvious problem like two endings or spelling mistakes. Is worth recreating them, giving it a few hours to update and then trying again. go then to or (dont forget the ‘s’) one of these should work, if not its talktalk’s system gone down again try replacing the 1 with 2,3,4 and 5 each time, these are the different servers, but this is usually fruitless. If you get through on one of these which you shoud eventually it at least means that your email account is active.

  37. As for Outlook Express and Microsoft Outlook;
    Go into Tools and then Accounts, delete whatever is in there then go to Add and make the account from scratch again. Choose the POP3 Server and enter you name and email address (make sure its the right case etc) the incoming server is and the outgoing server is your user name is the whole of your email address and the password is your email password not your dialup password. should work. also check to see if it is set as your default in email accounts. click send and receive and cross your fingers. if it still doesn’t work then it may be a problem with outlook express, try it on microsoft outlook instead. all the details for setting it up is on in help and support and then email set up. ringing broadband customer services generally doesn’t help much as it depends who you get and what training they’ve had regarding email. and technical support is just the same people as regular customer service. second line will generally only give you the above advice because as far as they’re concerned if the account is active then its not their problem.

  38. TalkTalk freely admit they’ve had problems with their servers. Currently they are upgrading their POP3 server so most people can’t seem to access their email.

    The best option is to go to (it redirects to, but your on the best server for that time).

    If that doesn’t work, go to Just type in your email address and password and there you go. If you can’t get in on either of those, try emailing yourself from a different email address (for some bizarre reason TalkTalk don’t ensure email accounts activate straight away).

    You can always try using something like Outlook, just make sure you do type in the correct settings, or you feel rather dumb for yelling down the phone at someone that it’s not working!

    The correct settings are as follows:
    Incoming Server Type = POP3
    Incoming Server =
    Outgoing Server =
    Account name = (emailaddress)
    Password = (email password)

    Also, if you hae any problems, try deactivating email-scanning or your firewall temporarily.
    Some different virus-protection programs stop things working too.

    Hope that fixes most peoples emails! If that doesn’t, all TalkTalk will do is test that you can ping ok, run a netstat to check for any wrong connections from spyware. They’ll probably fob you off and say run a virus scan, or ‘try swapping the microfilters…’ to a dead line.

    Don’t take any of that, go through the settings with them, reset your browser defaults, try the pings with them, and when they say they are stuck, ask them to then send it to 2ndline. I know it’s a wait, but you can’t help it. And to be honest if all this doesn’t fix it, it isn’t gonna get fixed by whoever you call up.

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  40. Tech support Muppet

    Hi Guys,

    (Removed due to CPW legal team) Just reading your comments there, all I can say is sorry. (Removed due to CPW legal team) I agree totally that Talk talk have no idea about what they are doing, and the sales teams are overselling to the max, telling customers anything just to get them to buy.

    As you will all know, the broadband offer has been taken up by over 3x’s as many people as was expected. (I don’t know who did the original figure, but whoever it was wants shooting) this makes contacting any aspect of talktalk a difficult and frustrating experience.

    The call-centre I work in has 76 people in it at anyone time, with everyone on different shifts etc, open 8am – 10pm thoughout the day (I do 12 hour shifts 3 on – 3 off) there are always no lees than 30 calls waiting in the queue. which obviously displays a lack of agents!

    Just for clarification, we do have a compulsary list of test etc that we have to perform before we can forward it to a more technical agent, these include being plugged directly to a Master socket, etc.

    (little tip, if you want to save yourself a lot of time and frustration, before phoning the tech support, make sure your PC is plugged into the Master socket, as it’ll probably be the 1st question you get asked, aned if your using your ext lead they will ask you to call back when your in your master socket.)

    Personally i think most complaints come from not recieving callbacks from the 2nd line support. at the moment the wait for the callbakcs is 8 – 12 days, which is ridiculous. 9/10 the 2nd line people don’t make the effort to phone anyone back, and its us 1st line lot that get it in the neck. I have raised the issue with my managers and will consider e-mailing Charile if the issues don’t improve.

