My first and probably not last bad experience with Talk, Talk broadband

This was taken from my personal blog and is part of the reason I started this in the first place. I'm infuriated at the poor level of service Talk, Talk provides especially in light of their almost groundbreaking 'free' 8 MB broadband product. You would think, with the potential for all those new customers and the money from customers like myself who aren't on that plan, that they would treat us better. Apparently not.

I'm sitting here on hold with my ISP trying to find out how much of a charge I'd have if I cancelled my service with them. I so wish that I hadn't written anything good about them at all because I was obviously so very wrong.It started yesterday at around 4:00pm when I noticed I couldn't browse to any websites. I did a quick ping to all of their servers, figured the connection was good and then started trying via FQDN. No luck. Obviously DNS right? So, I figured that I would give their technical support lines a call to find out what was going on. That's when my hell started.

After 90 minutes of being dropped, listening to Charles Dunstone's apologies about the call volume, I found only clueless sales people who were extraordinarily unhelpful when they realized I wasn't giving them any money. I've heard Tom Petty's 'Something in the Air so many times that I now want to beat it with sticks until it dies. They don't <i>have</i> any other hold music.

I finally get someone around 6:00 called Mohammed Bex (Becks ?) in technical support. He tells me there is a 'problem with the servers.' I ask what the problem is and he refuses to explain. I shit you not, he said I didn't 'need to know.' After a lot of arguing with him I finally got him to confirm it was a DNS problem but only after I'd said it first. What the hell? I then asked him why he'd just said it was a random service problem. (I misunderstood him, his accent was quite thick.) And….

He accused me of lying to him.


At this point, I'd had it with Mohammed Bex and decided to try and speak with a manager. He wouldn't give me the manager's name until I apologized to him for lying. So, begrudgingly, I did. After about 20 minutes on the phone with this prize winner I hung up and waited for the 50 minutes for the service to return.

7:00pm I tried again. Nslookup still wasn't working. I then heaved, lifted my tired head and started dialling again. After another 30 minutes I finally got to Collin, who was a lot more pleasant and did something magical to make my connection work.

Today I decided that perhaps I'd like to cancel. After about 4 phone calls to Talk, Talk, I finally end up with Sindy, Cindy (?) who doesn't know what a cooling off period is. Well, after 20 odd minutes of hold/talk time she eventually she figured it out and it turns out it's only 14 days. We can't cancel the service without paying them 70 odd pounds for doing so. Phone call ended, no recourse. I believe I am screwed.

Talk, Talk was the biggest consumer mistake I have ever, ever made.

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  1. TalkTalk What a mess, Mate its not just the broadband that is screwed its everything else within talktalk, landline rental, mobile service, billing you name it. Today I discovered that even though I’ve signed up for talkTalk broadband and am using their username and password, they have not cancelled my BT braodband subscription. When I asked BT how I’m using someone elses uid and pw to access they said they didn’t know. I also pointed out that only one supplier can use an exchange.

    They are making mistake after mistake, they started billing me for someone elses mobile phone. Whilest mine wasn’t being topped up, BT cut my landline when I transfered the line rental to talktalk. They messed up porting my mobile number with a PAC number too. Whatever’s going on at TalkTalk they’ve cut costs on service obviously to drop the charges.

  2. I have had a lot of Talktalk problems, and they continue even now. They range from gaming to p2p to general rage and anger at their service. History, including posts from people who work there can be found here, and may be of interest:
    Good luck!

  3. Trying to sort a friends computer. After he loaded TalkTalk software the opening XP page stays for 3secs and restarts at infinitum! Can’t get past the opening page. Anyone got any ideas?

    I’d be much obliged

  4. I would like to air a grievance of mine against TalkTalk…I hope this makes it into print ! ( If it does, please don’t publish my email address )

    After a sensational marketing drive TalkTalk – the Carphone Warehouse business has signed up over 350 000 customers to their ‘free’ broadband service. Like many others, I also signed up for this too good to be true offer. On further investigation, it came to light that the broadband offer is not actually free but does cost £20 per month, which includes fixed line rental. Since the equivalent BT package costs around£12 per month, the additional cost of £8 does not appear to be free, as it is claimed in the TalkTalk advertising media. Despite this, the deal overall did seem worthwhile and I pursued with signing up. That was in May. Now, in mid June, I am still waiting for my broadband to be connected.

    In the mean time I am paying TalkTalk the £20 AND I am paying my old broadband provider for their broadband service, as I am yet to be connected to TalkTalk. The overall cost of these two subscriptions exceeds what I was paying before signing up to TalkTalk. I approached TalkTalk a number of times regarding why my connection has taken so long. Each time, different answers are given and when I bring up the question of reducing my bill to bring my costs in line with what they should, had TalkTalk fulfilled their end of the deal and signed me up in time, my question meets with a complacent and oftentimes rude response.

    I would like to invite TalkTalk to make good their offer to potential customers of ‘free’ broadband and reduce the amount billed to customers to take into account this double charging that is taking place. Surely, I am not the only dissatisfied customer, and when one takes into account the volumes of potential new customers (350 000), I think that this is a story worthy of a response from TalkTalk

  5. 5. kk- 18 July 2006

    I have had nothing but trouble with Talktalk since March this year.
    We signed up for broadband but 2 days later cancelled the contract as our old laptop did not have the required specifications.
    Long story short, they lost the record of cancellation and we had to contact them by phone three more times–a real hair-tearing- out exercise as many will know.
    After receiving bills and a final notice for a service never rendered, we complained to Consumer Direct and Ofcom. Then we sent registered letters to Talktalk.
    Finally! a Talktalk ‘senior customer advisor’ replied saying we were correct and did not ever have service and do not owe money.
    Too good to be true? You bet. Yesterday a letter from a debt collector arrived threatening a court hearing.

