Constructive Complaints

Ramir has made an excellent point. Put it in writing to Ofcom.

Section for complaints is here: Internet Service Complaints


4 responses to “Constructive Complaints

  1. Some hard won contact
    details for those with a Talk Talk Complaint

    Escalations Department
    Kerry Bell (Head of Department)
    Tom HUNTER, manager, x4174
    Adam DOWER, x 3037
    Ashley WARD, x3037
    Glyn HARRIS, x3292

    Sir Charles DUNSTAN
    Talk Talk
    1 Portal Way
    W3 6RS

    PO Box 730
    WA4 6WU

    Obtain your MAC code
    If Will on Team 30, or Brendan McKEE on Team 33, say that they can’t get you one, they are lying. Adam DOWER (see above) got me one in two minutes.

    Don’t be fobbed off with “go through customer services” and “they don’t have and address”, or “we don’t give out our surnames” – only deal with the escalations team

    Copy and paste this advice to other forums and add your own hard fought raw contact info to it.

    Up the workers!

  2. you can sign a petition online go to petition online – comaplaint about talk talk

  3. i have problem with my mobile contract with cpw billed recenly 200 plus vat for only text messages. i have phoned in more than 10 times but custumer service put the blame on o2 network . its ongoing more than 4 weeks now today they cut off my line. its a bullying tactics by cpw i have called their custumer service today but they are rude and unhelpfull.i was shocked and amazed that they keep on saying the same thing but doing nothing about my bill.disconnect my line without any notice. i have never missed any payments last 3 years apartfrom the last bill for 235.00 pounds.
    pls help i want to escalate this matter or compalint to the media.

    regards and thank you

    mr kumar

  4. I am frustrated by the slowness of my connection, but most of all the unnecessary interruptions saying “Your session has expired, please log on” I just had to do that twice and lost an e-mail.BT do not interrupt your work why does TalkTalk AOL? The set-up of my page was a mess with graphics all messed up too, now I know why it is so cheap!

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