It’s difficult to call customer service when they haven’t given you a phone line.

I was going to write a whinging post about random disconnections and the every day problems with simply logging in to the jumble of tubes and cans they call a network. But then I discovered Jamie’s post. And not only have they failed to deliver their magnificent broadband product, they won’t even give him a phone line.

I signed up in april – after constant chasing almost weekly and many broken promises including the fact with bt i had a 1meg connection and talk (through BT) are only able to give me a 512k connection!

It is now 20th of july, at last my dsl light on my router has gone solid! success…..well no actually. Apparently to get your username and password you have to phone on your landline number, unfortunately my landline won’t let me make any outgoing calls.

I have been phoning the support line fr over 24hrs and they are extremely busy and i must call back later….I have phoned the sales team and complained. I have been promised twice that I will be phoned back on my mobile – and twice i have been let down.

I have wiated 4 months now with no broadband and no landline! I have had an apology once – but still havent got anything working.

For a communications company sadly they are lacking.

Thanks Jamie. Good luck!

4 responses to “It’s difficult to call customer service when they haven’t given you a phone line.

  1. Talk Talk is rubbish. The service is cheap and its cheap for a reason. Unable to connect to the network for more than 10 minutes during the entire 3 week period during which we had their very tacky modem installed, and that was after waiting weeks for the connection.

    Customer service is non existent and relies on call centres in India. Hours spent sat waiting for them to answer and the suggestions made failed to sort out the problem To get technical help you dial a different number which charges 10p a minute so you are paying them a small fortune for them to explain to you why their service is so useless-if you can actually get a reply, which I couldn’t.

    Do not consider using Talk Talk under any circumstances-if you are with them already cancel your direct debit-they cannot sue everyone and if they do sue you have the right to transfer the case to your local court and attend an informal hearing there at which you can describe the poor service you received. Also Talk Talk can only get a very limited costs order awarded against you if the sum you owe them is below £5,000 so it will cost them more to take the matter to court than the bill you owe them. They will not bother.

    Charles Dunstone of Carphone Warehouse has an e-mail address which is ‘’

    Why not contact him to tell him what you think of this mess. You might also want to copy him in on all your junk mail too!

  2. I was tempted by the TalkTalk offer and signed up online. I was promised a welcome pack and it never arrived. As I am registered disabled I was concerned. I did not want to be left without telephone or internet and cancelled before the package was started or so I thought. I remained a BT customer for line rental but they were no longer my service provider and in due course I received a bill from TalkTalk. As I use a dialer with a non BT service I had made no calls through TalkTalk. I cancelled my direct debit and wrote to TalkTalk explaining that I had not used the service as I was still awaiting the welcome pack. I wrote several letters and made several phone calls and for my troubles I received two letters from two different debt agencies. I had already paid £18.00 to the first agency as they harassed me over the telephone to pay up or face further charges. I paid £18.00 plus my postage and long unanswered 0845 calls for nothing but I could still be paying and receiving nothing. My telephone is my lifeline and I need an absolutely reliable service.

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  4. The only tip I have is – Change provider – contact ofcom if no joy and good luck. She will sure need it, oh she could try watchdog or some consumer affairs progs, they love stories like that.

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