    I cringe everytime i have to tell someone that it’ll be up to an 8 day wait, cos i know if i were told that I wouldn’t be happy either!

    I have but one request form this rather large post (apologies) if your oging to call tech support, please don’t just shout at us. we will try to help you the best we can, and those people who shout just upset us, some agent have been in tears coming off a really bad call. Whist we will do our best to help you in the limited way we can, 12 hours worth of people shouting and screaming is just not worth it. and if you think about it, its your mone your using to shout at us with!

    Alos your not actually charged for a call until you speak to an actual agent!

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  43. is this helpful?

    ** I am moving house soon so will have to cope with this crap ( for a few more weeks, i can never pick up emails! **

    The webmail is at actually. There is no @ sign in the web address.

    ** I have been unable to access my emails since I first connected. Same old story – email address or password not recognised. **

    I had this for a while. TalkTalk said the email address was setup and working. The dashboard showed it as existing and I retyped/changed the password several times. In the end, I set up a new email address with a new password, got someone to send a test email to it, and it was up and running first time – taking a total of 10 minutes. If your TalkTalk email address has never worked, delete that one and set up a new one.

  44. warning do not go with talktalk at all i moved and cancelled my phone and broadband with them in june, i have had several written confirmations and an email stating the account is closed yet i am still recieving bills. the best one ive heard yet was tonight when i had yet another bill phoned and spoke to a manager who told me if ive got a problem speak to offcom he will not help me at all. nice customer service eh? that and the average call answer time is about 30mins


    I had same problems – I was trying to use my phone number as e-mail address – but it wouldnt work – I too rang talk talk – where she asked what modem I was using…. – ITS MY E-MAIL THAT WONT WORK!!!! 40 Min later… Still not working… told her thanks for help (yeah….) and decided to set up a separate e-mail address with someone else.

    However I notcied on website (talktalk) that your phone number is not your e-mail address and you need to set up a new one – via link above – talktalk dashboard – and guess what it worked (fingers crossed) why couldnt the help desk tell me that….. Hope this helps…

  46. After reading the comments about Emails I to have been haveing problems. My incomeing mail server keeps changeing from to 127.0.01. I thought it was my Spam filters so I spoke to McAfee Tec. support they even mailed me instructions which I followed and at the end their test could not make contact with my server. Any Idea’s.

  47. I use Incredimail but whatever mail server I use, I’m getting problems. I have to type in each name in full instead of it automatically copying from my address book.
    Quite often, mail sent does not arrive.I have contacted the help-like on a number of occasions only to be greeted by some idiot speaking with an accent I fail to understand!

  48. We appear to have two user names and two passwords, one for the Internet and another for Outlook Express, which has me totally confused. Sometimes I can’t get onto either, the box that comes up is blank in both user name and password, when I try to put them back in I get a message up saying incorrect. Help. I thought I was going mad, but realise all of this is due to my provider, having read other complaints, talktalk you need to sort out one or two gliches, then the service will be okay.

  49. Like so many others I m having similar troubles. I signed up in August and I am still waiting for a disc to arrive, My local shop showed me how to get access to email. Like most others it won’t let me in to email either frequently. Roll on when my 18 months are up so I can move elsewhere. I shall write to OFCOM – no one seems bothered and quite clearly talktalk have defaulted on the contract. they clearly have failed to provide the package I purchased CRAP

  50. Hiya

    Ok i have had that prob I put in my Username and pass and it says there wrong when calling them They said My internet pass is SOMETING and My Email Is SOMETHING1 i dont know if that is just me or it may work with .

