Having trouble with installation? You’re not alone.

It only actually took me 30 minutes to get our service up and running. But there are two things to keep in mind here:

1. I work in IT, with real routers every day

2. I can setup a functioning network with my eyes closed, drunk and on drugs. (I haven’t tried, perhaps I should?)

So 30 minutes is a damned long time to plug in the USB router and make it go. Most of my issues had to do with the actual CD as opposed to anything really technical. In the end I located the dialler program and double clicked it. Can’t remember for the life of me what the name of the file was.

I’m so angry with Talk Talk. I’ve had endless problems with the Connect and Go (should be Connect and Stop) CD. I spent a huge amount of time and money trying to talk to someone last Saturday and eventually scored some success persevering on my own with the CD installation process which wouldn’t accept my ID and password. Then everything comes to a full stop with a message mid way through installation – “Currently we are not able to access server files”. This message has been current for 3 days now, and I have to use the CD to get any internet access. Getting through to anyone in Talk Talk (except sales) is too expensive. Does anyone know how to fix this?

I suspect that Margaret is having the same problem I was. Here’s a possible quick fix:
1. Right click on your Start button (with the little Windows symbol on it) and click ‘Explore’

2. In the left hand pane locate your CD drive (with the Talk, Talk CD in it) and double click on the folders until you find a .exe. If I remember correctly it’s coupled with something that says ‘diag’ on it, I think under the software for the actual USB modem. That should install the Windows dialler as well as the basic Talk, Talk software.
Can anyone get any more specific than that? I need to have a look when I get home.


5 responses to “Having trouble with installation? You’re not alone.

  1. Hi, having serious problems with Talk talk installation. After install, computer has been totally banjaxed, only goes to welcome screen and restarts continuously. Eventually it stopped and the computer would not boot up at all. If any of you guys have any ideas on what I should do, or if any of you have had any successful compensation claims….please please let me know~!! thanks

  2. Talktalk spontaneous reboots/crashes after a few seconds…

    Start in Safe Mode (hit F8 repeatedly before the Windows XP screen)
    Remove the Talktalk security software, or:
    Open Device Manager
    Select View/Hidden Devices
    Open the Non-Plug and Play devices
    Double-click each F-Secure device
    On the Driver tab, select Disabled.

  3. joined nearly 2 months ago, and i also cant get far with CD install. Managed to get broadband running,but usb modem is outdated rubbish!
    according to talk talk i am not connected yet,as i have not recieved welcome pack and therefore am not up and going, they say theres prob with my account so its not active.Seems i wont be getting billed this month, as i dont exist.
    pack of wallys!!!
    good luck !! we all need it

  4. Talktalk are selling telephone service and broadband is a freebie thrown in with the service, this is their stretgey.
    First level customer service is based in India and 2nd level escaltion team is based in South Africa. Neither understand our troubles in UK.

  5. Wish id come here sooner,
    My mother in law asked me to help her install talk talk for her. on initial start up of the disc i was asked to install free trial security software.
    Then i was asked to restart the pc. the pc is now stuck in a contiuous loop restarting over and over again. I have tried pressing F8 continuously but this do not work.
    I spoke to an Indian help line and was told they could not help. they told me to get someone to look at the pc and they would reinburse the costs!. I would be very surprized if that happend.
    now i am stuck with a pc that does not work.
    can anyone help?

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