Billed 3 times by 3 different companies…because of Talk, Talk

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As if being billed once for crappy service wasn’t enough, Matt is being billed by Talk, Talk, Sainsbury’s and BT all at the same time. Not only that but they decided that those three weren’t enough and they should reinstate an old direct debit to further milk him of his hard earned cash. I was lucky enough not to have any problems with them signing up (except for their crappy install CD) but the reliability of the service has been horrendous. As per usual though, I don’t have it nearly as Matt!

Here is a string of emails sent between me and my friend. I have to say, I’m glad I found this site. It’s made me realise that I’m not alone. Talk Talk…precisely! All talk and no action. ‘Call out the instigators, because there’s something in the aiiiiir!’ Yeah, and I know what it is…the smell of Charles Dunstone’s bullshit. You think he’d be brave enough to crack the whip and put his minions into action, instead of allowing them to sit around chewing bubble gum and blowing their fingernails, knowing precisely SQUAT about what’s going on. And the enduring echo of that call-wait jingle is enough make you scream for blood…. ‘We have got to get it together nooooooow!’ Too right. Get it together Talk Talk. Dunstone: retire, but not before you’ve reimbursed every poor sod you’ve hoodwinked. Free broadband…forever? Pain is free too, and that’s about all we’ve had. Talk Talk? Blah Blah. CD should have anticipated the response better and put contingencies in place to deal with it. BTW, do you know that TT bought out Sainsbury’s Homephone. Well I was with Sainsbury’s. Then Talk Talk put me back on with BT so they could cancel the line and finally put me on with TT. As far as I know that still hasn’t happened. I’ve got broadband, but no Talk Talk phone. And so they’re charging me for a phone service I haven’t used. And to cap it off, I’m getting bills from Sainsbury’s, Talk Talk, and BT! If that wasn’t enough to moan about, how about this? Talk Talk reinstated a direct debit that I’d terminated a year ago ago. They did it WITHOUT my knowledge, and WITHOUT my consent. It was an old bank account too, which had no funds in. TT took the money that wasn’t there and I ended up with a £30 fine from my bank. Unbelievable. Then I had a letter from TT saying I hadn’t paid my bill, when I’d already set up a new direct debit over the phone with one of their useless cretins. They had all my details, and could have taken the payment, but instead decided not to and threatened me with debt collection. I don’t know a single person signed up with Talk Talk that hasn’t had problems. I can’t believe I fell for the advertising. BIG mistake, not to be repeated.

Here’s a link to Matt’s comment with e-mails regarding the vile sinkhole of service that Talk, Talk doesn’t provide. One suggestion though, stay away from NTL. If you thought Mohammed in Preston and the customer service chimps were bad, then try having 25% of a language in common with accounts. Apparently NTL are closing their call centres in Manchester and shipping overseas.


2 responses to “Billed 3 times by 3 different companies…because of Talk, Talk

  1. Talk Talk support sucks like a bad hooker. I was setting up Talk Talk for a mate, (I work for an ISP so i know what I’m doing). After waiting in a queue for 25 minutes when someone said ‘hello’, I said ‘one sec’ and they hung.

    My mate told me to call straight back (his bill so I did) after another 25 minutes I get through to someone. He gives me all the settings for the account confirmes the password and I set up the router. Another 10m minutes later It still don’t work. His responce to this ‘option 2 and option 4 customer are no able to log into the network at the moment. (days after the live date). OK so theres a drop in the sersvice, why did it take a 1 hour call to actually get that information.

    Talk Talk should be shut down and all the money taken should be returned. The moral of the story: Just because a service is cheap, doesn’t mean it’s any good or worth having.

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