  51. e-mail connection problems, slow despatch of mail, webmail not recognising user name and password that you know are correct. Sound familiar.
    Why won’t the useless help line admit that its all because the system is so hopelessly overloaded. How much time have I wasted chasing their suggestions and blame shifting.The proof is to come back in the early hours and it all works perfectly

  52. if i knew talk talk had problems like this with e mail i may have thought again about signing up not impressed at all.Not good with computers at the best of times but having to back n fourth on different sites instead of just a click has really p*s**d me off anyone feel the same?HELP LINE Ha HaHa I hope santa isn’t with talk talk he won’t know what to get everyone

  53. Hello,

    Apologises if I’ve posted this in the wrong area. As I’m sure some of you are aware: talktalk’s mail servers are down! And is not expercted back until Monday at the earliest, but that is not for certain. Their service is terrible, staff useless! I’m so angry ! Nuff said.

  54. I have the same problems as the above, the amount of times I have reconfigured is unbelievable, not anymore, its all their fault, unfortunately they will just NOT admit it. You do not have to stay with these people with their crap service if you do not want to. I am leaving after 6 months, they will not attempt to stop you quoting contract terms as they know they are totally unable to give you the service you signed up for

  55. I have the same problems as the above, the amount of times I have reconfigured is unbelievable, not anymore, its all their fault, unfortunately they will just NOT admit it. You do not have to stay with these people with their crap service if you do not want to. I am leaving after 6 months, they will not attempt to stop you quoting contract terms as they know they are totally unable to give you the service you signed up for

  56. Been stuggling with email and internet for days now believing the problem was at my end. Now seen this stream and realise the truth. I won’t call Talktalk on 0870 numbers, but does anyone know when normal service may be resumed?

  57. I am glad I found this site before I rang the Helpline!!! Only been with TT for a month…everything was fine until last week. Now having the same problems as everybody else. Spent hours checking settings, changing settings and then having to re-install e-mail accounts because I’d got in such a mess I didn’t even know what they shoud be! Most annoying thing is that I’d gone through exactly the same thing a month before with the Fast4/V21/Biscit fiasco!! That was exactly the same….. connection drop-outs, e-mail problems, and all the time they were denying the fault was theirs, and making people ring the expensive Helpline.

  58. Seems to be back up now and working ok…..Hope it lasts!!

  59. Am I the only one still having problems. Talktalk service is an absolute disaster area. I have wasted the whole weekend and much of today trying to get back a working system.

  60. I’ve been having the same email login problems as everyone else (not recognising name/password). Spoke with TT again this afternoon. They still have a problem and suggest trying again later! It’s only been about 4 months so far. Thank goodness for Hotmail. I intend to leave these idiots but worry that the other companies out there are probably no better! To top it all they keep billing me £21.99 per month for 512k, even though I have their Option3 phone service as well (and frequently spend a lot of money on calls over and above the minimum option fee). The most expensive. The slowest. The longest mail outage. The achievements keep on mounting…

  61. Hi Colin,

    You’re definitely not the only one still having problems. It’s an issue on their end apparently. One they said they’d have resolved by yesterday.

  62. Hi Dave,

    That does sound about right. Simiar to the connection issues a number of people reported.

  63. Been with TT since August. Modem had intermittent fault. 5 recorded delivery letters of complaint later, and four phone calls (each time waited for over an hout to get answered), false promises, useless and rude customer services, I had to buy another modem from PC world. Now, my e-mail will receive (sometimes) but wont send (ever!). I’ve written one more letter before I pass my complaint to my solicitor. They’ve broken every aspect of their contract yet threaten ME with legal action if I leave. I suggest everyone contact a solicitor (usually free with good household insurance policies) and sue the hell out of TT. If your not with them – DONT DO IT – utter CRAP!

  64. It’s interesting to have read a comment regarding the set fee’s for ‘line/call tariff/broadband’ package, around £21.99, a good deal indeed!

    Then to suffer connection and email problems, maybe the idea of having issues like this would draw the customer to contact the ‘Technical Support Team’, and at a cost of 10p a minuet?, it quickly mounts up.

    Could you imagine suffering the same technical problems on the voice half of your telephone line, well, you might really think about terminating your contract with them.