    Back to Consumer Direct, who advises that TT has
    violated the Supply of Goods and Services Act by not using reasonabe care and skill.

    So we have faxed them, called the debt collector, sent the latter the relevant correspondence and await the outcome.

    I would not have Talktalk broadband if they paid me.

    (ps–oddly enough, we have never had a complaint about onetel, which has now been absorbed by TT.)

  6. hey

    please help the rest of us out by scanning / posting your letter to the regulators !!

    psl pls pls you would be doing thousands of people a real service.

  7. Richard O'Brien

    complaint about TALK TALK i to am having a real nightmare with this company,we signed up in April and was given a start date of end of May,then was given a start date of Begining of June and still to this day no broadband….the company are a joke after trying god knows how many times to get through (45 mins on hold) was the longest.Then getting through and speaking to people who havn’t got a clue about customer services and they then cut you off !!!!! we have now received a letter from them saying they can not set up broadband until we pay BT £59.00 because there is a problem with our land line,even though when they sold the broadband to us they said they checked our land line and eveything is fine,we have sent a letter of last week asking to cancel our contract as we are still paying for the services even though we are not getting any service from them,biggest mistake of my life joining them

  8. jamie neville

    I signed up in april – after constant chasing almost weekly and many broken promises including the fact with bt i had a 1meg connection and talk (through BT) are only able to give me a 512k connection!

    It is now 20th of july, at last my dsl light on my router has gone solid! success…..well no actually. Apparently to get your username and password you have to phone on your landline number, unfortunately my landline won’t let me make any outgoing calls.

    I have been phoning the support line fr over 24hrs and they are extremely busy and i must call back later….I have phoned the sales team and complained. I have been promised twice that I will be phoned back on my mobile – and twice i have been let down.

    I have wiated 4 months now with no broadband and no landline! I have had an apology once – but still havent got anything working.

    For a communications company sadly they are lacking.

  9. Margaret O'Grady

    I’m so angry with Talk Talk. I’ve had endless problems with the Connect and Go (should be Connect and Stop) CD. I spent a huge amount of time and money trying to talk to someone last Saturday and eventually scored some success persevering on my own with the CD installation process which wouldn’t accept my ID and password. Then everything comes to a full stop with a message mid way through installation – “Currently we are not able to access server files”. This message has been current for 3 days now, and I have to use the CD to get any internet access. Getting through to anyone in Talk Talk (except sales) is too expensive. Does anyone know how to fix this?

  10. Continuing no. 5 blog.
    High blood pressure looming thanks to Talktalk.
    The deadline to pay the credit co for the non-existent debt for non-existent broadband usage from TT was today.

    A call came from Onetel saying it is confirmed we never had an account with them. No kidding. So I was transferred to Talktalk customer service advisor Lance, who knew nothing and sees on file that we never have had broadband but will give the information to his manager and ‘sort it out asap’.

    I am not waiting for another empty promise due to the total incompetence of Talktalk. I am going off to Wales instead.

    Thank you Ramir–will copy correspondence to the regulators as well as ringing them. We all know records of phone conversations can disappear.

  11. Here is a string of emails sent between me and my friend. I have to say, I’m glad I found this site. It’s made me realise that I’m not alone. Talk Talk…precisely! All talk and no action. ‘Call out the instigators, because there’s something in the aiiiiir!’ Yeah, and I know what it is…the smell of Charles Dunstone’s bullshit. You think he’d be brave enough to crack the whip and put his minions into action, instead of allowing them to sit around chewing bubble gum and blowing their fingernails, knowing precisely SQUAT about what’s going on.
    And the enduring echo of that call-wait jingle is enough make you scream for blood…. ‘We have got to get it together nooooooow!’ Too right. Get it together Talk Talk. Dunstone: retire, but not before you’ve reimbursed every poor sod you’ve hoodwinked. Free broadband…forever? Pain is free too, and that’s about all we’ve had. Talk Talk? Blah Blah. CD should have anticipated the response better and put contingencies in place to deal with it.
    BTW, do you know that TT bought out Sainsbury’s Homephone. Well I was with Sainsbury’s. Then Talk Talk put me back on with BT so they could cancel the line and finally put me on with TT. As far as I know that still hasn’t happened. I’ve got broadband, but no Talk Talk phone. And so they’re charging me for a phone service I haven’t used. And to cap it off, I’m getting bills from Sainsbury’s, Talk Talk, and BT! If that wasn’t enough to moan about, how about this? Talk Talk reinstated a direct debit that I’d terminated a year ago ago. They did it WITHOUT my knowledge, and WITHOUT my consent. It was an old bank account too, which had no funds in. TT took the money that wasn’t there and I ended up with a £30 fine from my bank. Unbelievable. Then I had a letter from TT saying I hadn’t paid my bill, when I’d already set up a new direct debit over the phone with one of their useless cretins. They had all my details, and could have taken the payment, but instead decided not to and threatened me with debt collection. I don’t know a single person signed up with Talk Talk that hasn’t had problems. I can’t believe I fell for the advertising. BIG mistake, not to be repeated.

    Anyway…here are those emails:

    On 27/7/06 9:42 am Nathan wrote:


    Have you had a reliable service from Talk Talk or have you had any downtime?

    I had a week of downtime about a month ago – no internet at all, and they took 6 or 7
    days to get the thing working !

    Bex has just phoned me at office (she at home) saying its not working again! I’m getting a bit
    fed up with it to be honest. If they cant give me a reliable service I’ll have to move again!

    What’s your experience been ?


