What’s this all about?

I can’t be the only person who looks at my Windows connection settings with fear and trepidation. Hence this blog. Whatever you post in the comments or mail to our up and coming e-mail address will be posted. I want to hear tales of woe and potentially how to effectively resolve them. Unfortunately, I never did get a satisfactory response to my own troubles and now I’m stuck with inconsistent service up until next year. What I’m also hoping is these sad songs will deter people from further signing up until they get their acts together to provide a decent quality connection. Alas, I think that’s a long time in the future, if ever. So, keep them coming.

In the mean time, even the lovely Charles Dunstone has said that “THE huge demand for Talk Talk’s “free” broadband service has created a customer service ‘nightmare.'” Isn’t it great when even the CEO knows?

From the Times Online Sunday Edition


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