    Just stopping direct-debit payments if they were dragging there heels because of wishing to terminate the account, but you would have all your ‘terms & conditions’ in your favour wouldn’t you?

    But no, technical problems happen very little regarding the telephone, but they can happen alot on the broadband half, and regularly do, there you go again!, ringing that 10p a minuet number, and so the cycle continues.

    See, you thought having a package at £21.99 ment thats all you’d possibly be payings, making long local or national calls, and with no charge!, and if you did do the odd ‘Mobile’ or abroad call, welllll!, you could absorb this little extra cost on your bill.

    But lets face it, your provider doesn’t want you to stay within the limits of you call terms, he’s a new-ish firm, who has a lots of costs to recover, and like many others, wants to do this quickly.

    So the equation goes ..

    dropping connections + possible, slow to rectify incompatibilities (over) technical support number = 10p a minuet, from everyone.


  65. I could not retrieve or send email through outlook but I just put the on the user name manually and in it all popped.
    Thanks to Jim I think for that suggestion

  66. I signed up with TT last June – what a mistake.
    swapped from their residential phone service with separate Broadband to their all inclusive business package. Did not realise that the two are different companies under the umbrella of Carphone Warehouse, who by the way do not communicate with each other, no suprises there then! finally…3 months later every thing finally came together.. sort of… can’t recieve emails….keep losing my broadband connection, I am so P****d off,
    Who is offering the best broadband package at the moment?? any suggestions please

  67. I also signed up with talktalk last June and as most of the above have found, am also having constant dropout on my broadband line and no success logging into my webmail 98% of the error box saying WRONG EMAIL ADDRESS OR PASSWORD. Spoke at length in early Jan to Indian helpdesk who had no idea what I was on about – he refused to put me through to the tech dept! Why???? and then said if I was still having problems two weeks later I could make a formal complaint by calling again. Sadly broadband
    service still playing up even after aol takeover in Jan and as I am locked into a 18 month plan with them it seems as if its all a terrific con. My advice would be DON’T SIGN UP…its cheaper in flustration levels to pay more via another server and get service.

  68. cannot get on line , when I do get on line it says either wrong password or it says wrong information. I do think some of these issues shoulk have been sorted by now !!!!

  69. can get online but cannot send/receive e-mail. Have complained and received a £20 credit. (Threatened to cancel contract). Company informed me that it could be several days before the e-mail problem is rectified.

    Can’t log on to e-mail (using outlook express or mozilla thunderbird) and cannot use or talktalk webmail. In fact, I can’t now login to ‘my talktalk’ on their website because it doesn’t recognise my username.

    So, is it an authentication problem (radius server?) or is the whole system b*****xed?

    If you know something tell me please.

  70. And I thought I was the only one!!! I have been experiencing similar problems to every one else for a couple of months now, more recently in the last 4 days I have had very limited access to my e-mail and account area on the talktalk server. The fault is 100% talktalk, although liabilty is not going to be accepted that quickly I suppose. Unless they get this major problem resolved, I for one will be voting my modem. Poorest ISP I have had the misfortune to use.

  71. i can get online….. can send emails, just cannot recieve them.

    What is the problem……….. anyone?

  72. Exactly the same problem for days now – can use internet without any problems. I use outlook and can send emails, but receiving them is a nightmare…..I just keep on hitting the send/receive button and occasionally I get lucky and my emails are delivered. I haven’t called anyone as talktalk must be aware, but why is it taking weeks to fix?

  73. When TalkTalk support come back to you and tell you that its your error and suggest getting Lavasoft Adaware to fix it – well that in itself tells you of some of the competence involved. It has to be their servers and if anyone knows how to get out of the 18 month contract, then please advise.

  74. Unfortunately, I recently changed to Talktalk and can identify with most of the problems on this websire – I am so angry and frustrated! I never had any problems with BT and should have stayed with them – I may go back! I am just about to start the complaints procedure, as set out on this website and also told to me by the Trading Standards Agency, today. Has anyone had any resolution in any way after complaining to Oftel?