    On 27/07/06, Matt wrote:
    No mate. To be honest, I’ve had nothing but trouble. They still haven’t switched my phone across and I’m getting red letters from BT. I’ve found the customer service APPALLING. I’ve wasted stacks calling them, and they haven’t done anything I’ve asked. Plus my internet’s been playing up too. I thought it was a security problem, so went to set up a password, lost the connection to my router, and now I’m going through Netgear to sort it out. At least their customer service is good though. Talk Talk sucks mate. Perhaps we should write a joint letter to the man at the top!


    Yeah, that confirms my feelings. Many times I call support, cos I have no internet and cannot work – and
    the message says we’re busy please call back later,
    and then hangs up.. I mean what the f***!?

    I think we’ll have to swallow pride, and forget finding the cheapest cheapest provider, but look at who offers
    a reliable service.

    I’ll see, if they can get me back online tomorrow, I will
    give them one more chance, but more than 1 more day of downtime, and I will be switching (either back to BT, or search for someone else).

    Will keep you posted.


  12. Hi,
    I’ve just switched to talk talk broadband. Alreadfy I could scream. I can’t access my Webmail as an error message keeps coming up telling me I have put my pass word and email address in wrong. (I haven’t) Anyone got any ideas.
    Thank you
    I think I might have to set up a hotmail account, as I can’t get through to Talk talk or dumb dumb as they are now known.

  13. James Buchanan

    Hi everyone,
    my BB connection drops approximately five times a day, give or take, even when I’m in the middle of an important download.Yet TalkTalk technical dept.,when I can get through,tell me it’s my fault as I am deliberately disconnecting.NOW WHY WOULD I BE PAYING FOR A DOWNLOAD, AND DELIBERATELY TERMINATING MY CONNECTION BEFORE I’TS FINISHED?. This NEVER happened with Virgin!. Ten days in, already I want out. Prospectives, cancel now!.

  14. James Buchanan

    PS. Just tested my BB speed with ‘’, 372kbps. Pretty abysmal, for any time of day, Virgin never dropped below 1300kbps.No, I am not on commission, I am simply using my previous ISP (Virgin) as comparison. And would you believe it, as I was writing this, my BB connection dropped yet again!. My fault,no doubt.


  16. Ah Bo. I can see from your strikingly literate comment that you have true insight into human nature.

    However, I don’t have the Talk 3 package. I signed up before it had been released and now pay them monthly for my service.

    Care to try again?

  17. I recently had Braodband from talkTalk. First I knew it ws connected was when I had no BT access fro my then ISP. BT tell me TalkTalk are taking over on the Friday, this is the Wednesday. I had no notification this was to happen, no passwords, username, router info etc.

    Finally got through to someone on Friday at TalkTalk who confirmed the servcie from the previous day. I had called the tel number and did in fact get a username and password but without toruter info or the usb modem, I was going no where. Guy gives me the info and all worked well.

    A little slow at times like just now, a speed check showed 332 kdps, a recheck gave 1.72 bkps!! I am only on a 1.1 service at this time.

    Email works okay though for some reason I am having problems trying to contact anyone on blueyonder but this also happens from all me different webmail addresses to so don’t think this has anything to do with TalkTalk.

    Had billing issues with them like not taking the dd when they should have and had restrictions placed on my line when a DD setup did not register on their system and hence no payment. Ever tried calling custoemr service I said???

    I played hell and back with them and got the response I can terminate for £75.

    May do that at a latr date but I will give them a chance for now as I am not a gamer or mad for speed…….yet.

    Frankly speaking, if you want speed, then the contetion ratio that TalkTalk have is a major concern…if they would tell you what it is but from the up and down of the speeds it is obviously very high right now. Maybe when LLU goes ahead we will see things improve.

  18. Forgot to add that my target time for bblive was end of august 2006. So I was connected way before the time by some 7 weeks. Can’t reall say that was bad.

    Would have been nice though if they were efficient enough to actually call and advise you that your setup was live rather than hanging on a phone for ages.

    TALKTALK take note, interaction is needed from your custoemr services. Same with billling, if there is a problem, call the people not threaten debt collectors. Until we can actually get through to you, you cannot issue such threats. YOU HAVE to supply a means to contact you!

  19. Sorry that should read ‘1.72 mbps’.

  20. A little update. I received a new bill this time for the set up charges of £29.99. Appears the modem is part of that fee so is sent anyway with no further charge. I thought there was a further charge for it outside of the initial set up fee.

    Bill said they would take it by dd but would charge a further £5 for a failed dd. Well, as I had only just reinstated that dd there was obviously no way they are going to be able to take it on the 14/08/2006. I am thinking now ‘Here we go again….!’

    So, I decide to telephone them on the given number which is the standard customer services number. Strangely I got through to the ‘hold’ music, a short wait and presto a real person to speak to.

    Shame about the dd they were stating was active was actually closed in May. Then the other was the one I closed when they cocked up the first lot of billing. So, taking the bull by the horns I paid by debit card.

    All is going along tickety boo at the moment. Can’t say it is really any slower than BT as I had issues with the speed from them too. Often it was so slow I could not even download my emails before the servers all timed out.

    Perseverence is the key I would suppose. Maybe though I have just been a little luckier than most as I have managed to sort the problems with some toungue lashing and professional clout as I am a financial and mortgage adviser and need a reliable line for sourcing software updates and they can be huge! But I do not like paying money out unecessarily either.

    I can access my emails, update any software I have that needs updating, get my emails and have outside contact again.

    Quite happy at the moment. Let’s see what the future holds.

    Yes it was probably an Indian call centre but the guy was helpful and polite. Took all the details correctly so I have no further gripes with TalkTalk.

  21. Now BT are STILL billing me for broadband!

  22. Hey guys,

    Would you believe it, even after advertising for over two months for “8mb” broadband, TalkTalk have a whopping 0 customers on 8mb. The 8mb LLU trial begun in late July (with a very small number of customers on the trial). This is false advertising because for over two months TalkTalk were advertising a product that they didn’t have. And they still don’t!
    There are still no TalkTalk unbundled exchanges and it doesn’t look like they will unbundle any for another couple of months.

    I’ve had plenty of problems since signing up to TalkTalk broadband, and during my travels I’ve a collection of telephone numbers which you may or may not find useful:

    Broadband 3rd Line
    0906 711 2211 (50p/min (ridiculous – they aren’t allowed to call you back)).

    Broadband Technical Support (knowledgeable)
    0161 222 2042

    Broadband LLU Team
    0870 087 3527

    I continue to persevere with all the ongoing issues *sigh*

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  24. in response to david being happy with talk talk… well, guys, girls and dolls… any company which uses a 3rd party or a carrier cannot be reliable. for example, talk talk use cable and wireless as the broadband provider…erm, wasnt cable and wireless in trouble at the start of the year, and aint them the same guys whom supply bulldog*bullshit*…well… and as far as the call service provided by talk talk, that comes from various sources, which meens (and this is stated in their terms and conditions), that they can bill you 6 months down the line for a call you made today due to the billing comming from a 3rd party… erm, alarm bells are ringing….OKAY GUYS…CHECK THIS ONE OUT . . . TALK TALK TERMS AND CONDITIONS ALSO STATE THEY WILL SHARE WITH 3RD PARTY COMPANIES (COMPRISING OF 15% OF THE CPW GROUP, BASED BOTH IN THE UK AND OVERSEAS, – – YOUR BANK DETAILS, CREDIT/DEBIT CARD DETAILS, TELEPHONE NUMBERS YOU RING, EMAILS THAT YOU SEND AND WEBSITES THAT YOU VISIT !!!!!!!! BE AFRAID !!! I DONT KNOW ANY OTHER COMPANY WHICH DOES THAT (RE THEIR TC’S – USE OF YOUR INFORMATION) . . . . .I have so much stuff on this company its unreal, for example the software installed on your computer is spying software, although they like to use the terminology of “remote viewing” . . erm…yes…. I dont know any other provider that installs remote viewing software, only microsoft windows themselves…. so guys…reliability and privacy, 2 things which i respect the most… do you ??

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  26. hi ,
    ive had tt for just 2 months now and last week it all went off , after i finally got through to customer service i was told there was a fault and it would be backon in a few hours , after a few more calls and no help from there experts and 3 days later was told that he fault was fixed the day i reported it ( so why didnt my connection come back on ) i was told something wrong with my pc , nothing wrong with my pc i told them as i build them for a living , so after an hour on the phone to their experts ( piss myself laughing ) still nothing , so i was told that they would phone me back in the next few hours , never phoned and guess what , after half an hour my connection suddenly appeared again , but now it keeps cutting off for no reason , broadband is supposed to be connected forever , not mine , and after trying to call and so many emails with the reply your email has been logged we will contact you in 24 hours im really upset now , i signed an agreemant for 12 months service and im not getting it , can i take this company to court as they would do to me if i broke that agreement as this is what they are doing y not providing me with a broadband service that does not connect.

  27. unfortunatly you cant take someone to court for the following reasons –

    you are getting something for nothing (even though that aint true)

    they are providing you with a service, they dont say it will be 24.7

    they probably wouldnt turn up to court if they cant even pick up a phone

    when will people learn. CPW are con artists, they use a hook to get you in, once you are in, its very hard to get out. why do you think mr dunstable is a millionaire !!!!!!!!!!!

    as far as cutting off etc is concerned, its because your IP is shared with someone else, these clowns cut corners and costs. dont be suprised if the boys in blue turn up on your doorstep, when they should be at a pedo’s doorstep.

    you guys have all been warned… and for those of you who actually rang BT to get a mac code, you was warned aswell, so spare your blushes.

  28. Darren,


    Where exactly do you get your information from???

    (back of a cornflakes box is my guess!)

  29. Hi there Flanders: We’re theorizing as to the reason for the random drops since none of you seem to want to tell us what the hell is going on.

    We’ve got it down to some theories:

    1. IP conflicts because your public range is too limited and people are being given the same addresses.
    2. Crappy customer kit
    3. Crappy internal kit/routers
    4. Some muppet kicking out cables at regular intervals.

    A box of cornflakes would be far more informative than anyone at CPW so far. So, do you know why we drop connection every 20 minutes?

    I have no problem with saying that we don’t actually know. We are guessing. Because no one at your company will tell us!

  30. Okay, talktalk havesome problems but how about BT?

    Now a revised bill for the period ending 11th August! It was transfered to Talktalk on the 18th July!

    Idiots are all around us. Personally I have sorted all my problems with Talktalk though I have had some dropped connections for no reason at all.

    A problem with their pop3 email and web mail got a response with a different server to connect to to enable me to access whilst I am away from my main computer.

    Plus I heard a story on Radio Bristol a week or so ago about a newspaper stating tha Talktalk came second in their list of ‘longest time to talk to a real person’ beneath British Gas. (On that I have still to hear back from BG regards missing online electrci bills and unable to access online bills when they are ready…..some service. Here is your bill but you cannot see it, um yes!).

    Radio Bristol decide to give it a go. Got through first time to the inevitable electronic voice, pressed the required buttons and one ring later ‘Talktalk customer services….’ Yes a real person. I also am now getting through pretty quickly.

    I get good download times sometimes up to 1.12 mbps on a 1mb line. Email can be a little slow but all in all they have improved.

    I am sorry others are having problems, perhaps I am just lucky at this time (oh yes complained about the invoice fee being charged over this screwed up D/D and they refunded it too). However, I am noticing like most things that only the bad publicity gets published.