  75. I configured talktalk internet and email myself without using their CD, and generally the service has worked very well. At times though, the email just would not connect. I generally thought this was at around 6 – 7 pm, ie when everyone wants to use it. I was having problems on Monday (19 Feb), so rang them, and they said this was a general problem with their email servers which started last Thursday (15th). I have been able to both send and receive emails over the weekend, so it was not a complete failure then (as the helpdesk were expecting), but cannot connect at all now. They claim to be working on it. Surely they mainly need a huge powerful server for the massive influx of customers they have attracted.
    I do have one other problem, which is that I use “securemote” software in business, and get a regular spate of dropouts on certain days. You cannot see a dropout on the internet, and checking some servers like looks very reliable, but the connection to business is flaky. I can only put this down to very brief interruptions, which are not enough to kill the internet but do disconnect the securemote. Does anyone else use this, just to check?

  76. Has anybody been able to connect today to collect their e-mails ? after TT ‘s announcent last night that they would correct the problem before 9.00am this morning. I am able to access the e-mail service from their website but cannot connect remotely.

  77. I to have been having problems with sending and receiving Emails during the past few days.
    TalkTalk say that they have server problems and are working to solve the problem. Appart from that and not being able to get Caller ID on the phone, all seems okay.

  78. me too, unable to send a single email for a number of days. Hey has anyone else got problems logging onto ebay and hotmail accounts??? I’ve had this for a few weeks, BUT not sure if it is TT or my PC, although I’ve rebuilt a few times I’m still getting these problems…

  79. Re Michael’s comment and others.
    I have been stuck with talktalk since June 2006 and ever since then to now (28 March o7) tt have had email problems. They are still saying today that they have “server problems” Currently emails seem to “get lost” then turn up days/weeks later. Now the law has changed I am looking at paying the £7o escape fee and getting out. Does anyone know if Pipex run a reliable email service?

  80. Never had a problem with resolving a customer’s Email issue when they call through – I think you’ll find the staff are improving slowly but surely up here in Customer Services.

  81. Not been able to use email for 3 days, some friends can some cannot, support site pings the general services and says it is ok.

    So where do I go from here

  82. sighned up for talk talk 6 mnths ago and had nothing but trouble since.
    my phone line keeps getting switched off and or crossed over with my neighbours across the road we get there calls they get our calls. then we have no internet access for 24 hous at a time and when you phone them they pick up after 20 mins and say im going to put you on hold for a minute and then the line goes blank and for about ten mins you wait on the phone (mobile) and realize no-one is actually there so i hang up and phone back and the hole process is repeted. if you want my advice leave talk talk NOW!!! and spread the word that it is s**t and and does exactly what it says on the tin all talk and no action. you are the weakest link talk talk good bye

  83. not been able to receive e-mail from TT for over a week. sendings fine, just receiving. checked all settings, turned off anti-virus, even tried telnet onto the pop server with no luck. the timer simply times out even after 5 minutes. my mail is on the webmail service but this is no use to me at the moment. any ideas??

  84. JohnC (26/8/06) thanks for your advice. I couldn’t access any secure sites, including hotmail, changing MTU setting to 1400 using the software you link to has sorted it! Everything now works fine, talktalk and other google links were unable to help.