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  32. i dont know where to start. anyone reading this who as not signed up to talktalk yet. DONT BE STUPID. the customer services number is a joke, you have to wait about 20-40mins before someone answers and thats if your lucky because they may hang up on you (no joke)
    also i have had a load noise on my home phone everytime i use it also the broadband has a mind of its own as it connects when it feels like it. you wont belive the amount of time i have spent on the phone to talktalk asking for help to be told the same thing over and over. i have now given up after 4 months of this hell and resigned over to bt. i wish i never left in the first place…aviod talktalk at all costs

  33. hhhhmmm, are your filters faulty m8?, that would cause what your talking about…….oh well, too late now.
    c’mon, you could have posted something on this site and i could have saved you a lot of hassle….

  34. i have given up too. i will now be bombing major call centres around the UK (and the ones abroad). Currently looking for recruits, does not appear that i will need to do much radicalising to create consumer martyrs, call me.

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  36. Hey Moley,

    The crackling does sound like a cordless phone/filter issue. Very vexing 😦

  37. problem after problem after problem. add every bad experience listed here together and hey presto you have the talk talk experience.

    (i appologise for typing in points rather than a story but id be here all day. and im sure you can understand im fed up of typing and calling today.)

    i had the phone service mid last year (not too bad service). and cancelled it in november last year when i moved home.
    i didnt have a land line installed at the new address and had no contract period ties so should have been a call and a final bill.

    in dec had what seemed to be my last bill, (all seemed fine).

    i heard about the free broadband offer and though why not.
    i had a landline installed at the new address and ordered it.

    after waiting 3 months i had my talk talk line enabled!!!!!
    a month later the broadband was on!!!!!

    a week later i get my bill for the old account and a court letter.

    broadband stoping and starting to the point of impractical and unusable.

    i call them and get put thru to india several times on several occasions. on hold/cut off/lots of times over a period of 2 week

    they realise i am right about the account and say they owe me money to be credited to new account.

    broadband still unusable
    new bill arrives month later for old account and bill for new account. no credit on new bill

    call/same reply/bill/call/ same repy and so on so on… i now refuse to pay them until its sorted.

    broadband on of on off………

    i today have a new bill for the old account and my new bill for new account. what the f***K are they playing at. theyve put the landline on incomming calls only and the broadband is still shite,on off on off all the time……

    im to this day still getting monthly bills for the old account for the dates after i cancelled.
    yes its logged on their system that i cancelled and they know they owe me money that i paid too much at the time, (well in the customer service dept knows this anyway).

    i only have one account but 2 bills (after cancelling old account)
    i have spent hours on the phone
    ive spent hours on the pc trying to sort the connection
    i waited months for the service

    i have no phone on the line just the filter and cable and modem.
    i have tried several filters and modems broadband still shit (yes its talk talk not 4 filters or £2000 mac or my £1600 PC or my £2000 laptop or my several computers software configurations.


    please dont give out my email

  38. I can’t agree more. The telephone line went down and I was told it would be fixed within 44 hours. 5 days later it was fixed. The broadband is just ridiculously slow. I am telling all my friends not to touch this company with a bargepole. The more of us that do this, the sooner they will go out of business.

  39. Hi all. My ‘8mb’ broadband with talk talk has been connected for a few months now, although im still waiting for them to send me a modem/startup pack. About 5 times they have told me it was definatley sent or we will send another, but still nothing. luckily i dont really want to rely on thier hardware/software anyway and use my own adsl router. and as for 8mb, i get about 1.8 at the quietest time of the day!

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  41. 8 mbps!!

    I get 1.8 mbps as well. Such a con, really. BT ROCKS!!

  42. Hey Jonathan,

    Agreed. Coworkers and various friends have all opted NOT to go with Talk Talk after my and you guys’ experiences. Subsequently they’re happier somewhere else.

  43. i,ve been rading alot about TT complaints/faults and think i,ve suffered almost all of them; currently the BB works utterly randomly- then just stop.
    I,ve had no landline for 10(currently) days of the last two weeks (similar in previous months) but still get fully billed- even for calls to TT to tell them of the faults- obviously, they never reply or when i do get a ‘voice’ am transferred or hung up on. I HATE THEM. I propose a DEMONSTRATION at their head office….

  44. Sing together:

    Because we know that were shite
    We have got to get it together – Now

    Still no BB after 26hours calls on hold and 6 e-mails and 3 letters.

    LLU may not be the way ahead – ADSL line was fine before my upgrate.

    All UK BB is rubbish needs to be sorted out.

  45. So Charles Dunston says no one has to wait any more than 2 minutes to talk to any-one. Why the have I been on this phone for over an hour an am still waiting listening to that dreadful music with the intermittent voice “We apologise for your continued wait. We shall answer your call shortly”. Have they re-defined ‘shortly’? Dismal service if not actually a rip off at 10p per minute. If that was my company I’d be firing someone!.

  46. Sadly I have had to call it a day with talk talk. Initially I just wanted to get away from BT and give the little guy a chance. Talk talk’s telephone and broadband deal looked great and was just what I wanted. Firstly it took 4 weeks to get the telephone transfer and a further 2 weeks for the broadband connection. I admit I am on the extreme edge of my local exchange and at best only get just under half a meg on a good day. I did conduct some speed checks with various software and all reported pretty much the same results. However! since my go live date at the start of September 2006 I have lost my connection every evening after 7pm. WHAT! I don’t get home from work till half six, and I can’t use the pc at work for personal stuff. I called talk talk at their premium rate many times to be fobbed off with technical excuses. Now I am no thicko but it was clear that I was not getting value for money as a fee paying broadband customer despite taking out the telephone option as well. I had done all the checks even buying a short cable and connecting the supplied modem and my own Belkin adsl/wireless router straight to the mater bt socket. I just could not get a connection after 7pm and still can’t. I used their web site to contact them asking for help I have become so frustrated about this. Eventually I contacted them again two weeks ago with a final ultimatum that If they failed to do something about it I would have to leave and change ISP. GUESS WHAT? I still can’t get a connection after 7pm (is this some kind of watershed?) Yesterday I called and spoke I suspect cheaply paid lovely foreign person in a call center reading off a crib sheet. It took me about 30 minutes just to get this far. I only got put through because I made out I was interested in buying something, however everytime I pressed buttons relating to Broadband they said they were busy and I was disconnected. I really stumped the man at the call centre when asking for the cancellation dept he had to ask a supervisor and it really seemed to throw him. Finally I spoke to Lucy in England HOORAY!.
    Lucy was very polite and took in everything I had to say. I made it painfull clear that I was unhappy and why. Lucy apologised and then informed me it sounded like a peer to peer problem. I said ” it could well be but I am off matey” . Lucy offered me 3 months free calls for the phone deal so I will stay with them for the time being. I got my MAC code today no problems which I thought was quite quick having read some of the comments from others on this site. With the code was a mention of a cessation fee for cancelling early but I think I should be able to challenge this under the banner of trading standards as I just simply have not had the service I have paid for.
    Good luck I’m off to BT

  47. Hi to you all.
    TalkTalk broadband was installed with very few problems and pretty constant reliability until the fateful day that my service was “improved to give me the best possible connection”
    Yup it was the dreaded LLU unbundling operation- subsequent to which , just like the previous blogger,the service went awol at peak times. If I do get a connection after 7pm it is so slow that I cry out for my old dial up pay as you go line back.
    Calls to the helpline eventually got my complaint logged and a member of the LLU team did actually call me back three times. His verdict was that “we have a major broadband outage problem at my local exchange,they are aware of the problem and that I am by no means the only customer affected. It will be corrected within days.”
    Days stretch into weeks and weeks into months and still the problem is unresolved.
    Come on TT , I was a happy customer who was prepared to champion your cause against all the adverse publicity but you are testing my patience to the limit.

  48. I would not mind if at talktalk you can actually TALK to someone about a broadband problem!!

    Was advised that my broadband would be improved on 23 Oct – yes the speed went up to 5/6 thingy bobs!! but unfortunately the system drops out after 10 minutes. Went to help/support (what a joke!!) got neither. emailed and got replies saying contact LLU (what a joke!!) can’t get through – spoke to customer service – through in no time – asked for help – they said I need to speak to LLU team – put me through to the bl—dy music again (what a joke!)(find myself singing the song all day long now!!). Now 20 days later no change in situation – system works OK during the day (when I am at work!!) but not in the eveining !!

    Asked talktalk (by email) to call me for a change!! nothing heard!! now moving to another supplier – and sending T/T the bill for all the
    phone calls and stress they have caused me.


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  50. Talk Talk has ruined my broadband. I use my internet connection for online gaming. The “supposedly” 8MB connection is running at less than 512k. I cant game with speeds like that. On numerous occasions i have rang Talk Talk asking what the problem is to only find my calls being cut off and a nice big phone bill.

    Thanks Talk Talk, for ruining my online gaming experiance.

  51. I also have Talk Talk but fortunately stuck with my BT Broadband due to all the dross I had heard about Talk Talk (well founded it seems). My advice is to keep the phone – it does work (sort of) and bit the bullet and move your broadband to another supplier (The BB is free and so Talk Talk cant charge you for using another Broadband supplier. This way you may get two bills but at least you will get a broadband service that works

  52. i have similar experiences as all of the above people.

    I’m so depressed about the whole situation i feel like slitting my wrists.

    I work from home and i’m losing customers hand over fist,

    in a nutshell talktalk are SHITE, avoid them like the plague.

    this company is a disgrace!!!

    nuff said

  53. Another Annoyed "Customer"

    Do not go with Talk Talk. Period.

    They are hopeless and do not care about their customers. I went with them trying to save a quick buck but missed the key issue… do you really expect respect from a company who will not give out phone numbers or TALK TALK to anyone??

    TALK TALK? Not to their complaints department you won’t.

    TALK TALK? Not to a manager you won’t.

    I have been with them paying bills like a good boy for about a year now and I recently changed my direct debit details. No-one told me that I would miss a payment this way and they have had relevant details at all times.

    Woke up this morning to find out that I am cut off. Tried to ring the department on my home phone but the automated system will only accept credit card paayments and will not put you through to TALK TALK to anyone.

    On my mobile I rang customer services (well, that’s what they call it) but they said I had an oustanding balance of c. £30. That’s right! £30! Outrgeous huh? And 3 weeks overdue!

    I refused to pay saying they had my direct debit details and they said that credit card was my only option if I wanted my line back on. ..

    So I rang credit control. She would not connect my line either and refused to do anything unless I paid by card. She also refused to put me through to a manager. So I asked for the CEO’s office / CEO’s PA and she refused to give details saying it would be email only…

    Now think about this…

    WHY would you NOT hand out numbers to deal with compaints?

    ANSWER: Only if you KNOW you are going to get SO many that you cannot deal with them.

    I think the bottom line here is that they believe that the cheap price forgives all ills… well it doesn’t.

    Someone ought to tell TALK TALK (and many of their competitors) that sigining up new customers is costly and expensive and the real trick is keeping them. That requires some element of caring … and they just don’t.