  85. Having spent hundreds of hours fiddling with two previous router (Buffalo and Sitecom….grrrrrr) settings I bit the bullet and tried a third cheap recycled one from e-bay (2wire 2700-fantastic bit of kit!). I was amazed when I plugged it in, booted up,entered user/password settings via browser and presto! -continual internet access instead of sporadic tastes of about two minute duration!
    After a couple of days i worked out e-mails were being received but not being sent. With a heavy heart-time to try the dreaded talktalk ‘technical’ helpline. Now my router fiddlings have generated a bit of understanding of networks and i am always demoralised to find i generally know more about such thngs than the long distance ‘expert’ i encounter having pushed ‘3’ on my phone.Sure enough three calls to somewhere in the exotic east, three ‘experts?’ and i was none the wiser! i then dialled the ‘all other option’ at talkTalk and asked the nice lady to speak to a second level fault advisor and halleluliah! (spelling?)i got an ‘angel’ who knew what he was doing and could be easily heard! A bit of discussion and message sending, no luck,so he considered router. We changed MTU setting (whatever that is) to 1400-PROBLEM SOLVED.Hurrah! Hope this helps.

  86. Sorry should have said i was originally told to change my router settings to my e-mail address-WRONG!. Then i was guided to re-entering the same account details TWICE -WRONGX2 and finaly told i should remove and reinstall outlook expressWRONG! GOOD JOB I MADE THE LAST CALL!!!!!!

  87. Vita Charleston

    Help! Twice I have posted item to sell and twice now I am not able to get in to my posting to make changes. I am using the same email -as above- and only added the number 1 the the end of my password. Can not get access. What am I doing wrong?

  88. Why the **** have Talk-talk changed the e-mail format, the previous one worked fine.??. why try to fix something that’s not broke..??
    OR is it AOL that are taking over ????

  89. Hello all,

    If any of you have any issues with your TalkTalk email accounts you may find your answer on our Helpdesk link below:


    If the above doesn’t contain the answer try the TalkTalk members site , you can also PM on the members site should you need further assistance.

    Thank you

  90. Hello all,

    If any of you have any issues with your TalkTalk email accounts you may find your answer on our Helpdesk link below:


    If the above doesn’t contain the answer try the TalkTalk members site , you can also PM on the members site should you need further assistance.

    Thank you

  91. I’ve just connected to talktalk from btbroadband what a big mistake. I’m unable to get to my new e mail because of this what seems to be constant incorrect username / password,a very common problem it seems

  92. I connected to TalkTalk in May and, like so many others, am very unhappy. This was a big mistake. I have had nothing but problems with their service. The people at customer service seem nice enough but fail to do the work required. Finally, when I asked for a “switch” number the woman I was speaking to began to become financially threatening… as in “do you realize that you will be required to pay 70 pounds for canceling the contract” … I than asked her what responsibilties TalkTalk had in fulfilling their part of the contract. She became more insistent that I remain with TalkTalk and then stated, “and BT will charge an additional 140 pounds to reinstall the line”… Well, all this was way too much, especially after several phone calls, numerous emails and poor service. I lost it. My temper… Basically told her to send me the “switch” number and put someone else on the phone, that I didn’t want to speak with her, that I found her insulting and disrespectful.

    I will have to pay the 70 pounds, but have told everyone I know who is moving or changing their phone/internet provider not to do business with TalkTalk or the Carphone Warehouse. Two can play this game. A company is only as good as their reputation. It is obvious that TalkTalk and the Carphone Warehouse doesn’t deserve any positive referrals.

  93. guess what. talk talk told me that there was nothing wrong with their web server and the problem was my routher (netgear dg834) and/or my xp. well, after 6 mths of hell, by shear fluke i found it was a talk talk problem, nothing wrong with the router or my xp instalation. they went and changed my broadband logon password without telling me. so if anyone else needs to know their username and password, you need to call (from your talk talk landline) this number 0870 0875 562 which is free from your talk talk landline – don’t be put off by the 0870. the idiots changed mine and probably yours to a stupid generic password (Admin) the only thing which remains unique is the username. how effing daft is that. only they could do such a thing. good luck all.


  94. I have been with Talk Talk for around a month and I am beginning to regret it! So far I have had no E-mails at all because I can’t retrieve them. I will keep an eye on this website for advice if anyone has any.

  95. simon churchill

    i cant access my incredible emails whilst at my parents in spain i am on blueyonder and use incredimale can you plkse help

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