    I’m not paying and I am off out to research the competitors…

  54. Right all im now pissed off beyond comprehension.

    Its been a month or two since i wrote last, this is now the update:

    1. Talk Talk are still billing me after cancelling over 1 year ago.

    2. I’ve just recieved a cashback for 25 quid which im not entitled to as oi cancelled this account over a year ago,(it would hve been a great retention tool if i had a F**KIN account with them).
    i will not be cashing that cheque!!!.

    3. well i recieved a final demand and another bill, also a revised bill which shows a credit on to clear a debt, and a new outstanding ammount? (god knows).

    Well Anyway Enough of that, im here for one reason and one reason only.


    its time for protest. at HQ or something.

    Im Wanting to star a protest for all the people who are being unfairly treated. i will need to have you contact me and we will arange everything. my email address is

    enough is enough,




  55. I wish I had read this before taking up TalkTalk’s free ADSL!

    When I first signed up I had a 2 meg connection, which in all fairness wasn’t too bad, sometimes slow but never kicked me off or anything like that.

    At the end of november we had a letter from TalkTalk telling us that we were getting a free upgrade to 8meg, “Woohoo!” I thought. If only I knew what was coming next! The upgrade took place – taking longer than the 20 minutes they had specified in their letter and my router started reporting bizarre speeds which after doing a speed test equated to around 2.7meg! I put the speed down to needing a new router as my current one is old and cheap anyway so I lived with the 2.7meg and once again it was slow at times but never cut me off.

    The other day one of the kids pulled out the microfilter from the phoneline asking why it was plugged in when the router wasn’t being used and since then I have had nothing but troubles! Firstly when I plugged the filter back in I had to wait a good couple of hours before it connected properly, during this time I had swapped all the microfilters in the house for spare unused ones.

    After a trip to my parents this weekend I am now being cut off every 20 minutes or so! A speed test yesterday showed a downstream of UNDER a meg! I tried phoning TalkTalk and all I was told is that there is nothing wrong with the line and they cannot support me because I am not using their supplied hardware. I have 3 pieces of hardware: a router and 2 USB modems. ALL of these are having the same problem. I phoned TalkTalk again and they still say the same – the tech support have no idea what they are talking about! I menti0n things such as CHAP authentication and they go silent for a moment and then tell me the line’s fine.

    After reading what people have said on here it sounds like I am going to have to pay to get rid of this shit, but it has to be done!

  56. Talk Talk shit. Eager for free 8meg BB I signed up strait away. Got MAC code from old ISP (Eclipse Internet – too expensive) in just two days. Gave to Talk Talk in email as they themselves encouraged… Got a letter about a week later requesting my MAC address. Gave them address again, this time over the phone… Then nothing. Called a week later only to discover that they were waiting for my MAC address. F*****g alarm bells ringing loud in my ears now. Was aware that MAC address was only valid for two weeks and so was now useless. Arranged over the phone for them to proceed without MAC address… Then nothing. Called again to find out what the f**k was going on and was told that they could not proceed without my MAC address and continued to spew some technical b****x. I had to stop him mid sentance and sarcasticaly enquire as to how the f**k they serviced new customers who didn’t previously have any BB! Think he got the point and I was assured I would be connected within the next five days. Was also told that starter pack would be sent out as well (This was supposed to have happened a few ago by this point). Predictably… Nothing. Rang yet again and was told this time that there was a marker on my line. Marker? I asked. Apparently, my old ISP Eclipse had decided they were not going to let me go at this point. Surely enough I had received a letter from Eclipse the same day requesting an entire months premium for a service I knew I was relinquishing close to the start of the month (was a couple days in). Previous to this, a few days after receiving my MAC code, Eclipse informed me of the termination of service date. It was in the previous month for which they were now trying to bill me. Clearly they had forgotten. I told eclipse very bluntly that they aint getting another f*****g penny. They responded by leaving this ‘Marker’ on the line for a couple of monthsa and threatening solicitors letters. “Go right ahead!” I said, beside myself with rage. In the end, I got my brother to call up Eclipse and state that I no longer lived at the address. They lifted the mystical ‘Marker’ immediately. Resumed the plan to proceed with Talk Talk without a MAC code. Was promised starter pack by the end of the week. Nothing. Called up to find out what the f**k was going on and was assured my starter kit would be sent out by the end of the week. Received a letter containing my uname & pword, but no ‘kit’. Have a BB router so could proceed anyway. Called Talk Talk to get any necessary router config info. Was given it with no problems. Seems 8meg BB really means 512kb. Called Talk Talk and was told there was prob with the exchange and would be sorted within five days. Its been five weeks… No change. Oh, and still waiting for starter kit.

    Always had to wait f*****g ages to get through to customer service. Always spoke to f*****g Indians. Did get hung up on once. This endeavour has truly been a complete and utter waste of my f*****g time, energy and patience.


  57. I signed up for Talk Talk in July mainly to get away from AOL (AO HELL). After a number of confusing letters I was finally connected last Friday (Jan 5) only 6 months late but without needing to get a MAC number. After reading all the bad posts I thought I had made a big mistake. Now I know I have made a big mistake.
    Getting connected was not too bad-even a call to the help line was answered immediately! After some frustration with the supplied USB modem I got my Netgear router modem working (having reset to factory settings to get rid of the AOhelL settings). The service seemed really fast on Sunday morning and I was all for praising Talk Talk. It even seemed ok early yesterday (Monday) evening. However, after 10 pm it was hopeless. I was trying to do on line banking and it was a shambles with loss of service every few minutes.
    I will now be seeing how soon I can end my contract and seeing what to do next. However, IPS seems to stand for Internet Predatory Sharks since all providers seem to have their own hate site. At least AOhelL worked even if it did screw up the computer and router.
    Any suggestions for a good ISP/telephone provider?

  58. Your article is very informative and helped me further.

    Thanks, David

  59. Broken promises are the order of the day with TalkTalkShit. Short story – no internet, phone screwed, 7 phone calls, promised to fix within 5 days, no fix, phoned back, accused of lying to them, fricking Indian call centres. Absolutely rubbish. Still not fixed two weeks later.


  60. In response to a call out for a good ISP – I never had any issues with Virgin at all.

  61. I’ve never had any trouble with Homecall broadband ( now Pipex). I know other people have had difficulty with them in the past – (and apparently they’re bastards when it comes to giving out Mac codes), but every time they try it on I just have to shout at them and they respond. Unlike Talk Talk, I’ve never had anyone at Pipex put the phone down on me, if you catch my drift.

  62. Not broadband for over 10 weeks. Over 40 calls & having to use dial up to get on the net. Charges for cancelling my DD as they were overcharging.
    Asked for dial up charges to be refunded – spoke to idiots in Jo’berg & India who as letting me go over the acct & all they say to me going ‘dont you agree’ is ‘yes’. Emailed the facts saying what had just been agreed & they replied saying refund will be sent…(duing this time I have gone back to BT).
    So I have proof there is a refund due to me but now they are chasing me for MORE money saying I have never called them & what tops it all they cant find recordings of my calls to them!!


  63. Adele:
    It appears there’s something of a Bermuda Triangle at the CPWhorehouse when it comes to important phone calls. I was initally told there wouldn’t be a cancellation fee if I tried to break my contract, but when I left they tried to charge me £70. Needless to say there wasn’t any trace of the inital conversation – either recorded or on the notes. As it happens, it appears they were bluffing, and as far as I know, I’ve been allowed to leave with no charge.

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  65. I’ve been quite happy with my TT service. Starter pack arrived on date specified and was (eventually) loaded with problems. Just needed help to configure my email as I didn’t know how to do that.

    I say eventually because nobody told me about the need for micro-filters and I needed a couple more than they supplied me. But not a big problem.

    Other minor miffs was that they also never told me it was up to me to cancel my DUC – silly me! I thought that, considering it was with Onetel and they all supposed to be one happy family now … but no, not where that’s concerned! So I ended up paying an extra four months at £13.99!

    Then I had problems with drop-outs and after a few calls, one lasting 2 hours, and having been told I should ‘plug the modem into the main BT socket’ and that when I said ‘but it’s in the hall – you telling me I should move my computer into the hall?’ she said yes!!!! I refused to accept that and after about ten more minutes debate that there had to be another answer, she finally suggested that I ‘could’ use an RJ11 cable. Uh? What’s one o’ them? A bit of Googling and I found out. WHY did notbody tell me about that?

    However, those issues not withstanding, I am otherwise quite happy with my comnnection and don’t find the occasional drop-out too inconvenient. I’ve learned if I’m in the middle of composing an email (or something like this) to quickly copy what I’ve done before it comes back online and I lose it!

    I plan to go wireless as I have two computers and don’t plan to have the house laced with RJ11 cables!

    On the whole, on the odd occasion I need to ring tech help I’ve found I wait about 5-10 minutes for an answer, mostly the operatives are polite and ‘most’ are quite knowledgeable though they could be more forthcoming.

    No, I’m quite happy with my little lot!

  66. ****I meant loaded WITHOUT problems!!****

  67. Getting fed up with BT, my service is up and down like a prostitutes underwear. Works for 2 days, then down. Seems like an authentication issue at the exchange, but they can’t fix it!

    Hence looking for another provider. Was thinking of TT, but now Virgin looks like a better bet. See

    Any other suggestions?


  68. what can i say but bad mistake, customer service – what customer service – should have looked here first. You live n learn —-

  69. This is great information. I found a good boradband sped checker at



  70. well two weeks in now and this broadband well so called broadband IS SHIT!!! you go on a webpage and you click on somehthing house and the bloody thing automatically cuts off so i call there hotline up and they say we carnt tell you anything about that call the GEEKSQUAD for 20 quid DO NOT GET BROADBAND FROM TALKTALK they dont supply it

  71. talk talk sucks cock. fucking keeps disconnecting for no reason. every fucking 5mins. want to kill those bitches

  72. worst isp ever and as for customer services its practically non existent- absolute shite amaturish rubbish connection drops after about five minutes if i’m lucky and then decides to work when it likes then get shoved from pillar to post by customer services who are as much use as a chocolate fireguard take my advice FIND ANOTHER ISP BEFORE YOU SIGN UP TO THIS GARBAGE

  73. well a few months down the line since i last wrote and Finally im rid of the talk talk service, no bills and im quite happy, or am i, up to now i am quite pleased he says…… since leaving talk talk i opted to go for another isp,,, wait for it,,,,,,, yes AOL, what a plonker i hear you cry. the only thing is yes i found out after i joined that talk talk were buying out AOL, however touch wood ive not had any further problems…..

    Thank Fk fo that……….

    i do begrudge giving money to the same people who made my life hell but hey. finally i have a decent service…..

    Just remember one thing…. Nothing in life is really free!!!!!

  74. Absolute shit. Signed up initially for 1mb package and that actually went along well. About 16 months ago – yes I’m watching the clock and counting down until I can get out of the contract “easily” – it was upgraded to the 8mb package. Real speed is never better than 1.5mb and it keeps dropping or going to “offline mode” … These guys make “cunt” a bad word …

  75. Talk talk are the worse company ive ever had to deal with i wish id never bothered with the twats.. i canceled in June 2009.its now august 2009 and they still haven’t removed the services they are delaying me changing over to sky as thanks to them cutting my net off on 30th June (but keeping the phone on)ive had no internet and im getting told tons of lies by different people.the customer service is appalling and i am now having to change my house phone number thanks to these bastards..WORSE COMPANY EVER

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